Qin Chu sighed in my heart, this matter, what should I do? The next morning, in the secret room of San Diego Cathedral, there were hundreds of elemental crystals, big or small, piled on the thick carpet. Although they were different in size, they were of excellent quality.

Qin Chu felt that his heart was a little out of balance. He knew that the temple was in stock, but he didn’t expect that there would be so many goods. More unexpectedly, Anthony said, only a few elemental crystals can be collected overnight, which is so "point" paralyzed, so Anthony said that some can be found. How much should this "find some"? Anthony said, "Time is short, and we can only get a few good quality ones. Come back and get it after some time, and I can get you some more. "
Qin Chu callous nodded, Anthony turned and picked up an ordinary-looking scroll from the table behind him and handed it to Qin Chu. Qin Chu curiously looked at the scroll in his hand and carefully perceived it with Yuan Shen, but he didn’t feel any energy fluctuation.
"What scroll is this?" Qin Chu surprised way.
Anthony deadpans: "It’s not a scroll, it’s a temple document that records the forest of nature. Your fief borders on the forest of nature. This document also records the cultural situation of your fief. You can use it as a reference and have a look for yourself. "
Qin Chu look move. This document must have come from the temple. The temple used to be the enemy of the natural race, so it must know their situation in detail. Although his fief area is vast, it is inaccessible because it is close to the forest of nature. Many good things don’t know where they are, but with this document. Qin Chu had a bottom in his heart.

Chapter 137 Hero wineshop
Tuocheng is a free trade city located at the northern end of Caesar’s empire. Mao is a free trade city because it is a gathering place for adventurers and smugglers. To put it more bluntly, it is a smuggler’s paradise! This area of Qin Chu fief borders on the Rocky Mountains. Most of them are continuous mountains and dense forests, among which there are ten million kinds of rare Warcraft, and there are a lot of rare treasures. Since then, countless adventurers have entered the mountains, and with their own strength, they have obtained high-quality Warcraft leather, and the more precious ones have obtained the core of Warcraft and sold it to the wizards of the Magic Guild at a high price.
Here, as long as you have the strength, as long as you have the courage, as long as you are cautious and diligent, you will always get rich rewards. Sure. Along with the generous remuneration, it is the Qiang insurance that can be seen everywhere. This danger comes not only from fierce beasts, but also from the greed of their partners.
Hero pub, a special pub built of oak, the wine sold here is not sweet wine for nobles to taste, but strong and numbing spirits. However, these spirits are the favorite of the adventurers and the hustlers, because they are cheap enough to eliminate their fatigue.
A young man in gray with simple clothes came over, looking white, for example, more crystal clear than a girl. Black head, neatly behind the head, a pair of eyes closed, giving people a sense of peace.
The youth is Qin Chu. He stood in front of the hero pub. There are many ragged men in front of the door, holding their own weapons and staggering. Many of them were drunk and went out to sleep here.
Qin Chu looked at it, smelling the strong alcohol, and his nose was slightly wrinkled. Through the door, Qin Chu came here to learn more about his fiefs. Yes, Uto City happens to be located within the seal of Qin Chu. Qin Chu has generally turned a circle in his fief, judging from the document Anthony gave himself. This city of Uto is one of the few big towns that have been sealed off by itself. Qin Chu’s fief area is very large, but few people.
People in pubs come from all kinds of places. They all come here for different purposes. No one can know the situation in this area more carefully than these adventurers. Know yourself and know yourself, and you will win every battle. Qin Chu’s idea is to know the specific situation of the fief first, and then draw a conclusion. This fief will be the base of Qin Chu.
Net into the pub, noisy voices let Qin Chu frown. There are all kinds of people inside, drinking wine warmly. Talking about the road to wealth, they are all the most generous men. Of course, after drinking wine, the most favorite thing for generous men is fighting. Qin Chu knew this well, so he stuck to the wall and came to a corner. He didn’t want to attract the attention of others. He came here with only one small purpose, that is, to know what he wanted to know from these people’s mouths.
In the corner, there were some guys who were already drunk, and Qin Chu walked over lightly. Originally just want not to attract the attention of others, Qin Chu unexpectedly, oneself still attracted the attention of you.
The boss next to the bar is a chubby middle-aged man with a juryman face, but his eyes are shining, showing his shrewdness. The boss’s name is Jarvis, and he’s an expert in hiding something wrong.
