The cloud rose doesn’t seem to want to recall what happened just now, but in the face of Yi Yu’s question, she had to answer the question, "Just now, there were three of us entering the cave, and a man named Li Daoyou and I called Zhang Ling to prevent another magic weapon from escaping and let my school sister and the Li family’s younger brother wait outside the cave."

May be the cloud rose thought of hate beautiful cheng also leaked the position in her way, "but how do you know! That Zhang Ling turned out to be the old devil’s double-shadow disciple. This time he came here to wake up the old devil’s body! And we are his sacrifices! "
Yi Yu after hearing is clear in the andao "turned out to be him! No wonder at that time, when the sisters were looking forward to the future, he would scoff. It turned out that the man had already known that there was no magic weapon in this hole, but a trap that devoured life. "
It’s not easy to think about Yunluo, but it’s still very strange after we entered the cave. Although it’s dark in the cave, it’s nothing to be afraid of for our monks, but … about a hundred feet away, only to see that the cave is full of glittering and translucent jade, radiant blue light and dead bones! Even there are hundreds of people who have been waiting for us to practice heaven and are not afraid of life and death, but the bones are actually … "Speaking of which, Yunluo seems to be so scared that she can’t go.
Yi Yu saw that Fa Neng vomited a mouthful of masculinity to Yunluo. When she saw a blue haze, Yunluo suddenly felt warm, cold and fear in her heart had been dispelled with the arrival of this blue haze, but at the same time, this strong masculinity also made the cardamom’s heart rippling and her face blushing. She secretly glanced at Yi Yu and dared not look at him trying to put on a serious face again.
Yun Luo said, "I don’t think it’s like seeing them move slightly and have that faint breath of life later. Then I realized that hundreds of’ human bones’ in that cave were still alive! They are still alive! " In fact, this sorcery of refining strangers is also very common in the magic way. It is also true that this person can still live after practicing bones. However, after all, Yunluo and Suu Kyi are extremely marginalized people in the world of cultivating truth, and it is not surprising that they have never seen such cruel sorcery.
Yi Yu heard it and suddenly took out the dark tunnel with a blue hand bone and a faint smell. "What the hell is going on?"
At the sight of Yi Yu, the cloud rose unexpectedly took out a piece of hand bone and panicked and trembled, "You! Why do you have bones? ! You ….. "It turns out that Yunluo is too nervous next to Suu Kyi, but she can’t. The teacher elder sister said that just now, Suu Kyi was still very afraid of Yi Yu, but after the teacher elder sister came out, Yi Yu turned into her brother and was classified as a Qingcheng Sect. She was naturally very happy, but at this time, when Suu Kyi saw the teacher elder sister, she might annoy Yi Yu. Where can she continue to go crazy?
Suu Kyi quickly grabbed Yunluo and said, "Sister! Don’t be surprised! This is what the senior brother cut here just now. Several bones just flew out! " Suu Kyi was relieved to see that the teacher elder sister had gradually recovered and didn’t say anything out of line.
However, Yi Yu’s trick is to hate bad things. At this tense moment, seeing Suu Kyi’s nervous and afraid little appearance turned out to be a tease. Looking at Yunluo with a cold face on purpose, of course, Yunluo didn’t feel anything. She had never seen Yi Yu as if she had killed the Li brothers and was not threatened by Yi Yu. On the contrary, Yi Yu smiled and was reasonable after meeting, which made her feel that Yi Yu was a very easy-going person.
If you want to know that this bad guy Yi Yu will be like teasing Suu Kyi, and the previous generation troll in this ancient fairy secret cave will be like hiding his life, please see "Cry" again.
The one hundred and thirteenth time I cried at the secret cave
Ji looked at Yi Yu in horror, and her long fingers had touched the hilt and shrunk into a ball, which made Suu Kyi unbearable! Suu Kyi is a little girl with little experience. It turns out that she has a master to look after the master fairy and a senior sister to take care of her. But if Suu Kyi knew that Yi Yu’s holding down the hilt was just a habit before he spoke, I wonder how she would feel? People! Sometimes I just scare myself.
It can also be said that this Suu Kyi was really not like an authentic monk until Liuhua Cave was slaughtered by Xiushan Sect. In Suu Kyi’s heart, she still cultivated the concept of harmony and harmony. Today, Suu Kyi finally realized the cruelty of the fix-up world, and this cruelty is about to fall on her only relative. How can this make Suu Kyi not afraid? !
