When the two extreme materials were put together, as soon as Tianxin’s power of clearing away emptiness was exerted, the refining site was full of visions.

The world boundary shell itself is a kind of space boundary material, and Tianxin believes that the world boundary shell should be placed in the infinite world. Given enough time, these boundary materials will automatically form a space world. The intangible boundary is a kind of reverse boundary material, which also forms space, but it only forms a small space, and the role of intangible boundary material in a large space is similar to that of diaphragm or shell.
Together, the two quickly catalyze each other under the force of clearing away the deficiency, and turn into juice, which flows to their respective places clearly, which makes Tianxin spend a lot of effort. However, the problem also followed, and the consumption of divine knowledge in Tianxin increased geometrically.
The emergence of this phenomenon should start from the boundless realm of law. In a sense, there is a big void in the Dharma realm, where there is no gravity and no gravity, and everything floats in it, and nothing is forced. Moreover, the dharma circle needs special blessing, so that the owner of the dharma circle can continuously inject spiritual energy into it until a certain time. The dharma circle is full of the spirit and ability of the owner, but the main dharma circle is fully formed.
But this dharma realm refined by Tianxin is not like this. The steps of refining have not changed, but due to the intangible boundary, the budding dharma circle is not a big void, but a void with a lot of space. The intangible boundary is invisible, colorless and tasteless, but the space they form does exist. If these spaces are allowed to merge by themselves, Tianxin will get a waste dharma circle. The intangible quality can rebound the knowledge of God. Therefore, when the Dharma realm is taking shape and the space inside is gradually forming, Tianxin has to increase its knowledge and even use the power of clearing the void to make some settings. That is to say, the dharma world of Tianxin has been full of boundless knowledge of Tianxin from the beginning. This simply completes the step of charging spiritual energy in dharma, in other words, the knowledge of Tianxin has become a kind of refining material. With other refined materials.

Tianxin, willy-nilly, continued the refining of dharma circles. However, it has once again made Geng Hua, who has returned from the restoration of the Xuan Huang world, stunned. "This eldest brother, how many earth-shattering feats are there!"
As I don’t know what type of Dharma boundary he is refining, Geng Hua knows this guy. What Tianxin is producing is the dharma realm of growth. Growth-oriented legal refining is extremely demanding, requiring advanced spiritual strength, boundless spiritual energy and the best refining materials, and. These three have to be refined simultaneously and infiltrated with each other, so that it is possible to polish the embryonic mold of the growing legal circle.
These three things are lacking in Geng Hua’s Taoism, let alone being refined. The spiritual boundary force generated by his metaphysical world is not qualified to melt and refine materials because of the low grade of the world; Spiritual energy, the spiritual energy of the barren man is equally unqualified; Refining materials, Geng Hua is even less. For a while, Tianxin became a super monster in the eyes of Geng Hua Taoists.
There is no world, but it can exert spiritual strength; There is no world, but you can hit your own world with a sword; There is no world, but dare to rush into the abyss of interest; There is no available world, but there is great knowledge.
"Well-off days are going to be boundless!"
Geng Hua is not an ignorant person, but a bully. The existence of a monster-level Taoist like Tianxin is no different from dropping an equivalent meteorite into a sea. Well-off days are now slightly turbulent, and if Tianxin steps in again, this storm will be impossible without thinking much.
Time passed in the reverie of Geng Hua Taoists, the world boundary shell in the heavenly heart’s Gankun ring was used up, the intangible boundary material collected from the celestial world was also used up, and the Taoist power and spiritual energy were also consumed by 7788, and the Dharma realm was finally formed, floating in front of the heavenly heart in the form of a small ball. There are two kinds of appearance quality of the dharma circle, and the non-growth dharma circle is dark gray from a distance; Growth law is dark blue.
See heavenly heart finally stopped refining spirit tactic, Geng Hua barren Taoist wry smile, "eldest brother, you this dharmadhatu is too dazzling. If I hadn’t seen your products in person, I would have thought it was the world at first sight. Blue world, scary … Brother, you must use it carefully in the future. You’d better not show up if you can. A growing dharma circle has been seen through, and high-ranking Taoists will grab it! "
"Growth law? Is this rough thing … "As throw away his dharmadhatu.
"Yes, eldest brother, you are strong. First, you have come up with a purple light sword that can compete with the world. Now you have come up with a growing dharma circle. How to use the sword, eldest brother, I don’t.
But the pure blue growth dharma circle, big brother must use it with caution! "
"Growth-oriented legal circles are deeply cherished in the boundless world. I won’t tell you the reason, and my brother knows it. The space for the growth of legal circles is determined by the cultivation of Taoists. Therefore, the growing dharma circle in the hands of a high-ranking Taoist can be large enough to fit into the world of a low-ranking Taoist. Moreover, because the high-order Taoists are supported by the spiritual world of the high-quality world, the low-order Taoists who are caught in the growing legal world have no resistance even if they own the world. Instead, it will lose the world. " Geng Hua tunnel with a face of terror. "eldest brother, before you become a Taoist in the universe, it is best to make less use of this growing legal circle."
"Don’t worry, Geng Hua, I’m afraid this dharma circle is not the kind of growth dharma circle you said. I call it Sunday Dharma! "
"It’s not a growing dharma circle," Geng Hua was so startled that he didn’t catch the words behind Tianxin.
"Have you ever seen a dharma circle with a small space inside?"
"There is a small space in the dharma circle of Big Brother!"
"Yes, I have one hundred and eight spaces in Dharma circle this Sunday. There is no problem with storage, and it can be classified, but it should be installed in the world. I am afraid it will be difficult. "
"Anyway, big brother, you have to use this dharma world less. Its color is easy to misunderstand."
"Well," Tianxin accepted the Sunday dharma circle, "I will decorate it in the future and see if I can change the damn blue!"
"Thank you, Big Brother."
"Thank me, thank what, this is my thing! I won’t give it to you. " As laughed.
"Although not for me, but the eldest brother will hide it. I will have a lot less trouble, and a well-off day will be much quieter. " Lianghua tunnel seriously.
"Look at this guy. As if I were going to turn the well-off life upside down. Don’t worry, I have a degree. My trip to Xiaokangtian is just a trip. "
"I hope so! Infinite longevity! " Geng Hua made an exception and announced a track number.
There are thousands of lines in the world of mortals, and people can’t help it when it comes to everything.
Or you can’t help being in the Jianghu.
Back to a well-off life, trouble is inevitable. The world of man, or the world of Tao, is a kind of traction field. Unless you don’t go in, just go in. The force field will change, either others influence you or you influence others.
Tianxin is not worried about integrating into a well-off life, in his view. This is not a problem at all. It’s too easy for him to blend in, unless there is such a naturally vicious guy. But … It doesn’t matter, it’s just a contest to eliminate toxicity.
After a year and a half.
Although both Tianxin and Geng Hua are mentally prepared, their mood is still a little fluctuating when they step into a well-off life again. Tianxin’s mood fluctuates because from now on, he begins to cut into the infinite world; Geng Hua’s mood fluctuates in two ways. First, he is worried that the site will change and more than 20 younger brothers will be in trouble. Second, he was worried and excited about the well-off days being thrown into Tianxin. Now he doesn’t regard Tianxin as a "harmless person" and a "powerless person". Heaven is slight, and Geng Hua faintly perceives that the future is a swirling and colorful sky.
The fist is full of wind, the palm of the hand is soaring, the wind is like electricity, and the body is ill, all of which point to the opponent’s key points.
Look at people.
The text carries the Tao, so is the martial arts. A person’s fighting skills and fighting direction can often give feedback to this person’s mind.
With the progress of the fight, the iron face of watching the battle became deeper and deeper. Geng Hua is not worthy of attention in his eyes, but he is surprised by Tianxin …

