Single father county

When Wu day arrived in the Qin Dynasty, it was almost dark. After eating a little rough food, Wu day found an inn to live in.
Wu Tianzheng had a dream.
In chaos, there is no sky, no land, no time, no chaos, no life and no death. Everything is so lonely.
In such a dead silence, there are 3,000 chaotic demons of different shapes and sizes.
A fiend bred in chaos is a huge blue lotus wrapped in a huge egg.
Chaos airflow revolves around the lotus, which is the most powerful treasure in chaos.
It is clearly visible in the egg that a giant is curled up in the egg like a baby. This is Pangu’s companion treasure Pangu Tianfu, which is also in the egg.
There is no concept of time in chaos that can be said for a long time. I have seen Pangu’s axe in hand in the egg and split it towards the dome that gave birth to him. Finally, Pangu left the dome like a bird.
Pangu was born with the strength of a saint in heaven. At first, Pangu wandered around in chaos and saw his 2,999 chaotic fiends.
In the process of wandering around chaos, Pangu realized that he should go down the aisle, that is, if Heaven succeeds, he will surpass Heaven’s sage and achieve Heaven’s pursuit of Avenue. If he fails, he will turn fly ash into a line of life and death, but Pangu did not hesitate to see him raise his hand and paddle his axe to chaos.
Suddenly chaos was cut in half with an axe, but chaos kept trying to blend in, but Pangu wouldn’t let it succeed. For a while, chaos was split, and cracks kept spreading and rushing to the surrounding area.
Just as Pangu was getting better, his 2,999 chaotic fiends came. Pangu Tao is heaven, but it doesn’t mean that other people’s Tao is also heaven. If Pangu succeeds, it will ruin others’ Tao.
Pangu was black and blue all over in a big war, but it killed all three thousand chaotic fiends and turned them into jade butterflies.
Chaos Violet was also damaged by the split of heaven and earth, and five leaves of chaos Violet were transformed into ten innate Lingbao five-element flags (central Wuji apricot yellow flag, oriental violet treasure flag, southern off-ground flaming flag, western plain cloud flag, northern Xuanyuan water control flag), Gankunding, Twelve Lotus Terraces, mountains and rivers, Hutuluo, Qibao wonderful trees, heaven (god list), earth and people. I don’t know where the lotus stems are going.
Without the chaos fiend, Pangu was prevented from waving an axe again. After chopping again and again, the chaos cracks became bigger and bigger, and gradually the objects became lighter and clearer, while the turbid objects became heavier and heavier.
At the beginning of heaven and earth, the fire, water, wind and chaos are chaotic, and I want to turn this world into chaos again. Pangu’s fists are hard to beat with four hands. When he sees his fingers lightly, Pangu’s axe splits into Taiji, Pangu’s banners and chaos clock’s four swords.
Pangu refers to Tai Chi to make a golden bridge. Hold this place. Hand-cranked Pangu Zan devoured chaotic gas and released it to resist the attack of chaotic gas. Finally, chaos clock protected the world and made most of the chaotic gas enter this world. Pangu sail easily solved a small amount of chaotic gas. The world was initially stable.
However, in a short time, the chaotic extrusion of heaven and earth will tend to merge, and Pangu will smash the jade butterfly of nature, and the 2,999 rules of channelization number will perfect everything in heaven and earth.
However, the heavens and the earth are still getting closer, so Pangu propped them up and prevented them from merging. Every year, Pangu rose by ten feet, and after 129,000 years, Pangu became a giant with 129,000 feet.
With Pangu’s exhaustion and falling to the sky, colorful merits and virtues emerge in three layers, and the top of the head will not be defeated. There is also a success in Dehua, and it will be a treasure of heaven and earth.
Pangu yuanshen divided into three small yuanshen, and each of them took one layer and flew to the wild, and another layer was taken away by the twelve ancestors witch who were transformed by Pangu’s twelve drops of Jingxue.
In the last two days, the merits were absorbed by Pangu’s obsession, which carried a part of the jade butterfly fragments into the first earthworm in the world in Yujingshan Mountain.
Pangu’s obsession with personification gave him a name called Hongjun. With the help of his ability to create jade butterflies, he became a quasi-saint. After defeating Luo Wei, the demon ancestor transformed by the remnants of chaotic gods and demons, he became the first saint in the wilderness.
Hongjun set up Zixiao Palace in the 33-fold outer space chaos and flood barrier to explain the avenue to all those who can reach here, and finally chose seven younger brothers to qualify as saints.
Nu Wa creates human merits and becomes a saint. The old founder teaches people to shelter people’s virtues and becomes a saint. Yuan Tianzun creates an explanation and collection of his younger brother’s virtues and becomes a saint. Tongtian, the founder of the school, creates a cut-off merit and a complete achievement of a saint. Two western quasi-leaders and quotations create western teachings and great ambitions. May merits and achievements be a complete achievement of a saint.
Later, the great wilderness was spent by the birth of the sun, the demon family led by Sun Wu, Di Jun Taiyi, and the ancestor wizard created by Pangu’s twelve drops of Jingxue, which caused the lich war.