Although Qin Chu concealed his own breath, he tried his best to make outsiders look like an ordinary person. However, Jarvis is a well-informed person. He can see you for the first time. I’ll know what kind of person you are. Qin Chu after that take the door, Jarvis was eyeing him. See Qin Chu quietly walked into the corner, also didn’t come to the front bar here for some wine, Jarvis will know. Qin Chu is definitely here for the first time.
Jarvis looked at Qin Chu, dressed simply and looked like an ordinary person. However, when ordinary people entered a noisy pub, they did not show any discomfort, but looked indifferent. This is small enough to prove this, the extraordinary thing of young people. But why did he go into that corner? Jarvis’s eyes fell on the drunken people who slept in a mess in the corner, and a strange smile was raised at the corner of his mouth: "Aha, I can assure you that this little friend is definitely not a qualified thief."
Jarvis regarded Qin Chu as a thief who stole other people’s money while they were drunk. Yes Jarvis has his own opinions. There have been countless thefts in the hero pub, and Jarvis witnessed many professional thieves’ methods. They will first dress themselves up as the same people as the drinkers in the restaurant, holding a big bottle of spirits in their hands, getting drunk, staggering and bumping into people. Other people’s money bags were quietly taken away by those thieves when they bumped around here. Then quickly transfer the stolen goods.
Qin Chu is a rookie in Jarvis’s eyes, because Qin Chu’s dress is not popular enough, and he looks white. How can he be a qualified thief? A qualified thief should at least be long enough for the public. Get into the crowd and make it difficult for others to recognize it at a glance.
"Go, give this little rookie a glass of wine." Jarvis chuckled thoughtfully. It’s always boring to watch a bunch of drunks drink here. Jarvis wants to see the excitement, so he has to see Qin Chu, a rookie thief. How to steal. The waiter next to him nodded: "Haha, there is excitement again!" The waiter knows his boss’s personality, and the boss is definitely not shooting at the target. Who can attract the boss’s attention, where can they be ordinary people? The waiter picked up the wine and walked towards Qin Chu in the corner.
"What would you like to drink, sir?" The waiter smiled.
Qin Chu slightly one leng. Scratching his head: "What wine do you have?" By the way, this is a pub. I came by myself. You should buy some wine anyway. Qin Chu didn’t doubt the waiter, just as a normal activity in the pub.
The waiter took out the wine list. Put it in front of Qin Chu: "Sir, there are many kinds of wine in our pub. I wonder what kind of wine your husband likes?" The waiter chuckled and looked at Qin Chu’s reaction. Qin Chu consternation took a look, for the pub, it is not enough to understand. How do you want me to order wine?
"Well, all right, give me a glass of this." Qin Chu doesn’t want to dwell too much on this issue. I quickly glanced at the wine list, and then I saw a poetic name called blue sea and blue sky, so I ordered a drink without hesitation.
"okay. Don’t you want anything else, sir? " The waiter still didn’t leave, or smile in front of Qin Chu asked. For Qin Chu, the waiter also has a strange feeling in his heart. Since his boss looks strange, he must be an interesting guy.
Who is not an adventurer who enters the hero pub? Their clothes, their talk temperament, can make people recognize at a glance that they are adventurers. However, Qin Chu’s performance is really a little different. She is so clean and her skin is white like a sissy. Oh, no, it should be much better than a sissy, because women living in Uto City are not aristocratic ladies in big cities. Noble lady. The women who live here are not noble, but ordinary. Many of them look ordinary, but they are hot-tempered and straightforward.
This has something to do with the city itself. Qin Chu looks, too weak, too different.
"No, a glass of wine is enough. Thank you. " Qin Chu didn’t want to be disturbed, but he couldn’t show it. He just wants to sit here quietly, from the mouth of these drunken adventurers. Get the information you want, that’s all.