Suddenly, Suu Kyi’s charming body shook, and it seemed that she had made up her mind. She threw herself at Yi Yu’s feet and looked up at Yi Yudao with tears in her arms. "Brother! I … it’s all my fault. Please forgive us! The teacher elder sister and I will … "Maybe there is something behind Suu Kyi, but Yi Yu just wants to Doby. When she looks at this Suu Kyi, she feels that it seems that the joke is too much.
Yi Yu quickly leaned over to help Suu Kyi up and smiled. "What are you talking about, school sister? Don’t worry! You are my school sister! " Although Yi Yu may not have the consciousness of being a senior brother, his firm eyes and kind look easily deceived Suu Kyi.
Suu Kyi listened to Yi Yu’s words, and the ups and downs made her feel a little unresponsive. For a long time, Suu Kyi smiled "sloped" and was happy to look back at Yunluo. Of course, Yunluo didn’t know why this pool demon evil influence was crying and laughing for a while! At this time, Yi Yu suddenly found this tearful smile really beautiful.
Just then, there was a roar in the secret cave, which shocked the sky greatly, but it was not like a human being, but more like a wounded beast struggling to howl, gloomy and crazy. After a few weeks, the cave returned to calm, but this strange calm made people feel a little creepy.
Sure enough, a moment later, the blue light of the secret hole flashed, and the ghost cried suddenly again, but all the ghosts cried together! And I saw that the mouth of the cave suddenly blew out a strong, cold, and extremely strong wind, with a burst of foul smell coming straight out, and in that wind, I don’t know how many blue jack-o’-lantern lights were rolled up.
In the face of this overwhelming blue light, Jack-o’-lantern Yunluo and Suu Kyi’s sisters have been stunned. They know that they have just dealt with a blue light alone and they are still struggling. I don’t know how many dead bones are hidden in this evil wind, but there are differences between this blue light and the blue light. Those blue lights that flew out before were the first to break free from the shackles and are naturally the most powerful. At this time, although this blue light is overwhelming, most of them are dim in this gale, and some of them have already lost their vitality. They were tired of the hurricane and just got up with the wind.
Yi Yu sees the real nature and is not afraid to see him fly out of the firm but gentle shock wave with a pendulum in his big sleeve. Immediately after he came, he saw the place in front of the hole, but it was so dense that the sun was covered with firm but gentle shock wave with hundreds of Geng Jin firm but gentle, and the net was so fine! Even the sun shines, but only a few filaments can fall to the ground.
Although Yi Yujian’s gas network is fine, there are also strong people in the bones filled with ghosts and lanterns. There are several extremely strong blue lights struggling to break through Yi Yujian’s network and go straight ahead. Of course, I know about my firm but gentle and the blue bones. Yi Yu naturally can’t let these escaped fish get away with it. The left hand and the five fingers even point to dozens of firm but gentle waves, hiding the apocalypse, thunder and fire, flying out to find their targets, and instantly scattering the blue light that broke through, and the bones were cremated in the apocalypse.
After the instantaneous madness, it was breathtaking and quiet. Yi Yu waited for a moment and looked at the dark and gloomy hole coldly. It seemed that Yi Yu was considering whether to go in and find out what was going on. He took a step forward slightly and gently held it in the scabbard hand. After a slight presumption, Qin Jianyan’s wings flashed, the sword was in his hand and he went to the secret hole without hesitation.
I’m really curious about Yi Yu, a strange secret cave everywhere. What’s the mystery hidden in this famous ancient cave? And what’s the purpose of Zhang Ling, who claims to be Cha Shuangying’s disciple?
The cloud rose knew that it was dangerous to go in when she saw Yi Yu, but she saw Yi Yu without waiting for the cloud basket. He said without looking back, "You two will go directly to the Golden Whip Cliff of Qingcheng Mountain to find the martial sister Yuchen in Luoying clause, and she will naturally arrange you for anything else until I get back to Qingcheng Mountain." Say Yi Yu’s footsteps keep going straight to the hole.
Although Yi Yu said so, Yunluo and Suu Kyi are both wise people. How can the choice be white? The future status depends on this time. Maybe Suu Kyi is not too white, but she was born in a noble family and didn’t cultivate Yunluo until she was seventeen years old. How can she not understand?
If you want it, you have to pay. If you have the ability to pay, you have to pay loyalty if you don’t have the ability! If she left a bad impression on Yi Yu at this time, even if she went to the Qingcheng School in the future, she would probably live a simple life without food, but Yunluo didn’t want to do this. She would also take revenge on those Zhushan witches who killed her sister and ruined her master’s life.
