"Sister Tong Ya, Sister Tong Ya," came the immature children’s voice. Xiao Qin Zhi suddenly appeared in front of Tong Ya and hugged her arm.

"Kid, you want to scare me to death!" Tong Ya carefully looked at the little darling she hadn’t seen for a year. She grew taller, her skin was glittering and translucent, and purple light was flowing. This feeling was a bit like the situation in the Pacific just now. She gently squeezed my girl’s hand and immediately felt amazing elasticity, which seemed to have infinite potential in her muscles. When she was under external pressure, she would surge out. Pinch your wrist again, how can you have such a good "feel"? She crouched down. "Be good, tell your sister what good things you ate. Kung Fu is better than her sister."
"Sister Tong Ya, I won’t tell you," Xiao Qin Zhi smiled and sprinkled jiao. After a while, she leaned close to Tong Ya’s ear. "Instructors are so cool. We suffer a lot every day."
Tianxin did Sarah laugh. One is a little girl who wants to grow up, and the other is a little girl who doesn’t grow up. These two people are piled together, which makes people happy when they listen. It is a perfect match for pistachios. He suddenly wants to know if Xiao Qin Zhi is a little girl or a little snot in "Eight Fields of Yellow Sand".
At this time, Tian Jue, the chief instructor of bionic robot, came to Tianxin with another 999 small space-based soldiers. When Tong Yazheng pulled Qin Zhi to ask further questions, he saw flowers at the moment, and the latter returned to the team.
"Big brother is back, big brother is good," said a thousand children’s voices. Although it was crisp and pleasant to hear, the sudden sound was too loud and strong, and there was an echo in the big city, which almost shocked the eight people in Tianxin.
"Good, everyone," it must be that guy who taught the set things in advance. A thousand little guys, purely militarized movements, make Tianxin feel distressed and gratified. He hurried forward, "stand at attention, be at ease, dismiss."
The little guys thought that Tianxin was going to lecture, which was a routine course for instructors every day. They all stood straight and straight, and their movements were even more uniform. I never thought that Tianxin would spit out six words in his mouth, which took less than a minute. "It’s better to be a big brother!" In the messy voice, the small space-based soldiers flashed in a hubbub, or returned to the station, or entered the Gankun Tower, only to see the figure fluttering and shining, and the seven presidents of the group had not reacted, and all the dark ones were gone.
Jiwu is silly. Is this the little ones a year ago? I haven’t seen you for hundreds of days, and some even don’t have a long head, but I haven’t practiced this kung fu myself. Why is it so far away? A mystery.
Guo Xiangdong is much more natural, only let out a sigh, if only his radish head is so bad. The one with the most sense of crisis is Li Qiang. She took it. She thought that only Tianxin was "unreasonable", and the performance of 1000 little ones made her eyes bulging, and her eyes turned round and round to cheer herself up. "Come on, you will become a goddess."
The other four women had a similar sense of crisis, but they didn’t speak. They just turned their heads and stared at Tianxin, lightly chastising them for explaining. Tianxin shrugged, pointed to the tower, and then made a successful gesture.
In the late autumn of 2025, Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai.
General Secretary Changjiang suddenly felt very cold. A report in his hand showed that the NATO countries headed by the United States were vaguely aggressive, and the attitude of polar bears was unknown, but there were five more army groups in the Far East. Almost all the borders except the short section bordering on North Korea show signs of invasion.
In South Asia, a British commander appeared in the Indian army, and the domestic army was pressing against the Sino-Indian border. In the northwest, East Turkistan has begun to create troubles in Xinjiang; To the east, Li Qianbian’s "going to China" for many years really brainwashed some Taiwan Province people and clamored to counterattack the mainland; A little farther away, Japan’s self-defense forces have almost expanded several times in the past three years, and warships have occupied all the military ports; The situation on the Sino-Vietnamese border is complicated. Although there are no signs of troops assembling, there have been incidents of beasts wounding people. China’s maritime border is also a violent dispute.