The waiter chuckled. Went back with the wine list. Jarvis looked at the wine ordered by Qin Chu, ha ha a smile: "Blue sea and blue sky? This wine is expensive, but it’s not strong liquor. You can add some strong liquor to it later, but don’t let him taste it. Well, after delivering it to him, I saw that he had finished drinking and went to ask for the bill. Hehe, I want to see if he has the money to pay the bill. I hope this rookie. You can start to get your own wine money before you collect the bill, otherwise. I can only use barbaric means to clean him up. "
Jarvis owns a pub, and most of the people who come here to drink are adventurers. Although the adventurer has a rough temper and a savage character. Be extravagant, especially after being drunk. Like to touch, and even break the things in the pub, but Jarvis doesn’t hate them. Jarvis won’t let them compensate for minor damage, and Jarvis will only collect the claim unless the board is dismantled. Of course, ordinary people, also won’t give Jarvis this face, in the hero pub, will be other adventurers, gang up.
Jarvis likes this rough atmosphere. He doesn’t hate thieves, nor does he hate them, but he always doesn’t want thieves to do it under his nose. The appearance of thieves will make adventurers lose their property. Further, the reputation of the hero pub is not good enough. Think about it, once it gets out, some people say. Come on, brother, let’s go to the hero pub for a drink. Another man immediately stopped him. Forget it. There are many thieves in the hero pub. After we go, we may not have any money for drinks. Do you think others will go to the hero pub? All the money made by adventurers is hard-earned money. All this money was transferred with his own life, otherwise he wouldn’t be called an adventurer.
The waiter hey hey grinned. According to the boss’s instructions, half a cup of spirits was mixed in the blue sea and blue sky, and then a strong smell of spices was introduced. Blue sea and blue sky, it looks really good and poetic. But in fact, this wine is only used for pretending. It is made from barley mixed with a grass. The color of wine itself is grass green, because of that grass. Blue sea and blue sky wine itself exudes a strange aroma. However, this does not mean that this wine is.
The waiter brought the wine to Qin Chu: "Please enjoy yourself, sir." With that, the waiter left, leaving Qin Chu alone in the corner with the drunks.
Qin Chu stood his ears and listened to the people around him. Speak the truth after drinking, Qin Chu believes that he can get the information he needs from these people who have drunk a little wine.
"Well, brother, it’s getting harder and harder to buy and sell now. Those" dirty "businessmen are killing people more and more hard now. A medium-quality popular wolf hide, originally forty gold coins, has now been suppressed to 32 pieces. Do you say that you are not embarrassed? "
"Who said not! I heard from a brother that these unscrupulous businessmen, with black hearts, took our skins and sold them to other big cities at three or even four times the price. Think about it, how much can you make in this? . Sometimes I really want to beat them up! "
"Earn so much? Paralytic. The guy who bought my leather goods yesterday told me with a sad face that the goods were sold to other parties. Earn three or four gold coins at most! " That guy was outraged.
"What makes three or four gold coins? I’m telling you, brother, in Uto. Who lives in that luxurious hotel, or is it holding those women around? Who’s all red? Fuck, isn’t that all those businessmen? Can we believe what they say? "
"So make money, why don’t we sell the leather goods to other cities ourselves? Let’s fight for our own lives and earn money. We can’t just take advantage of these bastards. "
"Yes, you can’t. There’s no one above us. If we sell leather goods. I’m sure I’ll be tortured to death by the officers and men at those checkpoints. This road is not so easy. " Qin Chu listened to the in the mind know some, his fief here, because of the terrain environment, many people come back here to hunt Warcraft, get fur sales. As for the kernel of Warcraft, it is something that only high-level Warcraft can have, and which high-level Warcraft is not very dangerous? Who will take the risk to hunt unless they are strong people? Therefore, the general adventurers, are aimed at those popular wolves and other low-level Warcraft laid hands on him.
Qin Chu continued to listen to others discuss things here. However, to his disappointment, many people are complaining that life is not easy, and some brag about their past adventures; What’s more, I’ve already started to wrench my wrist there. However, from the mouth of these people, Qin Chu still got the news he wanted in general. First of all, there are many adventurers here, and most of them go into the mountains to hunt Warcraft. In other words, there are many Warcraft here. Since there are many Warcraft, if there is no guarantee of safety, then few people will settle down. Who wants to be eaten by wild animals that come out of the mountains when they live here and sleep in the middle of the night?
Secondly, I learned from their mouths that on the north side of the fief, it is the forest of nature. The terrain there is gentle, the soil is fertile, and there are no dangerous wild animals. Because it is close to the forest of nature, most people will not go there. Because natural people will cruise in the forest of nature, once human beings are present, under normal circumstances. Will not leave anyone alive. They will execute those who offend the forest of nature in the most cruel way. Qin Chu smiled. This kind of news is usually made up by people. However, the plain area in the middle of the fief is indeed fertile, but few people dare to go there for farming. The reason is still the same, that is, security is not guaranteed.
