Pansi Dongmen’s son-in-law lacks consciousness and can go directly to make a sculpture to show his caring attitude. You have to eat something first. Strange that you didn’t eat breakfast. Chapter 33 Love is not good.

This is not a stupid fox’s point of view, but the people in the text wow.
Jin Xiaosan didn’t feel like eating. Axin consciously covered her belly with her hands and cooed very well, which made her wake up in surprise. Don’t say that she had breakfast last night and drank wine. It seems that she didn’t eat a bite. No wonder she didn’t need to excrete when she woke up. Why didn’t even leave me a small piece of meat? These guys can eat too much, right?
It’s as if she had puzzled Jin Xiaosan by grabbing a few things from the couch and running here. Why didn’t you eat the kitchen, snow cellar, shop table? Er, those places aren’t where you should go. You won’t go back on your word. Cats never fly away from the window.
The cats are about to be dissatisfied. By the way, Axin found something to do, and quickly set up a gold boss to reward the mink cloak and find paper to paste the window. Jin Xiaosan pitied the beautiful woman and didn’t want her to pick up the broken bathtub residue and insert it in the window for 86 times with her bare hands, and then hung his cloak to soak the first curtain in the Song Dynasty.
There are different windows, but the light is not bright enough on a snowy day. When the curtains are hung, the room is darker, and the danger is ambiguous. Axin feels that some beast is going to swallow her up again soon, and she is anxious not to come over. The bartender is coming, and I want to get dressed.
Not so soon. Now is not the time to eat. The chef has to cook Jin Xiaosan and shake his head while continuing to heat the water in the water tank. Are you afraid that I am too strange? You are very happy when a man comes with a woman. Are you suffering from many sins? Speaking of which, I can’t blame you for letting me stay in this terrible place for a long time, and I can’t stand Ulan Tuya. I can’t guarantee that other men can bring you happiness, especially here. Don’t refuse me to go to the grass with me. Think about it.
Does Axin consider whether it hurts or not? She’s an expert. She thinks she’s rich in experience. She spent time with Big Brother Leng at Meilin Inn. At that time, you were very conscious. You were conscious of violating others with utilitarian purposes. You felt comfortable and calm. If you change a beautiful girl, you can feel respected and pitied. That’s because he supported you to death, that is, he loved Jin Xiaosan. Nothing is worthy of shoes for Big Brother Leng.
It is said that after Ashin was reincarnated as Liu Suxin, she never carefully looked at Liu Suyun, who looks exactly the same in this life. She didn’t think it was so beautiful. That’s why she hid from me as soon as she saw it. She was puzzled to consider a serious question, Jin Guyun. What would haunt me?
When A Xin was Wang Sheng, she was a typical Lingnan person with a small head and dark skin, that is to say, her facial features were delicate and pretty. When she was a child, people all said that Gao Boyuan was born in heaven and full of good looks. Later, she wore so many clothes, and no one loved her. Now, being Liu Suxin was hit on the first day when she arrived at Meilin Inn. At first, Leng Qingyun was not interested in her at all, but later she felt sorry for her.
So she ruled out the color factor at a stroke as utilitarian. She thought that Jin Xiaosan talked with Liu Suyun in the shop that day, but instead of chasing my sister, she pestered me. She must have looked down on the Nangong Sect and played their three brothers Nangong Sect around. He couldn’t fight. I was a fox entrusted to Brother Jin to take care of him. Maybe he and I are very good with Fox. Damn it.
Well, Jin Xiaosan’s sex is quite in tune with Fox, so she sat and curled her lips and said, Jin Sanxia, I’m not your first woman, and you’re not my first man. You can talk about no, I’m a woman with a little beauty to you, and maybe it’s not too strange. It’s not too strange to talk about how much it appeals to you. Jin Sanxia, are you interested in Miss Du?
Jin Guyun raised his eyebrows in surprise. Yes, I’m interested in Miss Du, but I wouldn’t think about stealing with her. It’s good. Why do you think that?
Ashin is also surprised at the way I came back this time. Why didn’t I bump my mouth again and again? A risk-averse looked up at a beast’s light. 86 Liu Liu dazzled the wheat-colored skin and sweat rolled back in the cold weather. What biceps abdominal muscles were that? It was half a piece with many profound facial features, and the knife-shaped eyebrows curiously picked a pair of stars and eyes, shining round and round, and the standard blue face was a disaster.
She suddenly felt ridiculous. Isn’t this just a guy who doesn’t have anything to do with it? He doesn’t understand this kind of euphemistic refusal until his intestines are straight.
She couldn’t help laughing. I’ve never met such a frank person as you. I’m afraid I’m imagining things. Jin Sanxia, I don’t want to go with you. I heard that we don’t have love. It’s not true that a vulgar man will rob a woman without asking her if she wants to.
Jin Xiaosan immediately showed it to her, grabbed her, peeled off her mink cloak and stuffed it into a steaming water tank to announce that I wouldn’t rob a woman of that kind of fun, but love isn’t just me, you love you, and you can’t say anything without love. I always don’t understand whether the other party is the first one or not.
I have washed Axin, grabbed the bath towel and pondered the hormones painfully. I don’t understand the novel. I don’t seem to have finished reading one. Besides, I can’t say that I can’t teach a good boy to be abusive, right?
I memorized so many poems today, so I sent a show to sing songs. When it comes out, love is called life and death. It means that two people can pay each other’s lives and be old. It is called love. Your eldest brother and sister-in-law will never stop. It is a complex that an anti-woman can’t marry her unless she is a virgin. He dares to marry everyone and scold him and laugh at his daughter. There is no limit.
