The magic statue holds the broken sword in his right hand and holds the fist tightly in his left. It can be seen that he is fighting against the devil’s heart. This phenomenon puzzled me. Arguably, the devil’s heart should be able to help absorb black energy. Why did the devil stop it from helping?

Ten minutes later, the magic statue felt that the energy was almost the same, so he roared, left his palm, and the broken sword itself split out: "Destroy!"
As if it were like an atomic bomb explosion, a mass of black energy gradually formed with the magic statue as the center, and then quickly spread around. Where the energy passes, white light appears, and there is not even a slag left in the vegetation.
The explosion rumbled, making the whole Dark Island shake.
The one-eyed monster king, who had just repaired the enchantment, felt the violent vibration of the Dark Island at this time, and they ran out of the forbidden palace to see what had happened.
The strange king rose from the sky and hung under the boundary, looking at the black mushroom cloud, and said to the seven elders who came later, "He is back again! If he wants to fight a decisive battle with us, today must be the day of our genocide. " After the black mushroom cloud, except for the things in the enchantment, all the other parts of the whole Black Island became a desert! It is no wonder that the strange king will send out such feelings.
"Your Majesty, the enchantment has not been broken. Besides, we have given the orb to the legendary man. I think we should be safe."
"I hope so …"
Chapter 198 It’s mine
When the explosion stopped, I could clearly feel the magic statue let out a sigh, and then quietly returned my body to me.
I felt all parts of my body and found that I didn’t feel any discomfort this time. Why is this happening? I inadvertently lifted my left hand. At the moment, the palm of the left hand is actually red, just like something with a red light embedded in it, and the red light flashes. From all the things before and after, I suspect that the sigh before the demon statue left has something to do with it. I glanced at the devil’s heart again, and my heart was full of countless questions. There are so many questions that my mind seems to be in a mess for a while.
I put the broken sword in the sheath, looked up at the well-preserved one-eyed territory under the enchantment, and then looked around the desert, and a feeling of helplessness rose from my heart.
Unintentionally, I opened the property and almost dropped my chin. It turns out that after this battle, I actually rose three levels in a row! Level 3, it’s scary to think about it! At my present level, it is very difficult to upgrade to the next level, let alone to the third level. It can be seen that the escalation of murder is still a very fast way. However, the side effects also exist. When I look at my color again, it has turned from red to black. Magic statue that recruit conan the destroyer "out" of the results, all added to me. Now, I am already a heinous demon.
Who cares? Someone has to be a bad guy when playing games. Even if I don’t do it, someone else will. Besides, I’m a bad guy who didn’t volunteer, but was forced out.
The promotion of grade is accompanied by the increase of attribute points. I didn’t hesitate to add all the attribute points to agility, while leaving the skill points for the time being.
After all this, I began to look for a way to leave the dark island.
Thea died. Needless to say, she must have gone back to the city. Without her, I can’t make a portal myself. What should we do? Ask the cyclops for help? No way. These guys have been isolated by the enchantment, even if they have a heart, it is impossible to do it. Can I only choose to commit suicide? No, this is absolutely not possible. That’s first-class experience. What should we do?
Thinking about it, my feet began to move on the desert. Before the steps were taken, the system voice rang: "The transmission device of Black Island is on, and players can choose Black Island as the new leveling point."
After the sound, groups of monsters appeared in the originally empty desert. Seeing the density of these monsters, it should be the most suitable for leveling.
Fortunately, strange groups seem to have a certain range of activities. As long as you don’t enter their range of activities, it is safe to shuttle among strange groups.
It took me a long time to find the teleportation device on the dark island.
The same, just a portal.
When I came to the portal, I didn’t know where to send it. After thinking for a while, I finally decided to go back to my lair first.
Back to the fire island, everything seems so kind. As they say, a nest of gold and silver is not as good as your own kennel.
Duguyihong was obviously taken aback by my arrival: "Boss, why are you back?"
