"Infinite Buddha, a Taoist friend, handed over the soul of the monk. This monk killed hundreds of millions of people in the Bishui Dynasty, but he practiced Buddhism with their grievances. It is really hateful. Being original is a moral man. He walked on the earth for justice all his life and eradicated many monsters. Now he has met such a monk, and of course he can’t let go." Wang Guang rolled his eyes, sneered and stepped forward again and again and said, "I think Daoyou was blinded by this demon monk. Why don’t you throw him away quickly?" Said behind, wang guang voice fierce big a lot.

"Ha ha friends don’t want to show the benefits of your breath, you and I are not fools, don’t say what a moral man, an army of justice. If you want to kill my younger brother today, I won’t let you kill him. " Three golden bodies speak at the same time. "My younger brother has a master, but he has repaired the existence of Luo Han Guo. If you kill him, his master will definitely deal with you personally. At that time, I might as well let me kill you."
"It’s ridiculous that a little arhat can come to clean up the poor road next time. It’s really funny that if the garbage dares to come down, the poor road will dare to kill him." When Wang Guang saw these three golden bodies’ rhetoric, he knew that today’s things were bad and broken. He shook his head, and a Taoist priest wearing a green cassock came out from behind. This man is the Yuan God he cultivated.
I saw this man carrying a handful of dust and taking a step forward to kill the golden body with superhuman powers. While Wang Guangze threw red sand bursts of figure, all of a sudden to cover up Fiona Fang thyme.
The three golden bodies were originally transformed by one person. When they saw the sudden changes in their surroundings, they knew that they had fallen into other people’s law space. The three-headed and six-armed golden body stopped Wang Guang’s Yuan God, while the golden body with dozens of arms sat cross-legged on the ground and recited the invisible sword, releasing the boundless golden light in his hand to resist ShaQi and red sand grinding. The normal golden body walked step by step towards Wang Guang with a mord, saying that he would fight with him.
This golden-body monk is very lively, and a cloud of auspicious clouds emerges from his head. Dozens of precious images such as wreaths, pearls, precious stones and sandalwood hang down from the auspicious clouds to protect him. Every step of the way, lotus flowers are born out of thin air, which protects him from the attack of Shaqi red sand.
"Brother, leave this array space quickly. This space is extremely dangerous. The longer it takes, the worse it will be for us." The smiling face and soul of the monk attached to the invisible sword anxiously told his brother Jin Chan about his information.
"Noisy tongue, my younger brother is still keeping his soul warm in the flying sword. After you go back, your soul is too badly damaged to be fully resurrected." The golden Buddha with dozens of arms has a strange nature and is very dissatisfied with his younger brother. If the other teacher hadn’t given him an order through the secret method, he wouldn’t have come to take care of this younger brother at all.
On the one hand, I am jealous of his benefits as a son of fate, on the other hand, I despise his behavior as a younger brother.
We should know that in ancient times, Buddhism paid attention to compassion, and we could not kill without killing; It is said that saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda; What I do is to put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha.
But he, a younger brother, relied on his own luck and was sheltered by his master. He did nothing but burn, kill and rob people. When he saw that people had a good magic weapon, he went up and said a lot of twisted truths and robbed them. Don’t go to help someone who is injured, as long as he doesn’t belong to his own clan or is good for himself, it’s good that he can not fall when he is down.
What makes his brother look down on the smiling face monk is that the smiling face monk relies on his identity on weekdays, not only does he not look at his brother, but constantly searches for his brother’s things.
Think of him as a generation of elders of Buddhism in ancient times, but this smiling monk made no magic weapon, and even some rare materials were taken away by the smiling monk for others to use.
In the face of this younger brother, he really hates a lot, but today he has to come to save each other, so he is dissatisfied and speaks rudely.
"Good brother, you should talk to me like this. Do you think that the master is soaring, and you feel that no one cares about you? When I get back, I’m not only going to tell the patriarch about you, but I’m also going to talk to the master about today’s events when I fly up in the future. " The smiling monk pointed to his brother and shouted sharply, "Kill that demon road quickly. He is my array treasure. When I show it to Brother Jinguan, I think he will be very happy. "
"Brother Maitreya has a good relationship with that boy. This fairy tale must be quite good for you, too?" The golden body with many arms narrowed his eyes and bowed his head to ask his younger brother.
"Ha ha that is, of course, my treatment in fairy inverse cases is several times better than that of the sons of their own destiny, and they will give whatever they want. My brother Jinguan even gave me more than a dozen thunderbolts refined by his ancestors. And I also gave them the refining method of the invisible sword in exchange. They thought I suffered a loss and found me a lot of magic pills to make compensation. " Speaking of his pride, the young monk with only his soul left burst out laughing: "It’s a pity that I don’t care about those pills and magic weapons. Except for a few precious ones, I left them to others in Xianinverse Sect. After all, they are so pitiful that they don’t even have a few magic weapons to get on the table. "
"Be good, good teacher younger brother, what you have done." After listening to his teacher younger brother’s words, the golden body was so hung that no old blood gushed out. "My ancient Buddhism declined, and the magic weapon among Zongmen was scarce. Dan medicine was even rarer. You gave all the good things to Xianinverse Sect, and left all my ancient Buddhism aside. It was really good that Zongmen used all the good things collected for thousands of years to train you. In the end, you searched the things in Zongmen to get along with Xianinverse Sect and left me to one side. Hey, hey, your master has become a Luo Han Guo, but Buddha, I still don’t want you to live as a black sheep today. In the future, after you take charge of the clan gate, you will merge the clan gate into the immortal Sect. " The monk Jin Chan pondered for a long time with a gloomy face, but at that time he couldn’t really make up his mind.
