Chapter 42 Dead bodies die unsatisfied!

"You this stinking kid exactly what position? Want to die? Dare to provoke your ancestors! " Does the dark green dragon really stink? It will be pleasing to the eye and refreshing to smell fresh and natural, okay? Ma Sanzhi said the grapes were sour if he couldn’t eat them! If you can’t beat the dragon, you will say that people stink! This guy can’t spit ivory out of his dog’s mouth. It’s otherness! He tugged at the dragon’s body, trying to tear it in two, and at the same time, his feet flew and kicked him, and he attacked the spectre! In the tearing confrontation, Ma Sanzhi found that this dark green dragon was not poisonous, which reassured him a lot! He often sparring with two highly toxic green dumplings, and he is very sensitive and accurate in judging whether organisms are poisonous or not.
The war was extremely fierce, and the evil wind howled, killing the sky and the moon!
"Can’t look down upon this help stinking war spirit, one of them is a beautiful wild monster. Those who can leave residual thoughts thousands of years ago are extraordinary today! It is only after their Yuan God is strong enough to fall that it is possible to leave some broken spiritual fragments! These remnants grew up again because of the great opportunity in this big cave and evolved into this nondescript soul! Perhaps it is a strong man who perseveres in cultivation of immortals who deliberately made them immortal for thousands of years and still maintain terrible fighting power today! They are powerful, there is nothing wrong with them, they seem invincible, but they are not discouraged. These guys used to be peerless monsters in the past, but now they are not dull-witted, and they have a fighting ability left! It’s always a little dull! Fighting a protracted war with them is not as difficult as imagined! It’s really not that bad! " Ma Sanzhi kept worrying in his heart, secretly waking himself up and not forgetting to cheer for himself!
"That dragon is really dragon!" Suddenly Ma Sanzhi was very surprised and stared at the dark green dragon fighting with himself, showing shock.
"No, it’s really the dragon? Thousands of years ago, there was a dragon more than terror! Next to dozens of sacred and inviolable real dragons’ nests, it lurks in the cliff and specializes in sharing the real dragons, attracting the essence of heaven and earth to practice by itself! In the end, I grew up strong and then I was reimbursed here! " Ma Sanzhi remembered that Master had told an ancient story! How did these animism change into a seemingly immortal spirit, but after all, forgot the past. Is it meaningful for the remaining battles to live like this? They are still exactly the same as the species when they were alive. Maybe someone deliberately guided them to do that? What is this big cave? It must be an indomitable spirit to cultivate immortality! Ordinary strong people can’t make such a profound and unfathomable hole! Then what did he decorate? Is it arranged to play and practice your own strength? It’s like sparring with two poisonous dragons?
Now that almost all the weak enemies have been killed, Ma Sanzhi recognized many of the top strong! Their lingering thoughts have turned into ecstasy, including hydra spirit, platinum tiger king, bronze rib and iron bone stone man, banyan demon, powerful celestial phenomena, half-human and half-stinging wild monsters, king kong toad, dark bull monster, gray spirit foot and dog, which are famous in ancient times.
And this dark green dragon, described in the serious history of ordinary people, once swept across the world for nine days and ten places, and a rare opponent died a long time ago. No!
Ma Sanzhi’s eyebrows are cracked, and the word "human" marks a bloody and bloody scar! He finally killed the dark green dragon! His dragon king tattoo divides the spiritual field and he is competing with it for real combat effectiveness! After all, the dragon is not an entity, has no physical body to rely on, and is composed of spiritual knowledge and spiritual power! No, it’s a little dull! Once sweeping the sky, the powerful once unfathomable dark green dragon was once again stunned. It was torn off by Ma Sanzhi’s overbearing brute force and then exploded into several pieces. Maybe this dark green dragon can reunite the spirit again after the years of this big cave! I don’t know if I can meet Ma Sanzhi again!
For a moment, Ma Sanzhi felt refreshed. This dragon is too powerful and terrible. It is a natural treasure to make Ma Sanzhi’s head shine, dazzling and colorful! He’s even more obsessed with villains!
Ma Sanzhi fought in and out. I don’t know how many fighting spirits have been solved. It’s definitely a killing god. Even those fighting spirits were killed with some trepidation, but they just fought to the death without the slightest retreat!
In this process, Ma Sanzhi became more and more brave in the Vietnam War, more and more crazy, and his knowledge was constantly nourished and grew up. The small and medium-sized people became stronger step by step, and the harvest was good!
"bang!" He made another move with Scorpio, whose tail was broken, and fought against an elephant one after another, and also made a desperate fight with the giant pangolin. The life-and-death fight was very fierce.
In the battle, Ma Sanzhi was also covered with a layer of the holy light of the dragon king’s tattoo, which was bright and holy like a sacred and pure disk.
