For a moment, it represents a noise in the long river of the present, and there is also a figure rushing out of the whole body and robbing Li Yu. Second, it seems to mean that he joined the confrontation of three people, and there was a scar in the instant.

And the long river of history seems to have a figure to swim upstream and break through the barriers to join this war.
Such a sight makes everyone feel cold, which is too strange. Does a person have to confront himself in the past, in the present and in the future? Where there is such a great robbery!
Duan De wondered whether the digital secret was sublimated or not …
The war was terrible and fierce for a long time. Even Li Yu was caught in a bloody battle and never died. She went to the peak and reorganized again and again, killing madness.
The strength of the two figures is similar, which is equivalent to two different self-confrontation, and the virtual shadow interference war of his emperor is very fortunate.
In the end, the bloody battle ended for a month, which was so incredible that people in the Spring and Autumn Period accidentally recorded the journey.
Lei Jie ended, Li Yu reorganized his body and roared into a great sage!
"The Great Sage’s robbery will be even more fierce in the future."
He swallowed ten sides to replenish his vitality. It was terrible, like a bottom hole, and the universe was deserted. All kinds of sources and spirits rushed from all sides and were introduced into the body, making him shine like a god wheel.
The galloping flow of red gold blood is deafening like the rotation of the Milky Way. The sublimation of flesh and blood is like beating and forging, which makes the witnesses stunned. Every rhythm and every breath is like a Wang Yang beat.
Such a terrible constitution, a drop of blood burns the sky and devours the stars, and a pinch of the palm of your hand will break a great warrior!
Li Yu’s eyes are as bright as the sun, his body is stretched out, his hands are raised, and his feet are lifted. There is a kind of Taoist rhyme that makes all souls fear, and it needs to be covered up naturally, so that all beings in the divine realm can’t help but worship.
This is the gap between life levels. If we want to reach this level, there will naturally be a bit of coercion to make his creatures yearn for closeness.
"I have spent the past to achieve great holiness!"
The crowd breathed a sigh of relief, and it was all over. Now, the Great Sage Robber King is a real ancestor who can overlook a star field.
A 30-year-old sage’s theory of any age is quite against the sky. Compared with Shou Yuan, who is always six or seven thousand years old, it is just in infancy!
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Everything is ready for the ultimate emperor
"In the seventh year of the ancient road, the king broke the blood in the divine domain and sublimated, and there was a Terran co-owner majesty, which seemed to say that the constitution was on a par with the Great Sage.
This is a horror robbery that goes beyond the annals of history and ranks among the strangest and most powerful holy robberies. Actually, it has reached the past, when there was a special virtual shadow to attack and kill, accompanied by the brand of the ancient emperor, which lasted for a month. A bunch of Lei Guang was full of trauma to the Great Sage.
This man has made great achievements in the Great Sage, and he has been a triple protector. He has leapt out of his generation with too many rivals, and the first is the only emperor star. "
Road flyover in the Spring and Autumn Period solemnly put away several photographic stones, and one of them was cracked. When the direct explosion method was used to bear the catastrophe, the picture was good. He was fully prepared to reflect several pieces together, so there was no accident.
Remember carefully what happened in these years, and it has been supplemented, such as’ Don’t die, medicine, life, ancient trees, follow the Buddha’s array and vote independently, all of which are in the direction of the king’s general trend, and those who are helped more’
Long, Li Yu slowly falls, and his body shines. The Big Five Robbery Wheel hangs behind his head and rotates to recite the scriptures. There are thousands of worlds in the world from birth to annihilation.
This really gives him a great majesty. Looking down at heaven and earth really seems to be beyond the scope of human beings and become the emperor of the world.
Everyone is awe-inspiring and naturally exudes qi, which makes their blood boil, especially the Terran is almost uncontrollable, and a sense of support and worship rises from the heart to serve the people.
"No, you can’t get too close after being original. If you sink in one day, you will become a fanatic."
Duan De shivered and fell back. Although he didn’t receive interference, some of them couldn’t stand the goose bumps.
He deeply suspects that if the whole Tao becomes emperor, I’m afraid everyone needs to show up. This man’s blood naturally makes the universe Terran worship, which involves the source. His vague memory seems to be touched by the buried years.
"Great Sage, triple heaven, I’m afraid that the older generation of Taoist guardians are not as good as you, and the star emperor can’t tell you that you are the enemy."
The big black dog felt amazing for a while, and he was able to connect with the triple in this field, so he was rich in knowledge and opportunities.
If we can still maintain the pace of mind cultivation as before, it is hard to really create a myth and achieve a miracle of quasi-emperor.
Seven years in the long river is really nothing, but for human beings, many things can happen to change their lives.
For Li Yu, these seven years have been from stepping on the ancient road to the great sage now. Although it is not as magnificent as Beidou, the struggle is fierce and many strong people are like clouds.
"You don’t have to suppress your background any more. You can take a big step up with the magic liquid as your food. I can help you."
He looked at his followers, who preached the sermon, sorted out the law and order at the great sage level, and at the same time optimized and perfected his own road scripture.
The big Lei Yin tree stands tall, and sometimes it is like a small bridge, running water and moistening things. When it points to the corner in practice, it sometimes rushes wildly and thunders, splitting a road ahead.
This month, I preached that the magic liquid assisted everyone to get something. King Fox made a breakthrough. Six heavy days and seven tails of the holy king were bright and beautiful. The blood of the demon emperor gradually returned to his ancestors, and a tail came out again, and his strength was greatly increased.
The main veins of the four countries are all extraordinary, or the gods and jade are psychic for nine days, or the original inferno or protoss or refined gas is transformed into a series of opportunities, and the secret sublimation has also reached the high-ranking holy king. They have not released their potential in their original practice and naturally advanced by leaps and bounds.
And the ancient road statue series Emperor Tian four people will not fall all closed, and they will have a muddy battle in a transformation, and Li Yu will give the Great Sage a corpse to make him realize the benefits.
It was not until February that Emperor Tian took the lead in breaking out to meet Lei Jie. Although there was no human manifestation of Lei Jie, there were also four manifestations of Lei Ling and five elements of Lei Guang.
But unexpectedly, when Lei Jie stepped into the tail, there appeared a statue with his feet on the ground. The light of the robbery surrounded the worship of all ethnic groups and turned into a huge circle. The rotating eyes behind the disk were scarlet.
"The king? !”
Emperor Tian Zheng couldn’t help but look at the big Lei Yin tree, Li Yu. Both sides are very similar, but there is no terrorist strength as the Lord, but the charm is engraved with three points.
"The old ancient was branded into the thunder robbery?"
The black emperor was surprised. This is a bit surprising. I have to know whether he has exposed the thunder pool or whether he has been impressed by heaven and earth because of his intensive Armageddon.
This is called amazing change. People flash in the thunder robbery. It’s all well-founded! Is it some kind of omen that the emperor was the Buddha in ancient times and now there is a brand of king in the lightning robbery of Tianjiao?