Speaking of which, I waved the guy to come near and drink a way to get four hundred pieces of high-order lingshi for this little brother Guo.

The guy was busy getting into the house, and the shopkeeper Feng Lilei took the Dan medicine department and went in.
Soon the guy will put LingShi on the counter and show it to Guo Xiaosi one by one. Guo Xiaosi also carefully verifies that the other party is a high-order LingShi, but he can’t be fooled by them. If one piece is missing or the second time is filled, it will be a big loss.
He stared wide-eyed and counted four hundred pieces of high-order lingshi piece by piece, and put them into a dry Kun bag, calculating a good tripod furnace. The price should be around 3,000 pieces of medium-order lingshi, which is equal to 5,000 pieces of medium-order lingshi. It should be more than enough to buy a tripod furnace and some materials.
Good LingShi twist a head to prepare to leave only to see Dong Rebing and other three people didn’t leave, but still stayed in the store. Guo Xiaosi wondered that these three people almost made a mistake with the store just now, which attracted Feng Lilei’s attention, but these three people were still here in a dilemma. Isn’t it too troublesome?
Guo Dage Dong Rebing greeted me with a little smile and said, Can you lend me 1,500 pieces of medium-grade lingshi first? I really want to buy the nine-yin elixir, but we rarely come to Mingsha City once. I don’t know if it will be bought by others next time. I mean, Guo Dage will lend me 1,500 pieces of medium-grade lingshi first. I’ll write an iou to Guo Dage or Guo Dage, and then leave your address for me. I will definitely send it to you with interest in the future.
What? Guo Xiaosi borrows Lingshi and borrows it again, which is 1,500 yuan. Can such a large sum be easily lent to a person who meets for the first time?
Chapter three hundred and twelve Ming ShaCheng secret
The number of 1,500 pieces of intermediate lingshi is not a small number. Guo Xiaosi hesitated for a moment, but Dong Rebing was just one-sided and didn’t borrow it deeply. That’s all. There’s nothing worse. I have to go to Lingshi to buy some materials for alchemy. If I lend her so many materials, I’m afraid I can’t buy them, which will delay my alchemy medicine and my practice.
I’m sorry, I have to buy some instruments in these Lingshi, otherwise I will definitely not sell the master’s elixir. Guo Xiaosi said with a little regret
What did Bing Mei say to this kind of person? A poor look would be so generous. Dong Rebing rushed over and pointed at Guo Xiaosi angrily and shouted.
Guo Xiaosi is too lazy to go straight to Feng Ji’s store door with such a person. Dong Rebing wants to fight for another break from Dong Reqi and then runs to the store door, only to find that the crowded street has disappeared. Guo Xiaosi’s figure couldn’t help frowning at Emei with a sigh.
Today, the young lady is sad when the sun is shining, and a young man dressed in yellow is frivolous.
Roll Dong Reqi flew into a rage and pulled his sister behind him and kicked the frivolous man to the ground.
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t care about their affairs and goes to another street. Shops, large and small, are lined with colorful plaques on both sides, but there is no tripod shop in Guo Xiaosi. How can there be no tripod shop? Even though selling tripod is a cold business, there is absolutely no business to be cold to this point. Mingsha is at least one of the four easy places to cultivate immortals in Daxia country. Is it not worthy of the name?
Turning a corner, I suddenly found that there was a shop plaque in front of me with four gold-plated characters of Tang Ji Ding Furnace written on it, but the shop was closed, but the shopkeepers in this street would not do business unless it was outside the door.
The old man Guo Xiaosi walked into a grocery store opposite the Tang Ji Ding Furnace and asked the counter. Did an old man know that there was no way to do business in the Tang Ji Ding Furnace across the hall today? Is it because the owner is away?
Even if the owner of Mingsha City is not in it, he will be a man. Fuck, how can this be the reason why the door is closed? The old man didn’t answer him directly and said with a smile that the little boy is from other places. I don’t know the secret of Mingsha City.
Guo Xiaosi’s heart andao is the secret of Mingsha City, so he didn’t know the secret. Maybe Mingsha City people or people around here know the suggestion and smile apologetically. The old man came from other places. He has long heard that Mingsha City is the first place in the world of cultivating immortals in the Great Xia Dynasty, but he doesn’t want this Tang Ding furnace to be closed today. I don’t know what it is because I still hope that the old man will tell me that he can open the door when it is here.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out of the door for 30 days. The old hey hey smiled and stroked the few white beards and said
What’s more, I hope the old man will tell Guo Xiaosi that the owner of the Tang Ding Furnace will be surprised if he closes the store temporarily for two or three days, but he won’t open the door for 30 days. Besides, the old man also inexplicably said something about the secret of Mingsha City. Is it possible that the owner of the Tang Ding Furnace should actually say the secret of Mingsha City? What secret will it be?
I told you that you are a foreigner, the old man laughed and laughed. Mingsha Town can survive for thousands of years, but despite its ruin, people are still busy and prosperous near the Gobi desert. Is there no reason why Mingsha Mountain in the west of Mingsha Town looks like a general sand dune? However, thunder horns are sounded every September night, and Ma Benteng roared intermittently for one month, but no one knows why.
Even this strange imagination is not so much as that so many people stay here and need to come here in September every year. They must build a city shop here. Guo Xiaosi asked inexplicably that such a strange phenomenon can certainly attract some curiosity, but it is not so coveted for cultivating immortals to stay here for many years
How polite are you to interrupt my old man’s words? The old man is a little unhappy. Do you want to know something? Do you want to know Tang Ji’s reasons?
