Kang Peng shook his head and tried to shake himself off from the obsession with womanhood. He already had so many wives, and he was so old that he wanted to try something early. Just go secretly as before. Forget it. Don’t harm these innocent girls again. Thought of this, Kang Peng nodded, "Don’t bother. You are old and don’t want to expose your identity." I don’t know whether it is intentional or intentional. Kang Peng said the word "old" very seriously.

Kang Peng turned to Qiao Xuan and said to him, "Qiao Gong and take your love back to the inn to have a rest. Another day, the old man will meet Qiao Gong alone to discuss Qiao Gong’s jewelry store in Chang ‘an." Kang Peng took a fuels at Qiao Jia’s father and daughter, and "Old man will be leaving now."
Kang Peng also waited for Qiao Xuan’s father and daughter to talk, surrounded by a group of guards, and turned to walk, only to find that someone suddenly shouted "Dong, a surname, forget it?" At least let the person who dares to hit you pay for your daughter! " Aroused a burst of laughter from Chang ‘an people. From later generations, Kang Peng has always been rude about what is wrong. He doesn’t care where he treats Chang ‘an people. He can speak freely and scold the emperor without worrying about being convicted.
Hearing this, Qiao Xuanqing’s thin face laughed into a flower, and Xiao Qiao was so angry that he swore, but Da Qiao was so ashamed that he couldn’t find a crack in the ground to drill in, and his face was as thick as the corner of the city wall. Kang Peng’s face also had some fever and waved, "What should you do if you don’t talk nonsense? Otherwise, don’t expect the old man to help you when you are hungry in the future."
Who knows that Kang Peng’s cover-up words actually caused a burst of laughter. The crowd of people shouted, "Don’t pretend that you have a dozen wives. Do you care about two more?" "A surname will ignore us? Will watch us starve to death? I don’t believe it first? " "A surname, please ask them to be mistresses. You can give us an extra penny to support them …" "A surname, I’ve been following you from Luoyang to Chang ‘an. Do you like beauty or not? When we don’t know …"
Laughing and laughing, Chang ‘an people still love this ugly-looking, kind-hearted Dong Taishi, who has dispersed to go about their lives. Dong Zhuo Qinbing also surrounded Kang Peng and roared off, leaving three people, Qiao’s father and daughter, alone there.
Shopping with Qiao’s sisters was delayed for a while. When Kang Peng got home, it was already evening. Jia Xu, Lu Su and others had been waiting in his house for a long time. As Kang Peng expected, Cai Wenji was waiting for his return at the gate with his almost full-year-old child. She should have waited for a long time to see Cai Wenji’s tired look.
Kang Peng feels guilty. Although Cai Wenji is eccentric and has done a lot of wrong things, she is indeed the only one who truly loves a woman. Recently, she went to the factory more than 20 miles away three times a day to deliver meals to herself. It is conceivable that today she almost wants to have sex again, which makes her sad.
Kang Peng greeted him and said, "Madam, it’s so windy outside. Why did you come out again?" Kang Peng asked these words. He felt guilty. Before he cheated, he used to dress up in the street. Now it’s fascinating. Without makeup, he took Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao through the streets. The news will never reach Cai Wenji’s ears.
See Kang Peng come back to Cai Wenji some emaciated Qiao face show a happy look "Sir, it’s good that you come back. I heard that you have already returned to Chang ‘an, but you haven’t been waiting for you at home."
Cai Wenji’s words made Kang Peng even more sorry to take over Dong Pengqin’s "Mrs. Xiang was delayed by one thing in Lu Yu", and Kang Peng took Cai Wenji into the account of meeting Qiao’s sisters on the road. Cai Wenji was sad to know in the future.
Cai Wenji listened quietly and she chuckled, "Just be honest outside, Jia Junshi. They will wait for you for a long time and go to handle business." Cai Wenji smiled again. "I can’t believe that you are still a handsome boy in the heart of Jiangnan girls. I will be more careful when you go to Jiangnan in the future."
Cai Wenji was so reasonable, and Kang Peng was not touched by some accidents. He grabbed Cai Wenji’s little hand and kissed me. "Good night, wait for me in the room, and I’ll find you." Cai Wenji’s face was fast-flushers, and he gave him a "quick go. It’s important."
