Who mowgli nodded, no longer entangled in this.

"Where is Brother Wei going to build his residence?" PangYuLi time asked again.
Who mowgli stretched out his hand and vanity pointed to two fingers and said, "I’m going to build two places, a big one at the foot of the mountain and a small one on the mountainside. This place at the foot of the mountain is used for living, practicing and entertaining guests and friends on weekdays, and that place on the mountainside is dedicated to practicing swords! This is no problem! "
"Of course, no problem. If you do this, I’m afraid it’s too late for those people in the deacon’s hall to thank you?" Pang Yuxiao replied, "Teacher Wei is new here, and I don’t know yet. The outer disciples of the deacon’s temple build homes for the inner disciples, and they also calculate the credit. The more you want to repair, the bigger and more luxurious they are, and their credit will increase accordingly. As long as the credit is accumulated to a certain extent, they will have the opportunity to come to various peaks to practice and borrow the aura here.
Compared with the number of disciples outside the gate, the number of disciples in our various peaks is much less. There are many disciples who have accumulated enough credit, but they are not in turn. According to the custom of our Five Elements Sect, every residence, even if it is empty, must be equipped with two maids, two squires, two servants, a cook, an alchemist boy, a refiner boy and nine service disciples. You build one more place here, which is equivalent to adding nine places for them for nothing.
I think, after building the house, many of them will definitely recommend themselves to you. "
"Oh?" When Wei Wuji heard this, he knew that it was a bit out of line to build two courtyards by himself. However, since Pang Yu had said that it was no problem, he naturally wouldn’t back down. Now he asked, "So, our inner disciples want to have a good relationship with those deacons, so why not build more houses?"
PangYu shook his head and said, "resources are limited, and we can only give priority to ensuring the supply of outstanding disciples in our school. Just like this second peak, the aura belongs to the master and a bunch of our other disciples. If more disciples come, we will get some, and then we will get less. "
Speaking of which, PangYu paused and continued, "but it’s just as well for teacher younger brother to build one more place. We are the second peak of Geng Jin, and we have inherited the legacy of a god. We are full of aura, and our pulse is not prosperous. Therefore, adding a few more disciples is not a problem. "
Hearing this, Wei Wuji completely put down his heart and said nothing more.
A little while later, nearly 300 disciples from outside the gate, led by an old man with gray hair and beard, rushed over. As soon as the old man arrived, he bowed to Pang Yu. "Brother Pang, our people are here. Look, it’s enough. If it’s not enough, I can go to other places to deploy!"
"Forget it, although my second peak family is not thin, it is not thick either. If you bring thousands of people here, other disciples will have opinions on me." PangYuXiao replied, then, pointing to the mowgli, "this is my little teacher younger brother, mowgli! This time, he wants to build two courtyards, and you can talk to him about which style to choose! "
Hearing this, the old man’s eyes brightened at that time and said, "I’ve met Brother Wei, the deacon of the next Golden Peak, who is the deputy master of the temple." Brother Wei is a dragon and phoenix among people at first glance, so you must take care of your younger brother more in the future. "
"Where to take care of, as stuff, should help each other. Now, isn’t Brother Mo coming to help me? If my house can’t be built today, I’ll have to sleep in the wind! " Who mowgli replied with a smile.
"Who brother joking. In that case, let’s start without delay. " Mo Tian immediately asked, "I don’t know what kind of requirements Brother Wei has for his home. What we can do, we must do our best."
"Then please! Come with me! " Who mowgli nodded toward PangYu, then, with the mo day came to the small river surrounded by mountains.
This land is about five or six thousand feet in size. Wei mowgli said as he walked, he told his own demands and ideas, and asked Mo Tian to build a garden-style courtyard in the south of the Yangtze River.
After listening to Wei Wuji’s explanation, Mo Tian felt that he was not building a house, but building a model, a super-large model. Because, except for the flowers, trees, guards and mowgli, who will go outside to look for filling, all the rest things, including beds, tables and chairs and other appliances in the house, must be made of clay. Moreover, these utensils, except teapot, teacup and other things that must be picked up, must be integrated with the floor of the house.
"Brother Wei wants to make his own courtyard into a magic weapon, so that he can carry it with him everywhere?" Don’t guess, "it’s not like living with you, such a means, but only the master of God in the deity period makes it out!" Is it possible that behind Brother Wei, there is a master of the divine king who will support you again? "
Thinking of this, Mo Tian’s heart became extremely hot at that time. If it weren’t for decades of experience, he would have practiced this piece of dough for a long time, and I am afraid that it will be a flaw. At the moment, he said confidently, "Brother Wei, don’t worry, I am a good hand at refining, and there will never be a flaw."
