In 1901, the last king of Ryukyu, Shangtai, was poisoned by Japan. In 1916, the pseudo-"All-Okinawa Teachers’ Conference" required teachers to punish Ryukyu students who spoke Ryukyu in school by extremely insulting means. In the late World War II in 1945, the United States attacked Ryukyu Island, and the Japanese forced Ryukyu people to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff, or simply killed Ryukyu people to cope with the lack of food in Ryukyu. The Japanese massacre reduced the population of Ryukyu by a quarter.

From 1945 to 1972, the United States occupied Ryukyu. In 1970, the United States and Japan signed the "San Francisco Peace Treaty" and handed over Ryukyu to Japan. At that time, Ryukyu people learned the bad news and "gathered to cry in the downtown area."
Closing the information sent by He Yuming, Tianxin sighed, "If the sky is sentimental, the sky is old, and the right path in the world is vicissitudes." This world has a nation that advocates peace, but there are also countless shameless races. It doesn’t matter if a nation advocates peace, but it must first arm itself to avoid tears and blood for its children and grandchildren.
This is the day before the intervention. Tianxin wanted to wait until the seventh day to directly destroy the intervention. Now, it seems unnecessary. It is no different to enter now than to enter seven days later. Wherever that country goes, it commits massacres, punishes and intervenes, and so many creditors are enough for them.
"Chaduc, you take people to first, and set up a management organization. Our principle is very simple. We accept the complaints of all residents of the Ryukyu Islands now, but only the grievances of the living; The enmity within two generations can be appealed by their relatives, but it is limited to life and death. "
"Boss, why do you want to set up the second article?" Chaduc asked.
"Stupid, when my dad died, you were not angry. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t care about you?" Milan, the little secretary, pointed at him and smiled. "I knew the boss was the most human!" Even this is thought of. "
"The most human?" As wry smile, Chaduc’s baby really will choose the time to use these words. "This time, you should be prepared for the battle. People’s planes, warships and chemical and biological weapons are waiting for you."
"Boss, what about me?" Jiwu is impatient.
"You, of course, want to go, take 5000 well-equipped black armor security commando in the past. Your task is to catch people. In case of resistance or sneak attack, you have the right to kill people except those who suffer mainly. "
"Yes, boss, what’s the name of that Ryukyu capital again? It’s hard to remember, Lao Sha, do you remember?" JiWu scooped up his head and asked.
"What seems to be called that bully?"
"Yes, that’s Naha, Chaduc. It’s up to you. Whether you can receive Naha smoothly or not, you should pay some attention."
"Boss, no problem! Unless the Japanese sink the place with a nuclear bomb, as long as there is land, Lao Sha can definitely play around the place! I want them to have an army and no place to make it. " Chaduc hey hey say with smile.
"God, Chaduc, when did you have a fox?" Milan exclaimed.
Naha, the central city of Ryukyu (now Okinawa), is the ruling center of Ryukyu kings in past dynasties and the economic center here. Naha has unique folk customs and beautiful scenery, with a population of 300,000 and a total area of 38.97 square kilometers. Traditional shochu, Ryukyu color printing and dyeing, Ryukyu lacquerware, etc. are the main products of Naha. Naha has many places of interest. Such as: Boshang Palace, built to commemorate the royal ancestors; The ceremonial gate is the second gate of Ryukyu Mura, and it is also the masterpiece of Ryukyu architectural technology. Wanbo Memorial Park, founded in the 1970s for holding the World Expo, is beautifully built, and there are many pavilions displaying aquatic products in the park.
Junichi Kojima, the governor of Okinawa, kept a bitter face in Naha City Hall. He didn’t know what to do. This political matter is complicated, and the U.S. military in Okinawa in Japan is always so arrogant. When he went to the U.S. military base to ask the general commander, Lieutenant General Hyman, to defend Okinawa, he found that the military camp was under martial law and was told that it was your own doing! You guys handle it yourselves.
Junichi Kojima feels that Japan will lose this time! When Chaduc arrived with a group of black armor administrators with eight levels of internal energy, he was still thinking hard, but he was awakened by a sound from outside.
"You can’t go in. This is the governor’s office. Do you have an appointment?"
"Appointment, joke, this place already belongs to our maritime entertainment empire at 0: 00 in the morning. What appointment do we need for our place?" Chaduc’s number one deputy Tielin laughed.
"Anyway, you can’t go in? If I hit it again, I will call the police? " The man who stopped insisted.
"Call the police, we are the police. What police are you calling?" Chaduc’s other deputy was impatient. He grabbed the man and said coldly, "Boy, we don’t have much time. If you stop again, I’ll tear you up."
"Let them in!" Junichi kojima said in time.
Several people filed in.
"You are …"
"Who are we? You should know that from now on, our marine entertainment empire takes over this place. You can stay, otherwise, please leave." Chaduc warm track.