After Kang Peng left Cai Wenji, a few little girls suddenly rushed out of the concierge behind him. It was Cai Wenji who helped the little footmen. Sun Shangxiang asked angrily, "Sister, why don’t you teach a bad surname? He’s been shopping with two foxes all over Chang ‘an. Do you still want the bad teacher to get more concubines? "
Cai Wenji shook his head. "Sweet son, if he hadn’t brought those foxes home and confessed to him and the two foxes, it would prove that he was really important and didn’t hit the two foxes. If you force him to force him to be stubborn again, it would be like a fox named Gan."
Jia Xu, Marotta and Lu Su, a bunch of counselors, waited for Kang Peng in Dong Zhuo’s room for a long time, and saw Kang Peng coming in to salute Kang Peng. Kang Peng waved his hand and said, "Haven’t you eaten yet? Ask someone to get some wine and rice. Let’s talk over dinner. "
Soon Dong Fu servants sent a table of exquisite dining tables and then quietly retired to Kang Peng. They called all the counselors to sit down. Jia Xu and others knew that Kang Peng didn’t like being polite. They were all accustomed to Dong Fu casually and didn’t help the servants to gobble up their food. After the fire was slightly suppressed, Lu Su reported the trip results to Kang Peng.
"When Su left Jiujiang, Sun Jian personally led the fleet to the Tiger Forest to support Yuan Shu, and the materials were also sent to Yuan Shujun. It is estimated that Yuan Shu can last until the winter. If Sun Jian secretly supports an Yuan Shu until next year, it is no problem. Our strategy of encircling the Central Plains has succeeded in the first step." Lu Su sighed and said, "It’s a pity that Lu Su failed to persuade Zhou Yu to come to Chang ‘an to take refuge in a surname, and that Pang Tong Pang Shiyuan didn’t find a surname to be punished."
Kang Peng chewed and vaguely said, "If you don’t want Qiao’s father and daughter in the hands of the old man, you won’t be afraid that Zhou Yu won’t be obedient to that Pang Tong. It’s not surprising that you can’t find him now." Kang Peng added, "Xianjia Jinggang returned to Chang ‘an and you introduced the governors and our situation to everyone to discuss our one-step strategy."
Marotta said while eating with his mouth full of oil, "Luoyang’s father-in-law paid tribute to the God of the Han Dynasty. The court has not germinated today, and people are in a panic. Everyone thinks that this is a sign that the Han Dynasty will die, especially those stubborn old people who go to plant the land of the God of auspicious every day to cry and beg those who have been steamed and germinated. The economy of Luoyang people continues to deteriorate. Because the autumn grain has not been harvested and the war has ended, Luoyang princes can cut off their trade by gold and old money. We exchange grain to maintain the roots and raise the army, and Luoyang court can let us cut off grain in one month. Luoyang
Kang Peng shook his head and said, "The lean camel is bigger than the horse. Although the economy of Luoyang citizens has been completely destroyed, there are still some gold in the hands of the gentry and a large number of hidden gold in the imperial court. If we want to control the economy and win Luoyang without fighting, we must try to get these gold."
Marotta said, "Father-in-law, you said there was still a large amount of hidden gold in the hands of the imperial court. Why didn’t I know?"
Sima Lang also wondered, "Master, we are short of gold in casting a large number of gold coins. If we really had it, we should have got it, so we can guarantee the issuance of new money when our territory expands in the future."
Kang Peng said lightly that "gold was in the imperial tombs of the past dynasties". In fact, as early as when he left Luoyang, Kang Peng was wondering about the theft of the imperial tombs by Dong Boss. He refused to recite his notoriety. Second, he didn’t put it into action because it was enough to make money from Luoyang. Now Chang’ an’s rapid economic development requires a large number of coins to maintain turnover, while casting money requires a large number of gold. After occupying the site in the future, he needs a large number of gold to develop the economic institute. Kang Peng has also put forward the idea of imperial tombs gold.
If Kang Peng said such a thing to others, others would fly into a rage and scold him for being immoral or disobedient. But Jia Xu, Marotta, Lu Su, Sima Lang and Fa Zheng present here are all brainless and anti-bones, and they regard the court as dirt and anti-thieves. Instead of opposing it, they all applaud.