"Nonsense, I can’t come back? Why don’t you hire me and run back to the fire island? "
"Eldest brother, you are not a fever?" As he spoke, he timidly ran over and touched my forehead: "I didn’t burn it. How can I say anything without burning it?"
"You just said something!" From what Dugu Yihong said, I had a premonition that something might happen: "What happened?"
Duguyihong recovered from speculation: "That, that, boss, did you just come back from the Black Island?"
"Yes, what’s the matter?"
"Your old man’s house, single sword, thousands of players to a kill, this … my god, it is not big enough? Look at your old man’s appearance now, and his reputation is even tens of thousands of points, right? Black like this … "
"Come on, it’s important." I flatly interrupted Duguyihong’s nonsense. I really don’t know how long I haven’t seen him. When did this guy become wordy?
"The Methodist Association openly changed its name and became the second largest gang after the Black Hand League, just to deal with the boss!"
I have already prepared myself for this matter. Even so, I think they are doing it a little too fast.
"What do other gangs say?"
"Black hand au, of course, is overjoyed. Originally, the Methodist Association was still flying the banner of the White Road, but now it has changed its flag and stood on their side. Of course, they are very happy. However, Tu Hong Alliance’s attitude has become ambiguous, and it seems that it is a bit unwilling to touch both black and white. The transvestite has always been the lackeys of the Black Hand Alliance, and nothing has changed. It’s our friend, Hei Hu Gang, but this time it’s a tough tone to show support for the boss. The situation is very unfavorable to us now. We walkers are fine, and we are in the dark, but the Hei Hu gang is miserable. They are in the light. The open change of the Wei Dao Guild has cast a shadow on the psychology of many players, so that new players rarely join the Hei Hu Gang, even the orcs in Hei Hu. After the constant encirclement and payment by more than ten gangs, the number of Hei Hu gangs is now pitiful. The gang that young orcs are now joining is the White Tiger Gang. At least the White Tiger Gang is currently neutral and there is no danger of demotion. "
"Joke, since ancient times, there has been a saying that the lips are missing and the teeth are cold. Now, the top ten leagues can basically be said to be mafia organizations, and it really won’t last long to rely on the help of Hei Hu. Those gangs that remain neutral will join the gang alliance before long. I don’t understand. They try their best to unite the players. Is it just to deal with me? Impossible, there must be an unknown secret. Xiaohong, have you noticed anything wrong? "
Duguyihong’s brow is always wrinkled. When he heard my question, he said helplessly, "Is the rumor true?"
"Since you killed many players in the Dark Island, there has been a rumor in the game: the crazy world is no longer a pure human world, but there are also Taoist and magical worlds. And your boss used that trick conan the destroyer’s moves, they think it is impossible to do it as a human being, unless you have a magic weapon. There are only two magic weapons in the human world that can compete with the fiend, namely Xuanyuan Sword and Black Magic Sword. At present, the black magic knife is in the hands of the black hand alliance and is held by the black hand. It is said that it is impossible for the Xuanyuan sword and the black magic sword to compete with the fiend now, and they must grow up. And this growth process, boss, I don’t need to say that you understand it? "
"They are also looking for living on the island of Jiuzhou 13 sacred? No wonder there were so many coincidences before. Xiaohong, do you know how many magical things they have found now? "
"It is said that the sacred objects required by the Dark Knife are not the same as those of Xuanyuanjian. They now have a total of eight sacred objects, that is to say, as long as they collect 14 more, the top ten leagues will have the strength to compete with ghosts and gods. At that time, we, the small clique, can’t be their opponents at all. In the end, only surrender to them. "
"Xiaohong, would you like to see such a result?"
"Of course we don’t want to see it." Duguyihong didn’t say this. The black thief is coming into the main hall with a thief, followed by the three wolves in Baodao.
"Why are you back?"
"Nonsense, so much happened, how can we still stay there? If we don’t come back to discuss the countermeasures with you, how can we get along in the future? "
The three wolves on Baodao kept nodding behind the thief and his wife.
"Yes, boss, I came back this time just to decorate our lair better, so as not to be ruined by others." Duguyihong had a chance to speak at this time.