Jin Guyun’s confusion is too difficult to understand. I don’t think love is good. If men and women are happy together, they can pay their lives. You don’t have to love to be with that person. You want others to pay their lives.
Ashin’s hands hit the jar angrily. You are killing me now. You ask too many questions. My head is knotted and I am unhappy.
Jin Xiaosan shouted, "My horse makes you happy."
Laughing at the house and eavesdropping on the corner, boss Jin turned away, and his heart was sour. Chapter 34 Gold prawns lost their beauty and met old friends
Boss Jin left the house early to discuss with Fox about how to place Axin.
Pulling a bartender out of the window and holding a candied fruit in his hand, Fox immediately said that he would chat again later, so he went back to the room, where did he know that he had hit a little beauty and rolled a pile? It was less than an hour ago. To be honest, he also thought about the little beauty, and first arranged for a friend to dredge the lady’s hall of fame, and then he concubine didn’t know that people’s hands and feet were so fast and hateful. Kong Rong made pears respect the elderly and respect the elders, and the barbarians were not educated. Who can be as thoroughly localized as you are, and all the cold fragrant jade has disappeared?
Because it was discovered too late, it would lead to a war, and he drank too much last night and didn’t eat enough breakfast, so he wisely didn’t take on the responsibility of educating and influencing his younger brother
It is obviously unwise to wander around the store, and it is even more unwise to go outside the store, not to mention that it may cause trouble. It may also hit Bie Ye Yuanyang, which makes the mood worse and worse. So Boss Jin decided to go to the store and send it with fragrance and sweetness. Although he is long past the age of eating candied haws, it is not down and out.
When he entered the shop, his eyes suddenly lit up, but the girl was there pinching sugar. She was about seventeen years old, wearing a patched flower coat and a dark blue cotton skirt, but it was refreshing. A young man with 20 heads was helping her. He was quite handsome, but his right leg was broken. He sat on a bench and stirred sugar with his left hand. On the left, an old blind man held a long bamboo pole and put a lot of candied haws in the haystack. It seemed that his father and a pair of children came to beg for food.
Fox sat figuratively at the table, biting the sugar-coated haws and telling her what to do. She asked the eldest daughter to pinch ten sugar people for her, and the daughter kept nodding and laughing at her lips. Two small pear nests were shallow.
Several mountain hawkers looked around the eldest daughter and kept biting their teeth.
Boss Jin quietly sat down and looked at the young man. He didn’t like martial arts, but his posture and hand shape were practiced. Has his martial arts been abolished? The eldest daughter has no kung fu at first sight. Her hands are bigger than ordinary women. Some are rough. She is a typical poor girl with two feet. The blind old man is a little martial arts. It can be discharged into Jianghu nine.
He couldn’t help wondering why the old man couldn’t teach the girls to beg on the tramp, and why the daughter still plays the role of a good family and martial arts, so at least she can help her blind father and brother more.
Fox saw Boss Jin and asked him to sit there.
The blind old man was dazed and hesitated, saying, Is it Master Jin?
Gold boss looked at it but didn’t recognize it, so he dared to ask the old man’s name.
The blind old man’s face is excited. The little old man’s surname is Xia Ge Jin. He won’t realize that fourteen years ago, Xia Dao Jin helped the imperial army to transport grain and drive it away to intercept the Liao army. The little old man was a small soldier to protect grain.
Gold boss oh, the past eventful years, floating in my mind, when he was fifteen or sixteen years old, young Xia and famous countries, Wan Li, the first beauty of Wu Gulun’s family, came to find the old Xiao Axin, who couldn’t catch his hand.
Touched by emotion, Boss Jin stole a glance at the eldest daughter’s mouth and said, "Ge Laozhang is anti-Liao, and his eyes were injured."
The blind old man shook his head with a wry smile. Alas, it was the lack of medicine in the sick and blind army. My little Jing was injured in the battlefield, but fortunately, he saved his life. His wife went to the north and could not live in Wuyishan for three or four years.
A mountaineer chimed in and said, Ge Blind, you’ve been here for a long time. I didn’t know you had a daughter. Why don’t you say that the boss didn’t have to delay her?
Song people married young girls at the age of 14 or 15, and the daughters of Ge family were seventeen.
Golden boss looked at Ge’s father with his eyes. Although the two men were worn out, they were neatly picked up. It can be seen that Ge’s daughter is a hard-working person, and even older villagers are willing to marry back.
Such a thought that Jin Tong has just taken the initiative to spend money has to be digested. It is said that he has always been in the wind for 86 times, so he can’t spend money on missing the daughter of a good family for life. Axin still hopes to marry and go home to be a concubine. The daughter of the Ge family will never enter the Golden Family.
Gejing looked at the crowd and begged, "I’m the one who delayed my sister. If this sister is a good family,"
The eldest daughter’s face is frosty. If I don’t marry, I will pinch the sugar man. I have come to make money and didn’t eat rice.
Gold boss dark sigh points is blind father residual brother drag her down, but she is such a sensible rare.
A lot of people are showing off this impression. Will the daughter of Ge family be a good daughter-in-law?
Some villagers gathered together the day before yesterday to talk nonsense with Ge, and the daughter of Ge’s family was so anxious that she even told Ge Jingda not to marry the girl’s family to marry my father.
Ge’s brother and sister choked up one sentence at a time, and Ge Blind was listening to one.
Boss Jin’s mind is moving again, and the whole family is just like this. How can they live together when they are married? Don’t be short of money and help you buy some fields in the mountains. It’s not a problem for the eldest daughter to have a boy and a girl. It’s also a gift for your old Ge family.