Marotta grinned, "Why didn’t we expect Luoyang to be buried with a large sum of money when we evacuated from Luoyang before? Or we’ll dig it together and bring it to Chang ‘an, but it’s not too late. Luoyang Root has no military power to protect the tomb, so just send a team of soldiers to dig it directly. "
Jia Xu shook his head and said, "No, if we go directly to dig a surname, we are bound to have a bad reputation. If we are tired of the name of a surname, we’d better take advantage of the darkness to steal it."
Kang Peng shook his head. "No, we’re going to do it. Now the people in Luoyang are going to be poor and crazy. We’re going to let the wind out that someone stole the tomb and stole a large number of gold jewelry for a lot of food and women, and then let Chang ‘an businessmen go to Luoyang to secretly buy gold jewelry, so we’re not afraid that no one will take risks."
After admiration Marotta continued to introduce, "Yuan Shaojun’s Gongsun Zan army continued to confront Gongsun Zan in Zhuojun area, and Yuan Shaojun bought a large number of weapons from us last month. It is estimated that Gongsun Zan will say goodbye to us when these weapons are transported to the front; Liu Biaojun and Liu Beijun’s attention on Yuan Shujun’s side poses little threat to our plan; There is Cao Cao, the traitor, who is really treacherous. Although Mr. Zao is here, he still recruits refugees in Chenliu area, temporarily abandons expansion to Qingzhou, and learns from the Taishi method to encourage the local cremation to develop agriculture. It is also a unified regulation to protect the interests of local cremation tenants with great ambition. "
Kang Peng frowned. The people he was most worried about were Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Now Liu Bei’s military strength is constrained by Yuan Shu and he can’t develop. It’s a little reassuring. However, Cao Cao, an old fox, refused to take advantage of Liu Bei’s Yuan Shao-li’s visit to Qingzhou. It was to accumulate strength, and now he can’t go to the Central Plains to get even with him. If Cao Cao is full-fledged, it will become a tiger.
"Is there any way for Cao Cao to attack Qingzhou?" Kang Peng said to himself, "At least we can’t let him develop with peace of mind and consume his potential."
"cao thief is treacherous, his counselor, Guo Jia Cheng Yu, is also very difficult to let them get caught." There has been no talk about Jia Xu’s mouth. "But we must let him attack Qingzhou Kong Rong? Can’t Kong Rong attack Cao Cao? "
Chapter 42 Jin Fan Gan Ning
On the fourth day of June in the third year of Han Chuping, Lu Su, a diplomat of Dong Zhuojun, returned to Chang ‘an from Jiujiang and set off for Luoyang the next day, regardless of the fatigue of the journey, to bring the throne to Emperor Dong Xian. The throne of Dong Taishi is to show that Kong Rong, the satrap of Beihai, invited him to seal the secretariat of Yanzhou. In addition, it is probably that Dong Taishi was busy-Cao Cao attacked the river at the beginning of the year, and now he remembered to deal with it. In addition, in the throne, Dong Taishi repeatedly accused Cao Cao of arbitrarily attacking the river satrap of Wang Kuang, killing
It is much easier for Lu Su to make a pilgrimage to the Han Dynasty to offer the emperor than to go to Hanzhong, Xichuan and Jiujiang at one time. Now Chang ‘an controls the economic lifeline of Luoyang, and Kang Peng has also given Lu Su a force to mobilize the troops of Tong and Qingni Pass to help-requesting the court to promise this letter, regardless of political means or military means. Lu Su is not afraid of Luoyang’s stubborn people’s refusal.
In addition, Mr. Dong sent messengers along the Yellow River to carry a personal letter from Mr. Dong to tell Kong Rong, the satrap of Beihai, that Cao Cao did not agree with him. He also greatly touted the status of the descendants of Kong Rong saints and invited him to send troops to the city of Dong Zhuojun to attack Cao Cao, a traitor, on both sides.
Kang Peng’s move is not poisonous. Yanzhou is in Cao Cao’s hands. He must ask the court to seal the secretariat of Yanzhou in Kong Rong, which is tantamount to letting Kong Rong take Yanzhou away from Cao Cao. If (of course) he doesn’t do it, he will go back and disobey the charges and lose his moral initiative. The governors can use this charge to crusade against him. Kang Peng will March into the Central Plains in the future and bury the wedge. In fact, Kang Peng’s move is also stealing Cao Cao’s history, sealing the satrap of Zhou Yunan County and provoking Sun Liuzhan. That move is a humanitarian return to him.
