Taiwan Province and Li Qianbian have never been more frustrated than they are now. He is crazy in front of a bigger and bigger black hole. Since the mainland released the Inner Mind Formula, a new generation is returning, and the word "de-China" has become a joke, and even people who once supported him have publicly spurned it. Now, the national pride brought by Chaduc has pushed this kind of folk sentiment even further. Next, he has to deal with the incident of "the mainland worships the Sect", which is not handled properly. He is worried that Taiwan Province will become an empty island.

Zhongnanhai, there are worries after cheering. The four guards of the real dragon are staggering. Seeing so many "birds" attacking one person, they also want to plead for the war. The Yangtze River waved his hand. In this case, the child must have come back. He didn’t panic. What are you panicking about?
After nearly 10 years’ hard training, the Dragon Four Guards can move towards the middle of the 12th order. No matter their willpower and skill, they can’t compete with each other, but they can’t always "enjoy themselves" in the enchantment like space-based soldiers. It can be said that they are pillars of state affairs rather than military affairs. If the situation is not assured, the Yangtze River dare not let them play easily. What about the knights and angels? ! Everything will be discussed after meeting the children.
In the Taklimakan desert, Tianxin Group headquarters building, people watched the increasingly fierce fighting. At this time, the screen image has been slowed down a lot, but the images of the main characters in the picture are still unclear. I believe that no one will believe that there is an inseparable battle in the empty sky if it is not the turbulent energy airflow and the air distortion.
Tianxin couldn’t help lamenting the cleverness of the war between the western gods. Now the two sides are intertwined, and it is difficult to tell the outcome until a certain time is reached. But to the surprise of Tianxin, Chaduc’s consumption is supplemented by vitality. He thought that the consumption of people in the western celestial world would also be supplemented by vitality, but the fact is not that the fluctuation sensed by the optical nerve is a very strange force, like a spirit, but he knows that it is not a spirit, nor is it like the Force without power. Is there a third force in this world?
It is this power that reunites the war on the verge of collapse and encircles Chaduc again. It is this power that has repaired the wounded paladins, holy angels and even flying horses in the war. And send out this kind of power, is I don’t know when has been in the periphery of the war, according to the four pairs of wings and sea green mulberry media is according to the wide big sword, with two people rapidly read lips, thick sending out a white halo of holy power from all directions into the body of according to and sea green mulberry, and then by the wings, join the holy power of the holy knight sword, from the periphery through the whole war.
In space, the old rivals and enemies of the western gods began to evaluate each other again.
"Source boy is strong, but it’s a pity that he is too inexperienced. Hey hey, if I were you, with her ability as an angel with eight wings, Gaya would like to absorb the holy power calmly, dreaming! A fierce battle, I don’t know when it will end? " The demon king mumbled.
"Hey, in the end, you still have to use Buddha power!" The dragon is triumphant.
"That guy, the speed of absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth is far faster than ours. No, this matter must be told to Xian Zun. If there is such a skill, there is no place for me in the celestial world!" It is another idea that the celestial sky will be downwind and thousands of miles away.

Chapter 53 The crisis is approaching
Among several major forces, flying bats in the blood demon world, like the monarch of the Qing Dynasty, are the least pleasing to the eye to see the western gods, especially the blood clan in the original place is regarded as natural enemies by the Vatican inquisition, and has been slaughtered from generation to generation, so that the blood clan in the original place is almost extinct, which makes the blood Chen Zi, who is closest to the blood clan in blood, feel embarrassed. Therefore, the western protoss eats turtles in the original place, and he is more happy than the monarch of the Qing Dynasty in the underworld.
"Swear in the name of the demon world, if the existence of the blood clan can make the western protoss have a headache, I will help the blood clan in the source to regain its glory."