Everything came so suddenly and suspiciously orderly. What do they want? General secretary of the Yangtze river fierce breath, now compared with three years ago, China’s strength is much stronger. Countries will not fail to see this. I hope they are just "stupid".
Accompanied by Jane, he came to Tianyan Planet to explore the holographic imaging radar. After Jane started the radar, he began to observe the border of China carefully, and the land part was very calm; At sea, private ships from several small countries, such as the Philippines, crossed the water boundary line from time to time and quickly retreated. There is really no sign of hostility.
Finally, the camera turns to the Taklimakan Desert. Has anyone ever seen the sight of millions of people working at the same time? General Secretary Changjiang was deeply shocked by the construction scene in the desert. Such a big hand made him understand how powerful the group is. The sand dunes in the sand hills outside the desert were quickly flattened, and then the crystal trucks transported the yellow sand to the center of the desert. He is a little understand, if there is anything that makes people covet most in China, it is Dragon Crystal.
Yes! Looking at the construction of tens of thousands of square kilometers in Taklimakan Desert, it only takes half a year to prepare, and it is said that the construction will start, leaving aside other materials. For energy, if electricity is used, it may take several years just to set up a power grid. Therefore, it is convenient and easy to use Longjing. It is no wonder that Prime Minister Huang He lamented that after entering space, the living planet can take its time, and the planet with Longjing should find more things to say.
The character of Tianxin, from what it has done since its appearance, is understood to some extent after the Yangtze River is integrated. With heavenly heart, he really doesn’t worry about what is unknown in China. However, Tianxin formed a group and played such a big move in the desert. Coupled with the desperate development of Tianzi series company, he vaguely felt that there must be some danger behind this and he had to talk to the children in detail.
Thinking back to that report, he really didn’t understand what the western countries were not satisfied with! The sales of Longjing have surpassed that of China overseas, and Tianjing Energy Co., Ltd. has neither raised the price nor set a limit. Even the China Municipal Government appreciates the overseas sales of Tianjing Energy in the mainstream. After all, this clean and convenient energy makes the blood of the earth flow less.
Is this the so-called "national interest"? Just as more than 100 years ago, people coveted the markets and gold and silver in China in the East, the West, without pleading, knocked on the door of China, leaving thousands of people in China in dire straits.
Now it’s the same old trick again. At the United Nations General Assembly, it has consistently asked China to open the production technology of Longjing several times. On behalf of China, I was so angry that I almost blurted out, "There are a lot of things in the Milky Way. What production is produced?"! Dare to go to alien mining! Of course, he can’t say that. Instead, he stifled his anger and euphemistically said that Longjing is the technology of China Tianjing Energy Company. The China government has done countless work, but the company only sells products, not technology. The production address of Longjing is a mystery like Bermuda so far. It is really reluctant for the China government to disclose Longjing’s technology.
When it comes to Tianjing Energy, the Yangtze River is very happy. The children’s enterprises are anathema to all multinational petrochemical enterprises, because their stocks have long been a piece of waste paper. They wanted to jointly attack or annex Tianjing Energy in the stock market with strong financial resources, but Tianjing Energy has no interest in circling money in the stock market, let alone going public. Without a mobile platform, no amount of money is stagnant.
In the past three years, Tianjing Energy has only appeared for three years, and the products are as simple as 100-degree and 1000-degree Longjing energy release devices, and the latter is special for automobiles, but in this way, the world’s energy civilian market has occupied more than 90% of the country. The United States, Japan and Europe once assembled the most advanced technology in China, and tried to decode the 1000-degree energy release device in order to increase the energy pressure and overlap small pieces of dragon crystal, so that dragon crystal could be used in industry and military.
