Yi Yu took out the small red wooden box and gave it to Zhu Mei. Seeing that Zhu Mei took it and didn’t hit it, he patted it on the face for three times. Instead, he gave it back to Yi Yu. Yi Yu’s wooden box was not much. He asked him if he knew that Zhu Mei would have another story.

Sure enough, Zhu Mei said slowly, "This is actually your granduncle who gave you a little joke from his old man’s house and you. Fortunately, you didn’t have any curiosity to try it yourself on the way …" Say that…


I know that in the end, these methods will compete with everyone for aura, so that I can still control them now, and I will try to prevent them from flowing out.

Tell you what, I’ll set up a department at the same time to let some people take charge of supervision and try to eliminate all the tricks that have flowed for different reasons. Although it will take a hundred years…


Lin shook his head. He didn’t want to do too much entanglement here in Mo Tao. The strength was not weak, but it was really difficult for him now.

It’s better to make a quick decision like this. Mo Tao smiled lightly and embraced ing with his arms. Presumably, Lin’s dynamic potential was already weak. After a while, he should be able to get out of Wuhui Island, and…


Long Yin suddenly arrived. She didn’t turn around. She looked around her and stopped looking at him, as if she didn’t take him seriously.

The atmosphere here makes Long Yin very uncomfortable, saying Ye Shuiyao is me. Ye Shuiyao turned around and looked at him with an expression. He didn’t answer or salute. His eyes were dull as if he were watching a stranger….


Maybe when you open your eyes, you will never see the charm again.

but An irresistible force, my eyes Electric book Finally closed Palace made of black stones are filled with mysterious and strange atmosphere. A gorgeous woman in a black palace looked coldly and gasped at Lucifer. It’s my fault that I…


Yang Tian’s entrance into the back of the underground cave will be a hidden room, and he will go in with the idea of making a fortune, but when he arrives, it seems to be a long and narrow passage.

The seven-yuan continent has been washed away by the seven-yuan world, and the earth is harder than and contains chaos. The seven-yuan force is extremely difficult for an immortal to destroy, but Liu Da has spent so much effort to…


And Xuanyuan Wang Erhuang is very close. Xuanyuan Wang will surely prosper if he does not die this time.

Thought of here at that time GuFengHua eyes suddenly became flashing for the execution of the emperor so that he was shaken. At this moment, Meng Fei’s micro-sudden expression in his heart was extremely gloomy. Be careful that others leaned…


It is said that the purple sword flew to a fairy mountain overseas, as if it were guided by something or someone, rising and falling, suddenly turning and stopping, breaking through a layer of defense, and entering an island like a fairyland like a yellow halo

Purple Ying Jian Yao Zi Jian Mang is very conspicuous on the island. A handsome boy dressed in a bright golden fairy suddenly rises somewhere on the island, but he has changed his mind. The purple ying sword fell into…


Pansi Dongmen’s son-in-law lacks consciousness and can go directly to make a sculpture to show his caring attitude. You have to eat something first. Strange that you didn’t eat breakfast. Chapter 33 Love is not good.

This is not a stupid fox’s point of view, but the people in the text wow. Jin Xiaosan didn’t feel like eating. Axin consciously covered her belly with her hands and cooed very well, which made her wake up in…