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"The surname Leng Leng Leng Li"

When Qingchen heard their name of Lengli, she couldn’t help but look at Chenchi. This name is not common. Compared with Qingchen, who has the same name and surname, it is more likely that they know that Lengli. "Eh, Li,…


For a moment, there was an inexplicable blessing, which made Li Yu feel the fate of the family. At this moment, everything seemed to be stagnant, and his thoughts turned and he remembered a lot of past events like a lantern.

Rise in the twilight, from alienation to integration, from watching to raising the flag, he seems to see a microcosm, and everything comes together in one sentence. "Life is life, life is humanity, Chang Heng Wan Shichang! Lishui Li Wei…


These people are abused in front of Ye Qin’s ballads.

If any guy really beats or kills Ye Qin ballad. Then there will be a more powerful God-elect in the courtyard. "Adult dean, please" Tong Qing said. A moment later, Ye Qin ballad followed Yuan Hao to a scenic spot….


"It is not appropriate to enter foreign countries again. Kings should not be underestimated."

In the end, the kings gave up and chose to return to this war without rashness. It is naturally a good thing that the two kings recovered a large territory. However, they can’t eat such a big picture. Once they…

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Chapter two hundred and three The legendary demon emperor "Master, how can this be?" Hao Qiang didn’t quite understand it at first. When he heard Chu Yanqi say this, he understood it in an instant and said, "This can’t be…


Chapter 42 Dead bodies die unsatisfied!

"You this stinking kid exactly what position? Want to die? Dare to provoke your ancestors! " Does the dark green dragon really stink? It will be pleasing to the eye and refreshing to smell fresh and natural, okay? Ma Sanzhi…

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———— Chapter three hundred Fierce into trouble After everything was calm, it was 3048, and we fought for four years in the first interstellar Wanluo River system, including three years in the Death Star Belt with the Royal Special Corps…



Li Tian ang just drank the tea, and it was like burning his mouth. Li Tian ang jumped up. "Lin Luo? Yu Jia wan ling Shi chased Lin Luo? " I don’t blame Lin Luo for his fame. A few…


And Yun Fan’s peak qi intensity of condensate gas environment far exceeds that of Li Qinglong Gang gas!

Yun Fan’s left palm also stood upright, and the palm knife chopped off the true qi maser, and Li Qinglong chopped out the palm knife and collided with it. Pa- The true qi and vigorous qi collided together, but there…