To tell the truth, the Ling Tianjian Sect and the barbarian Cave Department are really going to see a play.

It’s funny to see the bureau. This bureau is full of people, and the thousand-year-old famine beast has been brought here.
The information of natural materials and treasures such as Wolf God Dan was also deliberately spread out.
However, at this time, the Ling Tianjian Sect and the barbarian Cave Department are also quite impressed by this secret push, because the three of them can see the tricks, but they can’t see who or which forces are secretly contributing.
The development of the situation is a bit unexpected
It may take 50 years for the accumulation of Bianhuang resources to be enough for the new generation to grow up, but there are exceptions. Many hidden cultivation resources have never been excavated in the past, and cultivation resources have been dug out one by one.
Canada intends to attract thousands of wild animals.
In less than a month, the battlefield of Bianhuang snowballed, and the vast wilderness became a huge battlefield. Most of the barbarians and terrans played around in the new generation, and they invested in the battlefield strength and made rapid progress in the constant confrontation.
Bianhuang hunting has become a general trend.
Moreover, because of this general trend, it finally evolved into a real Bianhuang war, the scale of which exceeded the 50-year annual Zongmen specially guided Bianhuang hunting.
The momentum of the barbarians and the strong fighting capacity of the Terrans finally completely shocked the Lingtian Sword School and the barbarian Cave Department.
Although the sword faction was controversial, it finally decided to hold the pre-election
Decided that many strange faces with high strength suddenly appeared in the wasteland at the junction of Gusai and De.
Lingtian Sword School trains younger brothers.
The brothers of the barbarian cave have appeared in the battlefield to compete for resources and points.
At the same time, Bianhuang raised two huge flags.
A flag is embroidered with a soaring flying sword, and the word Ling Tian stands for Ling Tian Jian Zong.
Another flag is embroidered with a strong man holding a hatchet, which stands proudly and vividly, representing the barbarian cave.
Two flags fluttered in the wind and rustled in the opposite sky.
Two flags, the secular war, the wilderness calmed down briefly, and then it burst into a shocking cheer.
Although the thought may attract attention to the outbreak of real frontier hunting, all monks and soldiers know that their opportunity has come when the power really comes.
After a brief calm for half a day, the battlefield situation in Bianhuang changed.
Ji Xiao-shan, who led her family team, suddenly appeared and said, "Miss Zhu Shu said that the two teams should go to Lingtian Jianzong for filing and unified action."
Ji Yong said hello to the team to follow Ji Xiaoshan forward.
In the middle of the line, Ji Xiaoshan’s ears moved a few times and turned around and said, "Uncle Zhu, you lead them on. I have to meet a friend. You should be able to meet the young lady if you follow my mark."
Ji Zhu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "Don’t leave the team casually in the hills. Nowadays, there are many godsworn soldiers in the battlefield. It is said that there will be wild beasts in ten thousand years. You’d better come with us …"
Ji Yikou also said loudly, "Yes, the warriors of the barbarian department of the hill have entered the wilderness. Those guys are all murderous characters. Be careful."
Ji Yuliu said coldly, "Don’t take us into the fire pit before it’s too late to die."
Sun Haoda said, "I’ll be careful that you don’t take the wrong route. I’ll go too …"
The talking body flashed into the Woods and disappeared.
Ji Yong slowly shook his head and led the team to make rapid progress in another direction.
Ji Tuokou stamped her foot and said "damn it", while Ji Tuoliu muttered, "I like to be brave and I don’t know how to die then."
Half a day ago, a bird flew in with a hand and a move to the bird’s leg. I saw Xiaoqing’s note saying, "A shocking war has broken out behind you in the speed round, and a wild beast of ten thousand years has appeared in your side. Fortunately, Bianhuang lone wolf happened to pass by and stopped you, otherwise you would suffer."
Ji Yong was shocked and led the team to March rapidly and forcefully.
After half a day, I finally arrived safely in Ji Ruxue’s encamped phalanx.
However, when Ji Yikou was a little uneasy to tell Xiaoqing that Ji Xiaoshan had actually gone to meet a friend, Xiaoqing’s face showed the so-called expression, "If Xiaoshan wants to go, don’t be afraid that he should be smart enough to come back on time."
A moment later, Sun Hao appeared slightly awkwardly in front of the team and said, "Let’s go behind. A few brothers of Ling Tianjian Sect are coming after the wild beast in ten thousand, but now we have nothing to take advantage of."