Guo Xiaosi in distress situation hurriedly apologize to the old man. I’m really sorry. I really want to know that I’m eager to see the old man. Don’t care about the younger generation with me. Although the old man has been repaired in the construction period, his temper is not good. Xiao Guo estimates his age, that is, he is barely a predecessor at the age of one hundred, which is several decades older than himself.
The old man just went on to say that if this strange thing in Mingsha Mountain alone doesn’t attract so many immortals, do you think about it? Are those ordinary people interested in this strange phenomenon? What’s even weirder is that every 60 years, there will be a huge cave in Mingsha Mountain for a reason, and according to many treasures in this cave, everyone will live here. When Mingsha Mountain exposes the cave, they can go treasure hunting. The Tangjiamen across the hall closed down because of the lack of Tang Dynasty. His buddies are all ready to go treasure hunting.
Guo Xiaosi just remembered that many shops were closed along the way. At that time, he didn’t feel strange. After all, it is common for people to suspend business for a day or two. There is little water around Mingsha City. It’s not certain that everyone will go to other places to find some water every few days, but they don’t want to go to Mingsha Mountain to find treasure. But even this is strange. The cave is only once in 60 years, and everyone is waiting here for 60 years.
When the old man finished, he stroked his beard with some pride. Guo Xiaosi saw that he didn’t mean to continue talking. That’s why he asked, once in 60 years, everyone will stay here for 60 years. Every year, just come and look for treasure.
Hey, hey, the old man smiled slyly. What do you know? You can enter the cave as a person? If you don’t sing Shabei, you are a top player, and you can’t make it into the cave. If you don’t live here often, where can you get it easily? If you get it easily, it’s his luck.
It is also necessary for Guo Xiaosi to be confused. It seems that he knows very little about this Mingsha city, which is almost unknown.
Mingshabei can be found occasionally in the nearby desert, so you have a great chance to get Mingshabei if you live here. Hey, hey, look where all the guys in my old man’s shop have gone to find Mingshabei. It’s sixty years since Mingsha Cave was closed, buddy. Don’t you think there are many more outsiders in Mingsha Mountain these two days?
Guo Xiaosi slightly one leng, he just arrived in Mingsha Mountain today, but he didn’t know that some time ago, things would be compared with today’s situation some time ago, but the old man can’t go wrong in saying this.
No, Guo Xiaosi suddenly remembered a loophole in the old man’s words and asked the old man, didn’t he just say that this Mingsha cave can only be entered with Mingsha shellfish, so everyone built Mingsha City to live and set up a shop. On weekdays, I went around to look for Mingsha shellfish, and what can I get occasionally? Today, there are many foreigners. Don’t they also know that Mingsha shellfish is not easy to get? What are they doing in Mingsha City? Are they going to wait outside Mingsha Cave to rob or kill Mingsha shellfish?
The old man laughed and robbed people outside Mingsha Cave, but he dared to kill people and seize Mingsha Bay in Mingsha City. Few people who have lived near Mingsha City for thousands of years have reached an unruly rule. Anyone who dares to make trouble in Mingsha City is the public enemy, and everyone will be punished. Tell me, it is Li Lianglian. When the three families come, do they dare to openly oppose a Mingsha City person? Even if one or two people are jealous of Mingsha Bay, they will definitely not be able to repair Mingsha City.
When the old man said these words, Guo Xiaosi felt that the old man was telling him not to think about killing people and robbing Mingshabei.
Since outsiders can’t get into the Mingsha Cave, it’s unlikely that they will seize Mingsha shellfish in Mingsha City, and there are not many adults waiting to sit in the cave, so outsiders are flocking. Guo Xiaosi still thinks it’s a problem.
The old man, hey, hey, smile, little buddy didn’t come to Mingsha Cave, which is a coincidence. Now everyone is coming to Mingsha Cave, but it’s the treasure in Mingsha Cave. Not everyone in the city wants to go to the cave to find treasure, so they can sell it to these outsiders. This is also a flock of outsiders. Do you sing Shabei again, little buddy?
Mingshabei, I didn’t laugh as Guo Xiaosi did, but I want to know what treasures in this cave deserve our attention.
There are many treasures in the Mingsha Cave, and there are rare materials on the ground. There are also some diligent techniques, and the rice cream flower root is also the top magic weapon. Hey, hey, I want you to make a fortune when you go to the Mingsha Cave. The old man said that it seems a little excited here.
Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know whether this thing is true or not. It’s a pity to shake his head and say with smile. I don’t know the situation here. Even if the baby is just around the corner, I envy it. Thank you, old man, for telling me to excuse me so much.
Wait, but the old man quickly cried, Do you want Mingshabei?
What Guo Xiaosi one leng where such a good thing, but I still asked the old man whether Mingshabei was for sale.
Hey, hey, little buddy Ran Cong, I’ve finally got a Mingsha shell here for more than 60 years, but little buddy should also know that I’ve repaired to Mingsha Cave, where are those tigers and wolves? I’m afraid I’ll lose my life if I go treasure hunting, but I’m sure I can get a lot of treasures if I go deep into it.
What’s the matter with Guo Xiaosi’s coming here for nothing? The old man has told himself so much about Mingsha Bay that he just wants to sell it. Since this is a good idea, I might as well ask, but I don’t know how many pieces of Lingshi the old man needs to sell Mingsha Bay.