"the ninth day!"

Chen Asi couldn’t move or so, but he could wave hard in situ.
The man didn’t hear it, but boarded a two-story merchant ship with a gun.
Chen asi didn’t give up and continued shouting.
"Brother!" The man finally heard rush to the deck and waved to Chen Asi.
At this moment, Chen Asi felt that tears were about to flow out and scolded, "Smelly little doesn’t know how to go home and see how worried your mother is."
"I said you …" Chen Asi said, "I said you should take care!"
The pier was crowded with people.
"Take care! Do you understand? "
Chen Chujiu nodded far away.
At this time, Chen Chujiu’s ship was already anchored and slowly sailed to the shore.
"And remember to write to niang! She can’t see it, but she can make others read it! "
After seeing Chen Chu’s nine offshore brothers, they met in a hurry. Chen Asi finally couldn’t help but swallow. At this time, Chen Asi felt a strong hand on his shoulder, which was a high captain.
Gao, a captain, knows that Chen A’s four families are in love. This time, the Tang Dynasty is a tragic war. No one dares to say that he can go home alive, and the Chen family brothers join the army and leave a blind mother’s house. If anything happens to the two brothers, it is very tragic to be left alone.
But in troubled times, who is not so tall, a captain, a captain of the township soldiers, can guard their homeland. Even if they participate in the war, they are considered auxiliary troops, but after the New Year, they will be sent to the township soldiers’ government.
This time, even the rural soldiers of Youyan in Luoyang were recruited, and the six counties of Youjing raised another 20,000 rural soldiers.
Gao, a captain, thought of this and couldn’t help thinking about his stupid wife.
"The new government soldiers have boarded the ship!"
Captain Gao stopped thinking and shouted to the left and right, "Brothers have boarded the ship!"
"Don’t grind your feet."
"Why are you crying like a woman?"
A captain Gao roared and the dock rang again.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-five Five-toothed ship
You Jing Jiang Fang
Blacksmiths tinkle while the iron is hot, and sparks splash out little by little.
What Zhao Jun’s foot soldiers wear.
When Li Guishen saw this scene, the chief craftsman of the Jing Jiang Workshop couldn’t help but smile with relief. After three years of hard work, he finally made this blast furnace, and the burning molten iron in the trench of the blast furnace was constantly pouring out.
"Master Li!" Li Gui turned around but saw two Wu Weijun generals. Then Li Gui took a look at each other and said, "I know that you have something important to do, and your horse can get it when it is loaded."
Two generals of Wu Weijun nodded their heads, saying, "Great Master Li will be appreciated if the army goes to war."
Li Gui laughed and said, "It’s all for the prince of Zhao." Soon, the carriage came out of the deep and remote workshop, and it was continuously transported to the deep and remote wharf. Zhao Guo just set up the Tang Dahang camp and was preparing to board the ship.
Wen Yanbo and Chen Xiaoyi, the civil servants, respectively led the middle province to stay in Beijing, while Wang Jue marched, and Lu Chengqing marched, and Sima went with the army. In addition, Ji Chuan, Xue Wanshu, Zhang Xuansu and others marched to join the army, and Pei Ju Wei Zhengjun consulted and offered drinks.
Li Chongjiu was the first to board his warship. This warship was newly cast and imitated the five-toothed ship built by Yang Suzheng and Nan Chen in those years. The five-toothed ship was about 100 feet high, and six paddles were set up before and after, with a height of 50 feet. Each boulder at the top of the wooden mast was equipped with a pulley, which can quickly put the boulder down and smash the enemy ship in battle and when the enemy ship approaches. Only two ships were built in the whole Youjing Shipyard, one was Li Chongjiu’s flagship of Tang Dynasty, and the other was built by the Youjing Liaodong Navy.