It is impossible to control, imitate and change, which is the judgment from the beginning to the end of the study. Six months ago, Tianjing Energy Co., Ltd. announced an unlimited supply of Longjing, which made the countries demanding RMB appreciation speechless. As civilian strategic materials, the United States, Japan, Europe and Russia have purchased and stored them in large quantities. To their chagrin, the Longjing market is still the same, and businessmen who want to make a fortune have paid a lot for it. Surprisingly, Tianjing Energy Co., Ltd. did not expand the trade deficit, but purchased materials in various countries, making almost every country have a surplus balance.
There are large-scale reports on Taklimakan desert by domestic and foreign media, and everyone knows that Tianxin Group will build its headquarters in the desert. There are experts from all over the world to investigate the cause of the sudden change oasis in the desert, but the conclusion is no different from that of the geological expert group in China, and foreigners can’t help but envy the good fortune of the northwest people in China.
The listing of Tianxin Group, the popularization of internal energy, and the rapid development of China, all of which have made the small Japanese and western countries in the east feel the leading speed of China, the lion who woke up. In the words of Dulles, assistant to the national security affairs of the United States, "It’s biting our lower back. The scene of the Taklimakan Desert reveals that to curb China, it is necessary to control the dragon crystal. The dragon crystal owned by the United States is too expensive! "
The Yangtze River remembered the recent UN General Assembly, and Japanese representative Okada actually boasted that Longjing was the property of all mankind. If China Tianjing Energy Company didn’t want to disclose its technology, it should supply it to all mankind "for free" instead of making a fortune. The seemingly naive words of the Japanese are very inflammatory and the audience is moved. The representative of China only said one sentence: "Commerce is also the property of all mankind. If Japan can return all the money it has taken out of the pockets of the people of the world since 2000, I will suggest to China that Tianjing Energy is free."
The representative of the United States called Okada a "stupid pig" and stood up to make a circle. If this topic goes on, then the United States will also be bypassed and will be free. "Quiet, quiet. The representative of China doesn’t care about what the Japanese representative said, but he still hopes that King Misto will inform Tianjing Energy Company once again that he can sell Longjing technology. I think this is a feat that benefits all mankind. Tianjing Company will not object! "
"Birds of a feather are so shameless." Compared with the people of China who are easy to satisfy, there are too many hungry races in this world. Tianjing Energy’s behavior is so generous that the government admires it. If this resource is in the hands of the government, whether it can be sold overseas is a problem. China should have its own "rules of the world", and can’t let western rules take it lightly.
Constructing China people’s own rules of the world, the eyes of the Yangtze River are bright. In history, the Han people had their own rules of integration, but the price was too high, which was an instinctive digestion. Therefore, how much blood has been shed in the history of two thousand years before the 56 ethnic groups are now in harmony.
He pondered over China’s rules of the world, and he would step into the interstellar space in the future. In line with the principle of human symbiosis, there will undoubtedly be more races to join in. China’s national traditions may not be imposed on others, but Greater China (if it comes true) must have an interstellar rule of access, coexistence and integration, and mountainism will never be allowed. Therefore, the main Han nationality must be stronger, otherwise everything will be empty talk. What a headache! Where should the country’s political system go!

Chapter 35 Crisis Spider Trace
Tianxin was not interested in the big construction outside. He laid a super enchantment refining device in the square near Longkou in the west of Nucheng. After the test of "Yellow Sand and Eight Domains", 1,000 space-based little soldiers have basically graduated. Although they are high and low, they all reach the eighth level of internal energy. They are soldiers and should have their own weapons.
A week passed.
Little Reguila came skipping with little Qin Zhi and smiled, "Brother Tianxin, what are you doing? It’s fun. " If a thousand space-based scholars have anything in common, they are particularly fond of playing. Little Reggie’s original serious character has almost worn away, otherwise, he will be asked to hold Qin Zhi’s hand unless the sun rises in the west.
"Reggie, try it and see if you can break in."
"Yes, sir!"