"I’ll stay, I’ll stay." Kojima said in a row, of course, he didn’t want to leave. The Ryukyu Islands will soon be assisted by the self-defense forces of the army, navy and air force, and there will be super soldiers specially trained for so many years.
The relationship between Ryukyu Islands and Japanese mainland is just like the relationship between China, Hongkong and the mainland, which is one country, two systems. Its population structure has three big blocks, one is Ryukyu people; Second, Chinese; The third is the Japanese. In Naha, most people are Japanese. Therefore, when Chaduc smiled and asked Kojima to set up a stall in front of the municipal government office to publicize the concept of an empire of marine entertainment and distribute an imperial management brochure, things followed. In a word, the drama began.
In order to deal with the maritime entertainment empire, the Japanese ruling and opposition parties have made many plans that they think are very proud of, such as self-defense forces attacking, super soldiers attacking, gangs attacking, killers attacking, biochemical Ryukyu, demonstrations all over Japan to win international public opinion, and finally destroying Ryukyu’s nuclear program. According to the meaning of the Japanese emperor, if Ryukyu falls into the hands of others, the Yamato nation will never have a chance to rise again, and going west to Diaoyu Island, visiting the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan Province, China, will always be a dream. However, the Japanese right-wing government made up its mind to burn all the stones, and Ryukyu was lost, which is unacceptable for a government with global political and military ambitions.
In this case, the embarrassment of Chaduc and his 10 deputies is that they will be besieged by a large number of Japanese demonstrators, while Junichi Kojima has to suppress his sly smile and see how Chaduc deals with such demonstrations that the western government can’t do. He didn’t know that Chaduc was hoping that they would be like this, and the less successful he was, the Japanese people’s loss would not be as childish as the trademark case of Lu Donglin. In other words, what Chaduc has to do is how to get the whole country involved.
Compared with Sadik lazily waiting in the sun on the street, Jiwu is a tough battle. He and 5000 black armor security special forces landed on the land border between Ryukyu and Japan, confronting the Japanese ground self-defense forces.
In fact, the real frenzy began at 10: 00 a.m. when the maritime entertainment empire announced its official presence in Ryukyu to carry out punishment intervention. The empire announced three things: first, anyone who has been wronged can call 7777 to complain to the thousands of affairs offices of the empire in Ryukyu at any time, and the office holders can also help the brain; 2. Any individual, unit or army with weapons will either leave or hand over the weapons to the designated warehouse within seven days, otherwise, the consequences will be at your own risk; Three, entertainment empire people don’t attack me, I don’t attack, if people attack me, I will attack, stationed in Ryukyu, not aggression, but counterattack, which is a punishment for the Japanese who did something wrong. I hope the world media will report this matter fairly, otherwise, the consequences will be conceited.
When the statement came out, the world was in an uproar.
"The actions of the maritime entertainment empire have announced to the world that the era of impunity for individuals and countries has passed, and I wish the maritime entertainment empire can bring a peaceful and quiet order to the earth." Tianhua media review.
"Arrogant, naked aggression, all Japanese should rise up and resist." Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun.
"We should pay attention to the development of the situation. As far as the entertainment empire is known, only a few thousand people are in Ryukyu, and nothing has been done yet. If this is called occupation, it would be ridiculous." The last words of a reporter in Reuters.
"Should we ban the entertainment empire? Since its appearance, the whole international situation has fluctuated abnormally. We strongly appeal to the international community to intervene and let the United Nations manage this paradise on earth, so as to avoid another big storm, "a Western journalist called for. It is said that as soon as this reporter spoke, he was secretly called an idiot by representatives of several countries in the United Nations.
"The people of Asia want to see the nation that never admits its mistakes be severely taught by the maritime entertainment empire." South Korean media Asia News.
"Everything in the maritime entertainment empire needs us to deepen our interpretation in order to communicate effectively with it. This is very important to the world. " Associated Press commented.
Looking at tens of thousands of Japanese demonstrators getting closer and closer, Chaduc stretched and looked positive. He looked at the governor of Ryukyu with a look that could be called expectation on his face. "Junichi Kojima, I old sand know what you are paying attention to. However, I warn you, within these seven days, you must complete one thing: all the municipal organizations in Naha will be transformed into people’s livelihood organizations, the tax department will be abolished, and the government rent collection department will be established. If you fail to do so, all the civil servants in this city will be unemployed, and the sea entertainment empire will not need waste. Let’s go! "
"Wait, you left, what about these people?" Junichi kojima was startled and asked, pointing to the demonstrators.
"They, don’t worry about them, they are playing very well. The Ryukyu government, a maritime entertainment empire, can’t help any entertainment. They can play as they like. Anyway, the street is so wide."
Looking at the line of people flying far away, Junichi Kojima felt naught in his heart. The demonstrations and protests were actually fun in the eyes of the management of the maritime entertainment empire. He couldn’t understand it. Is this an occupation?