"That’s good!" Wei Wuji nodded and said, "Now, let’s go to the mountainside and talk about another place!"
Say, who mowgli to find out in the storage bag, kamikaze boat was released. Then, he asked Mo Tian to come up together, and in a flash, he got to the mountainside. Then, he told the requirements of this residence.
Compared with the two, they are much the same, but they are much smaller in scale!
Say that finish, after who mowgli and PangYu stood together again, chatting, the specific work, to the mo day brought people to do it.
Mo Tian called the people together, and after a brief explanation, he immediately divided into two teams, one going up the mountain and the other staying at the foot of the mountain.
These monks are obviously experienced in construction. Although Wei Mowgli’s request is a little odd, it is not a big problem for them.
All the people gathered in one place and formed a huge array. Then, one by one, the storage bags spilled in the air, and a fine golden soil leaked down. Under their combined power, they began to merge and solidify in succession. Only in a flash, the three-foot thick foundation, which was like a golden floor, was successfully shaped.
Then, they scattered separately and took out all kinds of colored soil. Most people began to build houses and all kinds of objects in the houses on this foundation. There are also a small number of people who are responsible for the burning of various decorative patterns. In short, everything was in an orderly way and it was completed quickly.
To this, who mowgli nature is particularly satisfied. And aside, see who mowgli show this look PangYu explained, "outside disciple, lack of resources, for them, there is no chance, it is not surprising to stay in a certain level for decades. Therefore, they will spend more time on the skills of ordinary people, so that they may get enough credit through this in a relatively safe situation.
Therefore, except in combat, most of our inner disciples are not as good as them. Although it can’t be said that all the disciples are all-rounders, they are not much different in general. "
"The difference between inside and outside is really like a world of clouds and mud!" Smell so, who mowgli couldn’t help but let out a sigh.
"Brother Wei is right." Pang Yu added, "However, in this case, it is a kind of tempering for both external disciples and internal disciples. Most of the disciples outside the school have poor qualifications, but those who can withstand this kind of tempering and finally stand out and achieve the elixir will achieve Yuan Ying in nine cases out of ten. The inner disciple can also get a warning from it, understand the way to cultivate immortality, check everywhere, and make a mistake in one step, which is the truth in heaven and earth, so as to practice harder and become the outer disciple now. "
Hearing this sentence, Wei Wuji felt in his heart that he should settle down and practice for a while.
Time passed quickly, and soon, more than an hour of kung fu passed. At this time, the two courtyards on the mountain and under the mountain required by Wei Wuji have been completed in order.
The courtyard on the mountain is undoubtedly much smaller. The reason why it was completed at the same time as the big one at the foot of the mountain is that those disciples outside the door want to take the opportunity to enjoy the rich aura here. For their this little mind, who mowgli and PangYu ignored.
Now, their thoughts are all on the house. However, the difference is that Wei Wuji focuses on observing whether there are any unsatisfactory places around the house; Pang Yu, on the other hand, is thinking about what means Wei Wuji will use to make this mud embryo house strong and durable, not afraid of wind and rain.
Obviously, Mo Tian and other disciples are also quite curious about this. Because, he had previously proposed by them, this courtyard for large-scale concrete ofuda blessing, but was refused by Wei Wuji.
Who mowgli is not the suspense, going to the big courtyard at the foot of the mountain, before the finger into steel seal from the storage bag.
Wei mowgli’s mind moved, and the jewel black lotus flew out from the body. He sat on it, wandering around the courtyard, dispatching spiritual power, and chopping out one shining golden light after another by pointing to the ground and turning it into a steel seal. Every golden light in the past, the place where it was concentrated, Fiona Fang dozens of feet, all added a touch of golden color.
Without much effort, Wei Wuji covered the whole courtyard with golden light. The whole courtyard looks particularly resplendent and magnificent. Seeing this scene, those disciples outside the door were dumbfounded, because the original clay material, under their psychic induction, suddenly became a stone-like texture.
Pang Yu is no exception, but his eyesight is much better than those people. He saw that this material is very unusual, and it may not be able to cause any damage to it if it is bombarded with high-order spirit instruments or even top-order spirit instruments. By comparison, the courtyard built by Wei Wuji in more than an hour is much better than they don’t know.
And after a pause PangYu struggled and asked, "Who teacher younger brother use don’t know what kind of treasure? Actually, there is this amazing power of turning soil into gold? "
"The name of this treasure refers to the ground-turned-into-steel seal, which can turn all the earth into wonderful gold, and it is the nemesis of all kinds of earth-based evasive and underground techniques in the world!" Who mowgli don’t hide, direct way.