Just as the monk Jin Chan hesitated, the soul hidden in the invisible sword suddenly spoke again: "Brother, I helped Brother Jin Guan escape this time, and I think he will definitely call people to save me. As long as you get out of his array space quickly, you will be able to slay this demon here with the help of Brother Jin Guan."
"too." The three minds and minds of the monk Jin Chan are interlinked, all of which are differentiated from the same ontology. After his younger brother said this, they all made the final decision.
I saw the golden body with dozens of arms suddenly gave up its defense, jumped up with the invisible sword and attacked Wang Guangwei. "Demon Road, today is your death day. If you surrender quickly, I’m afraid Buddha will let you go again." Then he joined forces with another golden body to kill Wang Guang.
After dozens of rounds of fighting between the two sides, the three golden bodies shouted, saying that they could not resist Wang Guang’s ferocity and turned to escape.
Wang Guang was originally beaten by these three golden bodies, but he was unable to fight back. When he was thinking of using the dream-falling technique to catch these golden bodies, he didn’t expect them to turn and run away. This slightly one leng, the three golden body abruptly tore the law space and jumped out from the inside.
The last golden body with dozens of arms just tore the array space when a red sand hit him. Even if there was red sand hitting him before, the red sand would be resisted by the Buddha’s light on his body in an instant, but now it is hit by the red sand, and only the golden body can’t stand up on the ground, and the invisible sword in his hand also falls to the ground.
"Taoist friends are really a good means. Buddha, I give up. Next time I meet you, I will be blamed for being ruthless." The mutilated golden body struggled several times to catch the invisible sword, but in the end, before he touched the invisible sword, it was eroded by endless ShaQi.
Looking at the invisible sword that kept struggling and moaning on the ground, Wang Guang paused a little and then laughed strangely. This fellow is also a wise man. He guessed in an instant that the other party was so sasuke just now, and I’m afraid he wanted to be impeded and use his hand to kill the soul contained in the invisible sword.
"Haha, you can send a pillow when you are sleepy. It’s really interesting." Wang Guang doesn’t care whether the other party uses himself or not. He just knows that he must kill the soul hidden in this invisible sword. Therefore, it is also unscrupulous about how to kill each other.
A cloud of smoke gushed out from the mouth and rolled the invisible sword into the dream world of then. The invisible sword rolled and struggled in the smoke, but it could not escape. After staying in the dream world of then, Wang Guang directly suppressed him under a city, and let hundreds of thousands of creatures in that city think to suppress him. And the practitioners who he first got into this dream world of then were also suppressed by him with the city.
It’s not that Yaodao doesn’t want to kill them, but he wants to suppress the fate in his dream world with the help of these people’s fate. It’s just that these people have just suppressed the dream world of then for a short time, so they haven’t seen any effect yet.
The powerful mind is suspended in the dream world of then, and Wang Guang’s ontology is transformed.
A giant with a height of more than 20 feet is suspended in the air, and thousands of dream creatures fall down on the ground to worship, saying that there are gods of heaven and earth and ancient gods and men.
With the worship of these creatures, Wang Guang not only felt that the speed of transforming aura into mana was accelerated, but also the dream world was slowly consolidated.
After watching it a little, the six masters of Yuan God suppressed it under those cities, although it took up the mana he looked at, but it did not bring him a fundamental impact. Under the rotation of Wang Guang’s mind, the power of this dream world is constantly polishing the mana of these people. To prevent them from coming out and destroying the world.
Seeing that everything was safe in then, Demon Road couldn’t stay here any longer, so he turned around and pulled his mind out of then. Then jump out of the red sand array and put this array away.
"The so-called golden road flyover also can’t let go, being original don’t believe his reinforcements will arrive so quickly. I don’t believe that he has any secret method to escape thousands of miles in an instant. " Wang Guang is thinking with a grimace of a grin. His five-element escape technique was handed down from the great beings in ancient times, and even in ancient times, there was not much power to practice it. That’s why I have the confidence to go after each other.
After receiving the red sand bursts, this fellow turned into a mass of green phosphorus fire and chased it in the direction of the Chinese-style chest covering practitioner’s escape. Whistling all the way, the monster beast creatures who are close to each other are directly stunned by the roar generated by this escape technique, and what’s more, they are directly shocked by the soul turmoil, and they can’t stand up anymore.
Running all the way more than half an hour, along the way, Wang Guang is constantly releasing green phosphorus fire to look around for the trace of the Chinese-style chest covering trainer, but it takes a lot of mind, but nothing has been gained.
It is said that Wang Guang had just released a mass of green phosphorus fire to search around for the Chinese-style chest covering trainer, when a yellow sword light flew from a distance.
The light of this sword is majestic, and it grows more and more tens of feet, and the firm but gentle is raging, and the momentum is very huge from afar.
"Stop it at once, don’t do that killing again." This sword light is separated from the left and right, and an old man with a gray beard jumps out from the inside.