In the end, both the lich and the witch families lost their lives and left one after another, so that the witch could survive, and the Terran became the protagonist of heaven and earth.
Subsequently, the war of deity was launched around the replacement of Terran dynasty, and Yuan Tianzun, Lao and Western religions joined forces to defeat Tongtian leader. After this war, several great religions were successively promoted to the Heaven and Jade Emperor.
This battle will break the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the vast expanse of the expanse of the vast expanse, and be reassembled by Daozu.
What happened later was that the story of Journey to the West helped Yuan Tianzun, and most of his brothers were driven to give back a favor to the West.
Since then, western teaching has flourished in the East.
The wild world, that is, the world defended by Pangu’s life, has been gradually improved. Although it collapsed and formed the universe, it seems to have developed better. Since the fourth robbery to the West, the fifth robbery has come. This time, the robbery is different. The purpose of this robbery is to destroy all living things. Before all living things are destroyed, the seven saints of Hongjun have created a world that can prevent all living things from being destroyed at all costs.
Chapter ninety The hourglass
Dreaming about this, Wu Tian woke up and stretched himself before remembering that he seemed to dream something last night, but he couldn’t remember it clearly.
After Wu Tian got dressed, Li changed into an ancient costume, thinking that no one would look at me strangely again!
"Aren’t you going to take me?"
Just as Wu day was about to go out, a voice sounded behind Wu day. It was a woman’s voice, a very attractive woman’s voice.
After hearing this, Wu Tian turned and looked behind him, but saw nothing.
Wu day some suspicious asked, "who are you? Where are you? "
"My desk should be blocked by the candlestick," the woman continued, and Wu Tian felt a sound after hearing it, which seemed to be behind the candlestick.
Wu day slowly around the step by step, when the step around the center of the table a quarter of a circle saw something behind the candlestick.
When you look closer, it is an hourglass. It is very strange. The hourglass is the size of a thumb and twisted. The hourglass is half-transparent and half-gray. There is a girl sitting in a pile of sand. This girl is very small and pocket-sized, and she is interested in Wu Tian.
"And you are?" Wu day let go of the hourglass and whispered to the hourglass in a very, very small voice, as if afraid that talking too loudly would blow away the girl in the hourglass.
"My name is Luo Xiaoyu," the girl said.
Wu Tian once again asked, "Do you have anything?"
"I am this fantasy hourglass spirit, that is, the owner of this hourglass spirit in your hand sent me to talk about things with you. The owner said that if you can’t talk about it, you can’t go back." Luo Xiaoyu bowed his head and circled in the sand, and it was a loss.
"Little girl, don’t be sad. Why did your master call you here? I’ll help you, "said Wu day tone with some love.
"Small though it is because of my talent that you talk to me in this tone, I am still very unhappy to say," said Luo Xiaoyu proudly, but the smiling face with his head down is enough to say Luo Xiaoyu’s mood at the moment.
"What the hell is that?" Wu Tiannai asked if he had passion. Alas, it is the lack of passion in this world that makes Wu Tian wander around.
"The master said that you need my help now, and I will help you answer a question, and then you will give me something I like. Of course, this is what you want to give me, and you have to finish a plan with the master later." Luo Xiaoyu looked up with a positive face.
Wu day listened to the in the mind a little uncomfortable to think about their own reality, although it can’t be said that conan the destroyer can mix well except for places like the exchange of source boundaries, so he held his arm and jokingly asked, "Then tell me what I need your help for?"
"The master said that in the end, there will be a road sign, and you will know when the time comes." Luo Xiaoyu shook his head and said that after saying this sentence, Luo Xiaoyu’s sand had leaked out, and the hourglass turned over itself, and the gray thing flowed like a liquid, covering the original part of the hourglass and turning it into a transparent part, that is, the present part still had a girl sitting in the sand.
Wu Tian looked at the hourglass as if she had changed her hairstyle. The girl asked, "Who are you?"
"I’m Master Luo Xiaoyu, who said that I can solve all your things and needs before you encounter a very, very big problem."
"Well, let’s go out first!" Wu said and left the inn.
When I got out of the inn, I was blocked. Originally, a team of hundreds of people was out of the city, and I asked a little about it. This is the famous Lv Gong team.
Wu day when I heard the name Lv Gong was familiar, but I didn’t think much about continuing to wander in single-parent county. It was not until near noon that I suddenly remembered that Lv Gong was Lv Zhi Lv Su Torre.
The first reaction to think of Lv Su, a distressing girl, Wu Tian was to chase her out of the city. Wu Tian first found an embarrassing thing, that is, he didn’t have the means of transportation in this era. If he appeared like this, he would be looked down upon in front of Lu Su.
When Wu Tian hesitated whether to go back to Single Father County to buy some carriages and hire some people, suddenly an hourglass floated in front of Wu Tian’s eyes, and Luo Xiaoyu made a snap, and a hundred carriages appeared, and there were also corresponding horses and grooms and followers close to a thousand people.
One way to look at it is that the leading servant kneels before Wu Tian and says, "Young Master, your housekeeper’s name is Laifu, and your will is my direction."