Chapter four hundred and forty-eight Well-off Battle (below)
In the middle, Tianxin seems to fall down at any time, but in fact it is extremely smart, stable and accurate, and it is not greedy, and it will leave at the touch. Therefore, it is the heavenly heart that is pushing and hitting people, not the Taoist who is making achievements. Moreover, under the guidance of the strange posture of the heavenly heart, many Taoists actually have their own people beating their own people.
The most important thing is that the power made by Tianxin has reached a wonderful level. Hundreds of Taoists have different natures. Some or really saved the idea of teaching this boy a lesson, so the move is not light or heavy; Some are extremely bloodthirsty, and the power of pushing is heavy; Some are eager to make meritorious deeds, and their fighting techniques are extremely bad …
But Tianxin seems to be aware of all this. Those who make moves in moderation have just the right strength to fight back; Those who are bloodthirsty will fight back with the same heavy fist; Extremely damaging, almost only let the other side have a chance in the first round, and in the second and third rounds, they will take the initiative and fight back with a more tricky play.
Tiejin was shocked and angry to the extreme. Hundreds of Taoists can’t take a Taoist, and if the other party makes the world, it’s great!
"Cloth … array!"
Iron gold growled, but his roar was not completely exported, and suddenly his eyes were filled with illusions. Tianxin is not polite to this leader. His fists are out, his feet are out, his fingers are pointed at the wind, and his gods’ attacks are also used.
The eyes of iron and gold are full of surprises! This guy is single, and he doesn’t retreat. Instead, he runs a force, fist to fist, foot to foot, pointing to the wind and pointing to the wind, and carrying the blow of Tianxin hard. It’s just that he missed an attack of divine knowledge. Only by resisting the first wave of fist attack from Tianxin, it was beaten away by the second wave of blow from Tianxin.
Flying away does not mean the end of bad luck.
This is the thief’s head. If you don’t beat him hard, or if you don’t act harder than him, trouble will continue. Therefore. Tianxin used iron and gold as sandbags, not only beating them by himself, but also throwing them at hundreds of Taoist priests who followed them in lightning speed, then covering them up, slamming them and throwing them again.
Hundreds of Taoist priests were helpless, and Tianxin dared to beat iron and gold, but they didn’t dare, so they gave in and made a mess. If you can’t form an array, you will get the heavenly heart.
So lightning Shi Huo hit, when Tianxin stopped, Tiejin had turned into a big pig head, and hundreds of Taoist priests were knocked down by nearly half. Those who were not knocked down were stunned and looked at the scene in front of them.