Ji Ruxue has been quite convinced of Corleone’s smell speech and a crisp drink "Hill, lead the way in front of you and we will go to the flag for the record as soon as possible, so that we can be officially qualified to participate in Bianhuang hunting."
Team Sun Hao, that is, Ji Xiaoshan led the way and turned around, and approached the flag accurately and quickly, and actually passed several waves of fierce fighting.
At this time, even Ji Yong can see that Ji Xiaoshan’s ability to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages as a scout proved to be severe, and there was a thrilling flag all the way.
Ling Tianjian is no stranger to Ji family. When Ji family and others appeared, they enthusiastically registered everyone’s identity. Sun Hao could feel that Ling Tianjian’s party Ji Ruxue had a good attitude. Presumably, Ling Tianjian’s top management appreciated her.
Sun Hao didn’t show mountains and rivers, but also registered as a monk who participated in Bianhuang hunting and got a token.
Token can count hunting points and finally become the root basis for whether it can enter the assessment scope of Lingtian Sword School.
Bianhuang hunting was successfully launched, but who will be the biggest winner?
That depends not only on the immediate strength, but also on several difficulties, and the assessment of Ling Tianjian Sect needs to break through.
When Sun Haoqian received the token, he didn’t get the attention of Brother Ling Tianjian.
Jian Xiu, a family warrior of this rank like Sun Hao, seems to be playing soy sauce after all, and there is no possibility for the masses to qualify for the examination. The bronze warrior with the lowest rank.
Although Ling Tianjian Sect does not discriminate against martial arts, it is undeniable that Brother Linggen was born to practice martial arts faster.
Martial arts requires breaking through many difficulties, progressing hard, and making continuous progress in physical training until you reach the virtual peak, and then you can truly reshape your body and get rid of the shackles of spiritual roots and become a powerful monk with outstanding fighting power after crossing several big robberies and becoming a powerful old monster.
Previously, Wu Xiu was worse than the real gas refining monk.
How many people can you enter Du Jie after practicing to the gods?
Therefore, the Lingtian Sword School doesn’t think that there will be any opportunities for Jixiaoshan, Jiqiliu and Jiyikou to show off after their families.
On the contrary, although they are older, they have already achieved the golden warrior Ji. In their eyes, there may be a chance to become a sword brother.
Barbarians, terrans and younger brothers have come to register.
It’s strange that Ling Tianjian sent a sword to repair it. They have been paying more attention to the suspected Bianhuang hunter, Bianhuang lone wolf, who didn’t come to the sword school for registration.
Bianhuang hunting registration is also relatively peaceful, only three days, but after three days, there is still no sign of Bianhuang lone wolf.
Is BianHuang lone Wolf a barbarian warrior?
But I don’t look like my body
Otherwise, I don’t see the registration?
Ling Tianjian Sect didn’t know that it was the barbarian cave, and there was no similar Bianhuang lone wolf warrior to register, but they felt that Bianhuang lone wolf was more like Terran, but they didn’t pay much attention to it.
With a little bit of doubt, the Lingtian Sword Sect and the barbarian Cave Department announced at the same time that Bianhuang hunting had entered the third stage.
Chapter DiYiSiYi Lonely Wolf said a friend bk inscription exceptional
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"Lonely landscape wolves are like peas and carrots, howling at the dust, roaring at the moon, and chilling at the edge of the wild tiger …"
Proud Ji Yuliu held up his head like a cockerel, and said, "He is a lone wolf on the border. Don’t you know that when I was in danger, I saw that the beast that had been in famine for ten thousand years was about to swallow us. He was shining all over and stepped on seven colors of sunlight and dropped a palm from the sky …"
Ji Yuliu made a wave of his hand to "repel the wild beast for more than 30 feet"
This girl has become a complete admirer of Bianhuang Lone Wolf.
Her face is radiant as if Bianhuang lone wolf is her idol or lover.
Xiaoqing suddenly rolled her eyes and turned to Ji Yukou and asked, "Yukou, what’s the situation?"
Ji Wankou’s novel says, "I snuck out with Liu, but I didn’t expect to meet a wild beast in ten thousand years. It’s really a lonely wolf who fell from the sky and led away the big guy. Although Qing Jie didn’t step on the seven-color glow, it was really powerful."
Ji Ruxue eyebrows a wrinkly slightly.
Xiaoqing has said, "well, you two are bold enough to sneak out and don’t know if the gold warriors are walking around in Bianhuang chaos?" Who gives you courage? "
Ji Tuo Kou Tutu small tongue