Ever since I saw Yi Yuyun Luo just now, I knew that I had the opportunity to hold this big tree tightly, not only because my sisters and I don’t have to worry about their lives, but also because it seems that it’s not so far away to seek revenge from Zhushan Sect. How could Yunluo give up the performance opportunity like this? !
"School sister, you …" Just as Yunluo wanted Suu Kyi to go to Qingcheng Mountain first, she actually saw the decisive look in Suu Kyi’s eyes. Yunluo smiled at Suu Kyi and she already felt that Younger had suddenly matured. Yunluo was pleased to think, "Maybe it won’t be long before this daze Younger no longer needs to take care of herself."
Two women glances are saw each other’s eyes firm color cloud Laura and Suu Kyi tightly holding hands got up with Yi Yu two people also don’t talk to tell Yi Yu their choice and determination.
I felt that two women followed me, and Yi Yu smiled. I was very satisfied with Yunluo and Suu Kyi’s choice. Yunluo and Suu Kyi were not Yi Yu, and he didn’t covet the beauty of two women. Besides, Yi Yu was not a ladies’ priority, and a bullshit gentleman. Yi Yu naturally wouldn’t accommodate them. If it comes to repairing Yunluo and Suu Kyi, it seems that they can pay and be loyal to Yi Yu.
At this time, if Yunluo chooses to go to Qingcheng Mountain, it will not be difficult for ordinary Qingcheng brothers to have their own interests. Even if this page is revealed, although Yiyu will not be difficult for them, it will not be treated differently. At this time, Yunluo and Suu Kyi chose to follow Yi Yu and risk their lives to enter the cave, which has initially obtained Yi Yu’s approval.
Yi Yu has always believed that the greater the cost, the more she will cherish him. Now, of course, all she has will be more loyal. If Yunluo Suu Kyi and her sisters are shaken in the future, they will think that today’s letter was bought by betting on her life.
Just say that the cave is dark, but it is not an obstacle for the fix true people. It is also smooth for three people to enter the cave with Yunluo to lead the way. After a while, they have already walked hundreds of feet and moved here. Yi Yu finally saw the strange scene of the cave. There are five blue Guanghua roads not far from the front of the cave, which is the ghost fire demon bone.
Seeing that the five blue lights have already fought together, they are also extremely fierce, and they are entangled with each other. Yi Yu doesn’t want to stay more. She raises her hand and hits five sword lights to kill the ghost bone. After a moment of meditation, she asks, "Was it like this here when you came in just now?"
Cloud rose hearing shook his head, "brother … there seems to be something wrong here! Just now, when the three of us came in, although there were bones in the tunnel, it was absolutely different from the real dead when we were lying backwards. It seems that someone broke the ban and liberated these demon bones. "
Yi Yudao "You mean Zhang Ling?"
"Brother wise! Cloud rose is really think so. "Cloud rose quickly seize the opportunity not to send a dose of ass to test the famous brother, but it is actually her new hobby with her school sister.
Yi Yu looked at Yunluo and patted her head with a smile. "You girl!" I didn’t say whether I liked this compliment or not, but Yunluo was a little at a loss. But in less than a moment Yunluo was relieved and smiled a little. She chased Yi Yudao two steps. "Brother Zhang Ling is very suspicious. Although he claimed to be a disciple of Cha Shuangying when he turned against us in the cave just now, Yunluo felt that this statement may not be true."
"oh? How do you say this? "
Yun Luo said, "Brother, please think that since he is the disciple of Cha Shuangying, the old demon should naturally know the exact location of this magic cave, but Zhang Ling just found it with the help of our sisters and brothers. At that time, my sister and I decided to come to this secret cave to get the treasure, so we invited the Li brothers to talk with Zhang Ling just around here. Now he also came to this cave to see him fix it well, so he went hand in hand." Although Yun Luo said it simply, Yi Yu knew that getting the treasure was a big event in the fix-true world, and I don’t know how many times it took to test and negotiate.
Cloud rose connect a way "now in retrospect that Zhang Ling doesn’t seem to know the location here as he said, but should be.
Wandering for a long time but not finding this secret hole, and wandering for a long time but not finding this secret hole, and wandering for a long time but not finding this secret hole, and wandering for a long time but not finding this secret hole, and wandering for a long time but not finding this secret hole.