It’s not that there is no security in the plains, but the process of crossing the mountains outside, and there is no security. Most of the people who can cultivate in the middle and low are ordinary farmers. Which one is a master of profound cultivation? Therefore, ordinary farmers will not risk moving to the central part of the country.
"Octavian is obviously perfunctory me! Want to give me such a region as my fief.
He also pretended to be generous, saying that taxes were not collected in the first few years, and then taxes were relatively small. Here, besides making profits from these businessmen and adventurers, what other ways are there to make profits? "Qin Chu heart andao.
Octavian didn’t want to give Qin Chu fief at all. The reason why he gave it to Qin Chu was just because of Anthony’s face. But these problems, for Qin Chu, are nothing. He doesn’t need any wealth. The so-called money is just currency used to buy what you need, but what Qin Chu needs is generally not something that money can buy. Therefore, money is nothing to Qin Chu. Besides, is Qin Chu short of money? He now has the materials to make amethyst coins. As long as he is willing, he can make a lot of coins he needs in a very short time.
We are not short of money!
"Well, just these days, find a good place with four knives. Take over the people from the Naman tribe. " Qin Chu heart dark jilt adventurers went deep into the mountains, for many things in the mountains, are very understanding. Especially some mineral deposits and the like. Because many people are already here in the mountains, lynching iron mines and so on.
It is imperative for the Naman tribe to leave southern Xinjiang. Qin Chu is worried that if we delay any longer, the Naman tribe will be invaded by the sea clan. However, before he left, Qin Chu left Grimm with the communication symbol and the space coordinate disk, as long as the Ranman tribe met Jia Xian. You can tell Qin Chu through the communication symbol. Qin Chu can be transmitted directly to the tribes in southern Xinjiang through the transmission scroll in an instant.
Qin Chu has inquired about it. Seeing that you stay like this, there will be no other gains. And for the smelly wine in the pub, it is really disgusting. Qin Chu was ready to leave. At this time, the waiter in the pub leaned in and smiled: "Guest, thank you for your patronage. Your drink is a gold coin."
The cost of a gold coin for wine is already very high. The price of blue sea and blue sky is not worth it, but Jarvis just wants to embarrass Qin Chu. In Jarvis’s eyes, Qin Chu is a thief. Don’t embarrass him. Who? He must be taught that the hero pub is not a place to steal.
Qin Chu, however, nodded. He had no idea about money at all. Touched from the bosom, there is not a gold coin, which is full of amethyst coins. Qin Chu took out an amethyst coin and handed it to the waiter: "Well, the money for the wine."
The waiter’s eyes opened instantly, boss, amethyst coin? Jarvis, who was far away at the bar, didn’t see what was happening here, but he was slightly surprised to see the bartender’s face full of surprise. The waiter froze for a moment, then came to his senses and took a deep look at Qin Chu. Why: "Guest, don’t you have change for a gold coin?"
Qin Chu wry smile slightly, a amethyst coin is ten thousand pieces of gold coins, looking for the lead, there is really enough trouble. Qin Chu said, "I’ll look again." Qin Chu took out his purse, opened his pocket and took out all the coins inside. Sparse inside hua, after the ringing sound, Qin Chu hand appeared a small pile of amethyst coins. Under the sunlight coming from the cracks in the wall, the purple color shines in the hero pub. This is the characteristic of amethyst, which will produce unique purple under the sunshine.
Immediately, the voice of the hero’s tavern dropped a few minutes, and the people next to Qin Chu stared at the amethyst coins in Qin Chu’s hand, which were at least thirty or forty pieces. Crystal clear amethyst coins give off their own power, making all drunken people feel awake instantly. Greed, surprise, envy and so on. Jarvis also surprised, this is called young people so have?
"Sorry,no." Qin Chu disrespectful way. The waiter nodded: "Then wait a moment, guest." Qin Chu nodded, and the waiter took the amethyst coin to the bar. Jarvis looked weird, twisted for a moment, and then said, "Is this guy looking for trouble on purpose? Who the fuck drinks without change? Ten thousand gold coins! " The whole. The change of gold coins in the hero pub adds up to only a few hundred gold coins.