Reggie with a long cry, in the chuckle of Qin Zhi’s "Ge, Ge", regardless, he took his head as a cone and rushed to the enchantment. "Bang" a loud sound, the whole person was bounced back, which provoked Reggie to have sex and hit it with all his strength. This time, the enchantment was invaginated. When it reached a certain degree, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move forward an inch. Not only that, the enchantment rebounded, and Reggie, who had no spare capacity, was bounced out, like an arc bomb, and fell to a far place.
"Sou", the air was tight, and this boy appeared in front of the enchantment again, touching the enchantment lightly and making a strange cry of "tut, tut". A large number of space-based small soldiers were attracted to this.
"Reggie, what are you yelling about?" A tall and strong guy shouted. Reggie gave a shiver. "Qiangqiang, this enchantment is so evil that I can’t get in."
"Why are you getting back? Look at me."
Of course, the more reckless strong ending was worse than Reggie’s, and it was ejected farther. Moreover, he tried his best to stop the falling posture, but instead smashed a big hole in the ground.
This is hilarious, and all the space-based soldiers are swarming. You push me, I am busy with you, and all slip on the edge of the enchantment. Then, he stood up again and rushed in hard. The human shells were fired again and again, which was a spectacle.
In the end, as ha ha a smile, a stroke of his finger, hey, they can’t stop rushing forward, and in the enchantment, they make a mess. After frolicking for a while, Tianxin combined everyone, "Attention!" , several columns of teams stand.
"What do you think is the most powerful weapon?" As asked.
Strong is not just strong, raise your arms. "Eldest brother, I know this. My fist is the best." As soon as the words fell, the children laughed. "What are you laughing at? Haven’t you tasted it?" Shut up, everyone. This guy is a fighting maniac. If someone answers, there will be endless fighting battles waiting for him.
Little Reggie raised his hand. "Brother, is it a laser cannon?" This is the most powerful thing he has ever touched.
"Eldest brother, isn’t it …"
"Wrong, for you, having a handy weapon is the most powerful." After all the children quieted down, a crescent-shaped blade suddenly lit up in Tianxin’s hand, waving it at two stone balls three feet away, quietly turning them into four pieces.
"From today, you will train in this enchantment and learn the use of flying swords and some knowledge of refining devices."
Tianxin said, according to the characteristics of space-based small soldiers, thousands of flying swords that took seven days to refine were thrown, and the small swords with long index fingers fell into the hands of their owners, making a cheerful sound. Immediately, everyone’s mind has a piece of basic knowledge of refining device and the fusion method of flying sword. In addition, there is knowledge of the formation of the seven-man star array based on the seven-star formation in Nucheng Center.
The instructor Tianjue was already waiting for you. As soon as Tianxin finished, he took over the command. His task is to make the little ones skilled in the use of flying swords, and countless facilities in the enchantment are designed for this purpose. Because after the training this time, Tianxin may go to the heavy star in groups of seven according to their respective performances, while training the control of the spacecraft and practicing the chaotic gods.
New Year’s Day in 2026.
With the construction of two million people, Taklimakan is no longer a desert with long yellow sand, but a paradise with green patches, and rows of buildings can be seen everywhere. Of course, the Space City is still circled, and Tianyu’s proving ground is also circled. These two pieces can’t be built in a few months.
All kinds of crystal lighting make the newly completed Tianxin Group headquarters building resplendent and magnificent. The building is arc-shaped, covering an area of 50,000 square meters and 36 stories high. A non-gold and non-silver pyramid is erected in the center of the top floor, and 36 tentacles are stretched at the top of the tower, holding a big ball with a fist-sized dragon crystal inside. Every night, 36 tentacles emit colored light to form lanterns, which are really beautiful.
In front of the building is a huge circular pool with three floors, and the center of the top floor is a moderate and very durable transparent flowerpot. In the flowerpot, the alien plant Helan is in full bloom, just like a flame that never fades, giving people a warm feeling in the cold wind.