In fact, Yi Yu has been 90% convinced at this time that Zhang Ling is Qingcheng brother Yi Yu’s heart. "If that Zhang Ling is not Qingcheng brother trying to hide Qingcheng sword during the crime? But if he is, then is he a person now or is there someone behind him? ….. and so on! "
Thought of here, Yi Yu suddenly felt something was wrong. He looked at the drums in Yunluo’s heart beside him. "Is that Zhang Ling really trying to hide his fencing in Qingcheng Mountain? Or … And the degree of danger here depends on Yunluoxiu, but it is difficult to go out … "For the time being, I can’t sort out a clue. Yi Yu simply throws away complicated guesses in his mind and strides. No matter who that Zhang Ling is, he will always know what he wants to do when he meets.
Let’s talk about Yi Yu’s three-person trip again. More than 300 Zhang Yi Yu suddenly stopped to be careful. At this moment, the three of them suddenly heard a burst of crying. It was strange that the crying was from small to large, sometimes like a baby, sometimes like a girl Yingying, sometimes like an old woman crying, or one person gradually increased, which made it unclear. It seemed that thousands of people were crying around. It was strange!
That Yi Yu was pregnant with a treasure to protect herself deeply, but she didn’t feel uncomfortable. However, after hearing the cry, Yunluo and Suu Kyi were pale and dull-eyed. It didn’t seem right. Yi Yu tried several times to wake them up. Yi Yu said, "It seems that this cry is really fascinating, but it should be broken as soon as possible."
Yi Yu carefully searched for a long time and didn’t see anything unusual. Finally, Nai can take out Jian Qin’s offering field and hang around Yi Yu, regardless of the willy-nilly, and release it in the field. Jian Qin million spirit of war will eat whatever he is.
See the millions of spirit of war around a cry immediately turned into a whine, although these strange ghosts can fool Yi Yuling’s sleep, but they can’t hide it. All of them have been in the same category for thousands of years, and there will be no sound after these thousand-year-old evil spirits gnaw.
Where have the Yunluo sisters seen this appearance and the overwhelming evil spirits? The evil spirits are the enemy’s attack. Although they want to offer flying swords to meet them, they have just been absorbed by the magic sound. Although they woke up at this time, they are still weak, but now when they look at Yi Yu, he actually reacts and looks at them leisurely. At this time, the two sisters just now that those powerful evil spirits are not coming towards them.
Seeing that the cry was dead, Yi Yuyi took out two pills of solid Dan medicine and gave it to Yun Luosu Ji. It was only three people who got out, but they heard the strange cry less than 30 steps. This time, it was different. Although it was a male voice, Ling Zhuang was crying, but it didn’t give people a weak feeling. On the contrary, it was very grand and tragic. Yi Yuwen was also stunned and locked his hand with his brow, and he was on the handle of Qin Jian.
What makes Neng Yiyu so nervous and that Zhang Ling is a Xu Ren? Please also look back at Keith. Lu Array.
Back to Keith. Lu in the 114th.
To those spirit of war who devour the crying ghost, Yi Yu will withdraw the field. No |&1; ▋|&1; ▋|&1; ▋| However, the resurgence is even more faint than the previous meaning. Yi Yu looked at Yunluo and two women. Now they are not abnormal except for a little nervous. Although this majestic and tragic man seems to be crying now, it seems that there is nothing abnormal, but it has given Yi Yu great pressure. Yi Yu can feel the danger more and more clearly.
Yi Yu didn’t dare to neglect any more. She quickly offered a sacrifice to Taiyi Wuyan Luo, together with Yunluo and Suu Kyi, to prevent any further changes. Yi Yu released spirit of war in the Qin sword again, but this was a failure. After spirit of war poured out, he couldn’t find the enemy! Yi Yu also made a whisper in her heart, perhaps saying that the crying enemy is no longer here.
Yi Yu took the sword but didn’t take it back. The three of them walked carefully. It was the cry that kept lingering as if they were on their side. It was annoying. At this time, Yi Yu gave a slight meal. Although I didn’t know who made this cry, Yi Yu suddenly felt that danger was approaching her enemy.
A silver light split and showed that it was a sword, a very bright and cold sword. Yi Yu was shocked when she saw the silver light! The silver cold blade is only two feet away from his throat! Fortunately, this sword is more than a foot long. If the three-foot Qingfeng has already taken Yi Yu’s life.
The Taiyi Wuyan Luo is a Taoist protective treasure, but it actually reacted to the silver sword near the dive until the sword showed its true identity. Only then did Taiyi Wuyan Luo react, and colorful smoke rushed over to intercept the silver light, but compared with this distance of only two feet, the smoke haze was too slow.