The breeze Xu Lai wrinkled the river, the sun shone on the Yongji Canal, and the golden light shone on the river. The warships crossed the river and plowed out a series of white marks. Seventy thousand soldiers of the Zhao army were the main ships, hundreds of small boats, and thousands of Yongji Canal looked like a forest. The mast was dark and the hull was crowded with the water. When the big ship with five teeth passed the water, the soldiers of the Zhao army unanimously broke into cheers.
This ship, which is nearly twenty feet long, is like a whale. Compared with Zhao Jun’s troop ship, merchant ship, rebuilt material ship, and small-sized ship, the small-sized ship is like a small fish. The bow deck of Zhao Jun’s foot soldiers near the big ship with five teeth looks like a hill. Zhao Jun’s flagship all burst into cheers, waving flags to greet the flagship Li Chongjiu. Zhao Zi’s golden flag and tail flag brushed Li Chongjiu’s face. Everywhere Zhao Jun’s warship with five teeth passed by, Zhao Jun’s foot soldiers all rushed to the deck to greet the flagship.
When Li Chongjiu saw the scene, he couldn’t help but feel ambitious. This is my big Zhao military forces. Li Chongjiu leaned against the sweeping sword. Thought of this, Li Chongjiu shouted "should flag" when the flagship general also raised the flag and waved it, but when he saw the flag pointing, the Zhao fleet broke into cheers.
Zhao’s foot soldiers are all passionately on the bow, and Li Chongjiu is deeply moved. This is the first time he has met the soldiers since he ascended the throne, but when he saw that the foot soldiers are all on the bow, he knew that this was the most heartfelt support for him to be proclaimed emperor. Li Chongjiu could not help but give birth to lofty sentiments and drew his sword to pay tribute to the foot soldiers all around.
Zhao Liguo witnessed this scene decades later. Veteran Chen Asi recalled this day to himself, Sun Dao, when the first emperor was right at the bow of the first emperor, the golden flag of Zhao was floating behind him, and the sun just shone on him like a man of god. At that time, your grandfather knew that it was the real emperor, and our people were really different
"Congratulations on the high ranks of our army!" Wang Jue was moved by this scene, and his eyes filled with tears. He congratulated Li Chongjiu excitedly.
"This is a sign of victory!" At this moment, all the ministers also expressed their congratulations. Yoshikawa smiled slightly and thoughtfully said nothing. This is not my credit for persuading me to be the emperor. Alas, let you flatter me. I have retired from the excitement. When everyone entered the cabin together, Li Chongjiu left Lin Dangfeng to talk. Lin Dangfeng said, "The soldiers with deep military morale are willing to serve. This is a talent."
Li Chongjiu said with a smile, "You don’t have to say that I’m tired of listening to this flattery these days. I just got the news that your counter-plan against Li Yuefu didn’t work."
Lin Dangfeng’s face is full of guilt. "I have been making up for this time. I have already done it according to the meaning of the position. These officials are trying to make them positions."
Li Chongjiu said, "It’s very kind of you to be diligent, but you are not a court official, have no communication in the DPRK and are not a family brother. Please ask Wang Xiang to help you with this matter."
Speaking of which, Li Chongjiu paused, "But I have already made other arrangements for this matter, so you don’t have to be responsible." Lin Dangfeng knelt down and said, "I failed to live up to your letter, so please punish me." Li Chongjiu waved and said, "I expected that Tang gaozu wouldn’t be so easy to get caught. This person is a man with a strong eye, and I have already arranged other means."
Speaking of which, Li Chongjiu’s eyes are still fiercely. "This time, I want to calculate the general ledger with Tang gaozu Li Shimin’s father."
