"It is not appropriate to enter foreign countries again. Kings should not be underestimated."

In the end, the kings gave up and chose to return to this war without rashness. It is naturally a good thing that the two kings recovered a large territory.
However, they can’t eat such a big picture. Once they push it back, it will be difficult to defend it. After half a ring, Xianyu is going to send troops to help suppress a territory here. Of course, this is what those affinity factions mean.
It can be regarded as a continuation of the attitude of the alliance between the two worlds.
So it was finalized, and the whole frontier cheered and the military cheered. This is a great victory that has never been remembered.
And the chaos of kings also gave rise to some Jedi scattered with terror, such as the bloody swamp, which was filled with dead bodies at first glance; There is also a fire cave full of flames, in which there are creatures, Yuan Shen, who cry and are tortured like hell.
"Compassion after this war, the poor monk is willing to take the ancient monk to calm the spirits; If you don’t come and sit, it’s better to celebrate. "
The immortal monk Wang Kou pitied all beings and invited the kings to Xumi Mountain.
King Ao Chengxian frowned. He had planned to refuse to return to the fairy land to shine, but King Nai Honghuang agreed to go with him.
"Well, I’m afraid the suppression of the two immortal kings will be wiped out in a second or second era. It’s also a great event. It’s time to take a deep look at it after nine days of underestimation."
Two out-of-bounds tombs were recorded, and the king suddenly interrupted. He wanted to see the nine-day ancient world and stepped towards the original emperor city.
At the same time, the kings came back with a big victory, and there was a lot of laughter along the way to Mount Sumi. Even the two worlds in the fairy land were shocked for nine days. I didn’t expect to really hit a foreign country and be caught off guard. The war ended so quickly and the record was so good.
The ancient monk of Xumishan, a sacred place towering beyond the territory, is surrounded by the moon, the moon and the Milky Way. The magnificent edge is the fourth peak of the world, and many magical medicines have been planted eternally.
At the top of the mountain where the immortal monk Wang Xiu practiced, there was immortal grass and Buddha tree, also known as Bodhisattva Tree, which was regarded as an elixir of life. The one he showed behind his head was a magic weapon made by refining.
Gu Shan in the four fields is towering and continuous, and ancient monks are very particular about bricks and tiles. There are silver brick temples and golden tile temples, and all of them are sitting in the temple of God.
It can be said that this is a Buddhist country, all of which are monks and hundreds of millions of beings believe in the golden body of the immortal monk Wang Benafeng Temple.
"hmm? Where did the dog steal my lotus? "
Abrupt monk Wang Yidun’s eyes were very strange, and the words spoken by the Dojo on the top of the mountain made everyone confused.
Is this swearing? That’s not like it.
"There are dogs in Xumishan!"
"What a dog! Stealing lotus!"
From a distance, the kings’ light bursts turned out to be real dogs.
The fairy monk king’s face is a little weird. Why do these words sound so wrong and sound like swearing?
Li Yu’s heart is not an old friend, is it? He looked and saw the lotus plants growing in the merit pool, and the big dog was eating the lotus!
Not far away, there is a stalwart figure with his back to the kings, standing on his shoulders and stepping on the eternal sky. This century is particularly eye-catching
Chapter four hundred and sixty-seven Samsara establish orthodoxy to explore samsara.
The lotus leaves in the treasure pool of Sumi Mountain are fragrant, but there is a slap in the face. The big black dog crouches down on the lotus table and nibbles at Zhonglian. From time to time, he is still wary of pricking up his ears and looking around as if he were wary of something.
Not far away, a man with a stalwart posture turned his back on the kings with one hand clenched his fist and fell behind him with one hand holding the ancient leaves of Pu, which seemed to imitate the ancient Buddha and smiled with a different charm.
Fragments of time in the four fields are mottled and surrounded by rivers flowing quietly, so that the fairy king can’t help but feel the extraordinary power.
"In the end, the fairy king is the strongest person in this world."
In the eyes of Honghuang Xianwang, there was a different color. Seeing the figure facing away from them, a big clock hung impressively, and the word "final" was engraved on it.
Aside AoSheng look motionless is eyes deep a few minutes if if if light hum.
"I didn’t know it was both sides. This guy must have arrived long ago to feel that someone would come before he took a gesture."
Li Yu’s instant insight into the truth can be seen from the memory of Shanling’s mouth that this guy has a lonely burning heart.
And the black dog who ate lotus seeds can be seen from the past life that the name of the black emperor in later generations is bold even if the fairy monk Wang raises lotus seeds.
"oh? It’s such a coincidence that you meet each other, and the kings of Fairyland are also in a rare event. If you don’t sit down and discuss one or two. "
At the moment, the fairy king’ surprised’ seems to find that when people come, they generally raise their hand and emerge with a wave of their hand. Several long rivers of waves rush to their feet, and on both sides of the river, one after another, Shen Lian takes root, and the leaves turn and make a roar of the road.
Looking closely at the lotus leaf, the time flow contains the ancient historical picture, the ups and downs of the years.
Indeed as expected, the strength is extraordinary … The kings look and move, and they realize that there is something wrong with the ultimate strength and absolute king’s realm.
Isn’t it too coincidental and proactive?
"Eventually you this old shady! This is the poor monk Xumishan! "
Only the fairy monk Wang’s forehead transpiration fairy fog Buddha’s light is very bad. Scanning the past made the black dog jump up and have a guilty conscience. He patted the fairy lotus with its tail cocked up and stood for life. It looked a little funny that the glow never dissipated.
"It’s a pleasure to have friends from afar, monk. You’re in a photo."
In the end, the fairy king still hasn’t turned around. It’s a long oral tone, cadence and posture.
"A good hand is so skilled and so mellow."
Li Yu suddenly had a feeling of diamond cut diamond, and his look was a lot more serious. At this time, the final practice was not only powerful, but even the enlightenment method before people was perfect. Let your guard down.
"Well, are you all like this for nine days?"
Jun Tuo pondered for a long time before he raised his head to ask such a sentence: The King of Fairy Monks, the King of Samsara and the King of Final Fairy all looked very unconventional, just like a big red god and more peaceful.
This place won’t be left over by the war in those days, will it?
"catch your way"
Li Yu listened to him and wanted to listen to a tap. Suddenly, the huge fairy king rumbled and stepped on the long river of waves, releasing a lot of yin and yang. It was like coming from HarmonyOS’s years, and God accompanied the reincarnation ripples to make the whole Sumi Mountain mysterious, like Unicom’s reincarnation.
At one time, the colorful universe here was born and died, and the great world dug up and sank. Sitting on the back of the fairy king like a fishing era engraved with ancient history, the idea of changing this place another day changed.
"It’s so natural and wanton to push the boat with one hand."