"Boom!" He drank a lot of colorful clothes and rushed up a lot of mysterious spirit, stretched out his left hand, pulled Scorpio closer to himself, and then the dragon king tattoo on his right hand tightened and exploded Scorpio, which was the end of Ma Sanzhi’s soul! Scorpio finally realized his dream of being a turtle king egg! Ma Sanzhi is really a good boy who keeps his word! Scorpio should thank him well!
Ma Sanzhi absorbed too much spirit in this fierce battle! He vaguely felt that he couldn’t absorb it, otherwise he would not be able to accept it. Maybe his little head would explode! There are still dozens of Zen spirits left, all of which are more powerful! This big cave has not come to an end yet. I don’t know how many kilometers we can go deep into it. I don’t know what natural resources and treasures are in it! Ma Sanzhi can’t take care of so much, and he will retreat slowly from the cave and retreat to the mouth of the cave! The war spirits didn’t follow. Maybe they wish Ma Sanzhi would get out of here.
It’s hard not to get his attention when I retreat to the area covered with red blood and see a fresh blood with a strong smell of blood! Ma Sanzhi carefully observed and suspected that it was the blood of the three lion kings. Is it really it? So what did it die of? Was it killed by those fighting spirits? Where was it killed? Why haven’t you seen any signs of fighting all the way? Strange! When I retreated to the paved area of the skeleton, I saw a fresh skeleton, which is the lion king’s certainty! It turns out that the big fat lion king is finished, whatever it is!
Three days later, Ma Sanzhi was absorbed again after digesting those spirits! I took Master and Dailai to think about continuing to explore this big cave, but I couldn’t find anything, which made the three of them very unhappy and tried hard to trace it for a long time, but they still came back! This big cave seems to have a vast edge. If you say nothing, you will have nothing. Even that place where Ma Sanzhi fought with the three lion king has disappeared! Ma Sanzhi went home and moved a lot of luggage and food. After searching hard for a month, he still couldn’t find the cave with a natural talent. It was so depressing!
Ma Sanzhi angrily came to a conclusion: "Don’t look for this big cave, it is a giant comparable to heaven and earth! He can run with hands and feet! He ate and shit too much. He must have taken a dump in a hidden corner! Maybe they all fell into the toilet and drowned Damn it! "
Ma Sanzhi’s spirit has been changing these days, and swallowing so much spirit has unimaginable benefits! His eyes can change color at will. It’s amazing! It can change into birds, animals, flowers and trees. The vagaries of these ghosts and gods are all due to his strong spirit and flexibility!
Seeing Ma Sanzhi’s eyes turned golden as soon as he saw them, just like two gold ingots shining golden! If the miser sees this golden eyeball, he must try his best to dig it out, regardless of his life or death!
Once again, it turned into a bright green eyeball, turning around like two green elves dancing gracefully, dreaming as if it were true or false!
Suddenly, there was another amazing change. I saw one Dapeng bird in his eyes! The purple-striped Dapeng bird turns into a flame with a slight wing and flies away and disappears into the sky in the blink of an eye! Then the second dark black Dapeng bird turned into a brilliant black flash and cut long; Then there was the third blood-red Dapeng bird, which just appeared in Ma Sanzhi’s eyes, and it didn’t take long for it to explode and red fireworks floated around! Eyes suddenly exploded? Scare the hell out of someone! Isn’t that blind? Don’t worry, people can’t die, and that bastard can’t be blind.
This guy is having a great time in this new way of playing. He is in high spirits, jumping for joy and dancing. The master beside him was too frightened to watch this terrible scene again for fear that he would have nightmares at the party!
Then in his eyes, there appeared a high eagle palm-sized elephant, a tiger that can break the sky and crack the earth, and a boa constrictor that can swallow the sun and the moon. Okumo is half-man, half-pig, half-man, half-pig, head-man, smug, little mouse, spooky, zombie, can eat, drink, be merry, willow, goblin, incarnation, big beauty, viper, goblin, MengMeng, lovely child, beautiful girl, beautiful little sister, and I’m the
Wait, you can see everything in the world from his eyes! If he wants something he likes, it can be turned into a dream in his eyes at will, as if it were true or false!
After studying hard for more than three months, Ma Sanzhi’s spirit should really reach the realm of unpredictable ghosts and gods! When you come to the enemy, you will be able to prevent it. It’s weird and unpredictable! Just look at that unlucky enemy who will win the grand prize! He will attack many enemies in the future with his spirit, and he will be frightened out of his wits. The weight must be that the dead body is buried dead!
Light must be scared out of my wits; The weight must be that the dead body is buried dead!
Chapter 43 Humans are our food of Warcraft
On this day, Ma Sanzhi, a hunting horse, found a young cat, whose body was covered with dazzling stripes, purple and red, and when it stood still, it was like a bunch of violets. This is rare and rare. A rare cat must have inherited the true blood from an ancient fierce cat and had a stronger mutation. If it is raised, it will be a very powerful guardian, and its future will be priceless!