The snow in Chang ‘an Qin Palace has not melted yet. The eldest grandson of Princess Qin stood quietly outside the courtyard and looked at several flowers that were about to wither. She whispered, "The peach blossoms in the garden, the morning sun, the blue boudoir and the bright concubine moved the Chun Qing well, and the new peaches stole the tender willows and learned to look at the butterfly dancing trees in the light flowers. Listen to the singing warbler Lin Xuyuan, and ask for the outstanding romantic old name." Here, the eldest grandson’s face turned red. This was written when the blue boudoir and the bright concubine moved the Chun Qing words in his spring outing. I remember when her husband Li Shimin heard this poem When the expression was slightly wrinkled, but the face said, "This poem is very beautiful." After listening to it, Grandson Dirt knew that her husband really didn’t like it. Since then, she won’t sing this poem in the house. But Grandson Dirt is a Xianbei woman who is romantic and affectionate, but after giving birth to Princess Qin, Li Shimin intends to compete for the throne, so she will take out the weather of the queen’s mother-in-law like a noble family.
The grandson of Tang gaozu or Li Shimin, before his concubines, took out huotang legally generous and treated each other. Even when Li Shimin married several concubines, she couldn’t say a bad word. Being jealous was huotang legally immoral.
But now it’s spring, but the grandson grime doesn’t want to stay here. It’s like a cage in Qin Palace. She is eager to go out for a walk. Thought of this, she can’t help caressing Li Chenggan, a long-term infant. When she thought of Li Shimin giving him this name, she did it by some kind of metaphor, which also refers to heaven. Isn’t it just that her father gave him this name in the hope that he, the office chief, will take over the country from him in the future? However, Grandson Dirt didn’t think so much. She was smart enough to know that she had to do her own job, and the woman’s father’s honor for the emperor’s position was left to men. When she thought of this, Grandson Dirt looked at the fresh spring breeze outside the wall and couldn’t help but miss it. She lightly told the maid, "Today’s weather is fine. I want to prepare a car for me and go to Puguang Temple with my godson." "Empress Qin Wangdian commanded that there are bandits in Chang ‘an recently or Qin Wangfu is better outside." Grandson Dirt smiled lightly. "Qin Maid hurriedly knelt down and said, "handmaiden dare not"
The eldest grandson grime chuckled, "What a big deal! I’m so nervous that I miss my father’s blood and sweat outside the Qin Palace, but I’m safe at home. How can I go to Puguang Temple to ask the Qin King for a protective talisman and do my best?"
Maid hurriedly reveal moved look way "the princess of qin qin is really loving handmaiden, please tell the manager to prepare"
"Well, since the long-term turmoil, it is better to prepare more people and have a care."
"It’s the Empress." The maid retired and told the general manager to prepare the car. At this moment, a servant in the government asked, "Where is this princess Qin going, sister?" The maid scolded, "If you are talkative and set up your horse, it’s up to you if the beast is dishonest and surprises Princess Qin and the world." "Oh, my sister, this is to break the villain. I’m not talkative. I’m just asking how far and how far I can bring grass. If the horse stops halfway without eating horses and trains, it’s not my fault for my sister." "You’re worthless." The maid scolded a low track. "Remember, it’s up to you to go to Puguang Temple in the west of the city."
But the page went to the stable and took out a piece of paper from the secret compartment of the manger. plant ash scratched it in a hurry and then pressed it in his pocket. Soon after, the writing paper quietly came out from the palace of the Qin Dynasty to an old man selling cooking outside the door, and the news came out together. At this time, Princess Qin was driving out.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-six Kidnapping
The eldest grandson drove slowly out of the Qin Palace and arrived at Puguang Temple.
Is it sloppy for the hundred guards of the Qin Palace to travel with a circle of Princess Qin?
After arriving at Puguang Temple, the outside of the temple is blocked, and no one is allowed to enter or leave, even if it is a nuisance, you should protect Princess Qin Zhou.
On both sides of the road in front of the temple, a curtain with plum blossoms was erected to cover the line of sight of outsiders, while the eldest grandson was holding Li Chenggan’s light lotus step and slowly moving forward. Dozens of maids and mothers were all cautious and left and right.
In front of the main hall, the abbot of the temple led a dozen little monks to greet the abbot with his hands folded and "visit the empress"
"The abbot is polite."