Dong Zhuojun not only put political pressure on Cao Cao, but also the elite fighters stationed in Chang ‘an Xiliang were led by Lu Bu and Zhang Xiu to move in the direction of Tong to make preparations for sending troops. At the same time, the Dark Moon Group ambushing Yanzhou also made great efforts to spread the news that Dong Zhuojun was going to attack Yanzhou, creating a panic atmosphere among the local people and benefiting the Qingzhou Army of Cao Cao. It was said that Cao Cao had independently compiled weaknesses and rumors that he was going to calm the anger of Dong Taishi and hand them over to Dong Taishi to shake the morale of Cao Cao, trying to make the Qingzhou Army Cao Cao Chen stay in the army.
Aside from Lu Su’s trip to Luoyang, Jia Xu, Marotta and others, Kang Peng finally remembered that there was another one who was in prison and Gan Ning came to Kang Peng to think about it. When he was thinking about this period, he had already killed Gan Ning’s spirit, so he could start to collect him. This told QinBing to prepare something to visit Gan Ning in prison.
When Gan Ning and other thieves were taken back to Chang ‘an by Zhao Yun, Kang Peng wanted to accept him at that time, but he heard that Gan Ning kept cursing himself for being dirty, ugly and despicable on the road before he caught him and understood Gan Ning’s temper. After that, Kang Peng changed his mind and ordered him to put Gan Ning’s subordinates in prison for a while, but he must not say a word to Gan Ning in the dirtiest and stinkiest cell to polish his pride from the spirit.
Kang Peng’s command has always been the imperial edict of the West Cool Army. This time, dealing with Gan Ning is no exception. When Kang Peng approached the prison, he almost didn’t spit it out-it stinks! Later, Kang Peng learned that the guards had picked up several barrels of excrement to move to the prison after completing his order, and changed it once a day. The prison was so airtight that Gan Ning, a neat freak, almost wanted to commit suicide.
Kang Peng hurriedly ran out of the door to let people pick out the excrement and find a sachet to block his nose before he dared to go into the cell again. Kang Peng found that Gan Ning had fallen asleep before the cell, and Kang Peng didn’t wake them up. The guards laid the splendid floor and put away all kinds of things before Kang Peng sat on the floor.
Kang Peng’s voice was not great, but Gan Ning woke up quickly in his deep sleep and threw himself in front of the iron fence and shouted excitedly, "It’s been more than two months, and finally someone has spoken!" Gan ning was very excited, and the chains, wrists, thick iron bars kept colliding and making a karaoke sound.
"Ugly old man, although you are uglier than" Kang Peng Qinbing has lit dozens of candles in his cell to illuminate the cell. Gan Ning has never seen strong light since he came in. When his eyes are unwell, Gan Ning can’t help but shout, "But if you want to bring a piece of splendid carpet in, give it to beautiful uncle Gan, and beautiful uncle Gan will condescend to talk with you."
Without saying a word, Kang Peng asked for a bong carved with dragons and painted with phoenixes, inlaid with gold and jade, a hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah hookah. "Ugly old man, what is that in your hand?" Really beautiful and mellow! " "Ugly old man, are you dumb? Why don’t you talk? "
While smoking his own hookah made by copying later generations, Kang Peng coldly watched Gan Ning’s crazy history. Now Gan Ning is still a thief who kills, sets fire to houses and robs others. Isn’t it unreasonable to reason with him like a rein wild horse? It didn’t make sense until he was 30 years old, when he suddenly woke up and set up a great career, but occasionally he was crazy. These days, he arranged a mental blow to him in the hope of making him mature as early as possible.
Kang Peng spit out a smoke ring at Gan Ning-this is his standard move to flirt with female classmates in the 21st century. "Do you think I am ugly and you are beautiful?"
"Of course, big ye is beautiful." Gan Ning patted his chest and roared. "Is the name of Boss Jin Fan white? But don’t worry, ugly old man, although you are ugly, you can be beautiful. Uncle Gan condescends to reduce the price when he is lonely. You should be honored to speak. "