Ma Sanzhi picks up a small stone from the ground and will shoot it and stun it!
"You want to hurt me?" For the first time, the kitten got angry, stood up and stared at Ma Sanzhi, and even spoke out.
The small stone turned into a cold light and flew out, making a whining wind. The strong wind jumped on the kitten like a ghost crying wolf, trying to catch it after shooting!
"David Tang" A young cat jumped on the purple palm and took a stone to shock the flying horse. The three wits were taken aback. This little guy was so fast that Ling jumped and stopped such a powerful blow.
"Why are you so fierce and want to hurt me!" The kitten is angry and her eyes are round.
Ma Sanzhi said, "Would you like to follow me? If a monster like you is met by a strong human being, it will be kind to you!"
The kitten doesn’t say a word, her eyebrows stand upright, her eyes are sharp, and her face is cold and smiling. It’s very human!
"Don’t blame me for my cat’s paw!" The kitten said indifferently that this expression is not quite consistent with its strange age.
"Do you want to go also can’t walk don’t stop to see what I accept you! You’re still crazy and have a personality. I like it! Ha, ha, ha, "Ma Sanzhi quipped, picking up the stone again and aiming at the stone in front of him. Ma Sanzhi is afraid of killing it, but he will reduce his strength a lot. After all, there is no dragon king tattoo, not to kill it but to capture it alive!
Young cats know human nature very well, and besides talking, they are not as intelligent as human beings. They have already understood what will happen in front of them and are very angry.
The kitten jumped up and blocked the sound of the stone. "This is my territory. You are an aggressor!" "
"Don’t talk so ugly about aggression and non-aggression! You’re just in a temper! Then I’ll compete with you and let you have a look at my true story so that you can feel it! " Ma Sanzhi responded that he didn’t want to get burned!
The kitten wagged its paws on the ground to suppress the anger. The situation at hand is critical. This person may be terrible.
Ma Sanzhi suddenly throws a stone dart and shoots a dart, one after another, cold light and dazzling Gangfeng roared and flew to the little kitten, darting darts accurately.
Young cats are on strict guard to stop them quickly, but there are too many darts to stop them.
For a moment, sparks flying darts shot at the kitten and made a "clang" sound like a hard impact of metal! The impact is so loud that it can be seen that the darts are very powerful, and the kitten’s defense is also very strong!
The kitten meows, meows, vibrates and slaps the darts with four hands. Although it is protected by hard fur, it is still injured. Blood drips and purple hair falls off several pieces.
The kitten whined and blood splashed. "The kitten is so weak?" Ma Sanzhi doesn’t quite believe it.
"Don’t push me!" Suddenly the kitten said such a thing! What other cards does this little kitten hide?
"What if I force you?" Ma Sanzhi’s provocation is really not afraid of this little guy!
A cold awn flew in and Ma Sanzhi threw darts at its throat. The rapid and terrible "whoops" cut through and hit its throat! Isn’t Ma Sanzhi afraid to kill it?
The kitten moved simply, rudely, cleanly, steadily and accurately, and "bang" grabbed the cold light frightening darts one by one, and then threw the cold mans and big darts upside down to Ma Sanzhi. At the same time, the kitten jumped more than 20 meters and swooped down like a dragon, small in size but powerful in breath.
The kitten broke out and took the initiative to attack Ma Sanzhi!
"Have been waiting for you! Look what I’ve got for you! Goblin, have you gone against the sky? Be my pet! " Ma Sanzhi’s fighting spirit is high and he secretly likes kittens. It’s really something.
Ma Sanzhi throws stones and darts to show his strong and overbearing body, such as killing the gods forever. He is flexible and maneuverable, just like an ape with an arm and a foot moving more than ten meters away, and then the runes on his arms flash and the dragon king’s tattoo lights up quickly!
"One-inch, you don’t know that there are people outside the mountain who live in the mountains. Now let you have a look at human power! Follow me is your greatest blessing in this life! " Ma Sanzhi doesn’t forget time induction!
When the dragon king’s tattoo on his body was completely lit up, he rushed to the kitten with fear. It had to fight with absolute strength to suppress it and burst into shocking speed. The kitten was speechless and her eyes were cold as a sword, and she was about to touch it. The body burst into purple and dazzling light, and the divine power spurted and condensed claws!
One man, one cat and a half hit each other and made a loud noise. The volcano suddenly erupted! The kitten groaned in pain, and the whole little figure flew up, and its claws were completely cracked and bloody, and it kept convulsing.
At the key moment, a string of too-empty inscriptions glowed and four ferocious tiger kings surrounded it with four claws!
The kitten flew out 45 meters away, planted it on the ground, and then rolled out a few meters away before stopping to stabilize itself.
In an instant, the scene was completely silent and the needles could be heard. The kittens were stunned and never expected such a result. It was just a fight and they were blown away!
The kitten is very uncomfortable, violent and fierce, and murderous!