His guess is right, the blood clan has a long life, and it is a dark and long-lived creature with the ability of self-evolution. For some reason, the western gods naturally do not allow such creatures to appear in the original place. As early as the war of that year, they left the seeds to deal with the blood clan. Therefore, the two civilizations in the original place, the blood clan and religion, were at odds from the day they appeared; Just as in the East, Taoism and Buddhism are incompatible with demons and ghosts.
Just as the eyes of the whole world were focused on the North American continent, a conspiracy to levy the Lin Group was launched in Guangzhou.
On the outskirts, hysterical laughter came from a villa. "Lin Yilan, you told me to be paralyzed for 10 years, and I will make you suffer for life!" "
Chen Yifeng didn’t expect to stand up again after eight years of paralysis, and his skill was better than before. The elder in black is annoyed and frightened. This boy’s condition has not improved for several years. He clearly remembers that 10 days ago, two weirdos dressed in ancient robes jumped into this villa, threatening to collude with them for Dragon Crystal, and to cure Chen Yifeng who had been paralyzed for many years. At first sight, Shi Mou and others nodded in agreement.
The elder in black was unhappy, but before he could speak, the other party seemed to have seen through his mind, and didn’t give this room full of people room to turn around at all. His voice was like a big bell. "You are my agents in the world, and it’s good to respect and obey, but it’s gone!"
Thousands of miles away and with the wind, the two heavenly generals are the only wise generals in the eastern celestial world. They are also sophisticated in terms of age, and in terms of strategy and exploring people’s hearts, this room is just a fancy in their eyes and can’t escape from their palms. Therefore, you are welcome to go back to the customer.
"Do whatever you want, and we will send heavenly soldiers to help you then." With that, Ran Ran will fly away in two days.
Everyone looked at each other, and in an instant, cheers broke out one after another. Only take Dragon Crystal for dialect, so that they can rest assured completely. Anyway, it’s a long way to go, and it doesn’t hurt to give it. They are after money. As long as they can carve up the fat sheep of Tianxin Group, hey hey, even if they invest in being somebody else’s men.
Of course, there are also those who don’t seek wealth, that is, Chen Yifeng, the grandson of Shi Mou, has been lying down for so many times, and the resentment in his heart has formed a tumor and become a nucleus, and he can’t go away! What he wants is blood, what he wants is the pain of the other party, and what he wants is the good looks of the other party! The other person is a big man in black with a long brain. When he appeared thousands of miles away and downwind, he was excited on his face and complained in his heart! Hearing the word "celestial world", he was already in his emotional state. There are really immortals in the world. He had great hopes and called the God of Yamato to to shine in his heart.
"Grandpa, I don’t care if you take Lin’s property, but I want that family to die, and I want little bitch Lin to be miserable. Life is worse than death!" Looking at the data, Lin Yilan became more and more absolute beauty’s figure and face, as well as the graceful and noble temperament cultivated by her long-term high position. A painful moment that was completely physical and mental flooded her brain, and her gloomy face was as ferocious as an evil ghost. "If I can’t get you, I will ruin you!"
Lin Fanggang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lam Group, sat comfortably in the rocking chair of the company. Since six years ago, in view of the outstanding achievements of Lin Yilan, the "flower of Lam" in Tianxin Group, the father delegated the power to Lin Fanggang, the father of Lin Yilan, in the mind of training young people. Perhaps the idiom "in the prime of life" is true. As soon as Lin Fang, who is in his forties, took office, he optimized his assets, sold the oil-stained petrochemical and related industries in the group at a loss, and devoted himself to developing low-quality Longjing related products. On the other hand, he obtained the general agent qualification of the southern Longjing market.
Tianxin Group developed the Taklimakan Desert, and Lam Group set foot in the construction industry. Its real estate companies took the lead in rushing to the desert and bought a lot of land adjacent to Tianxin Group with abundant funds. In recent years, Lin Fang has just made every effort, and Lam Group has expanded more than ten times, and it is even more sloppy in the stock market, and its share price has been rising year by year.
Good health, high spirits, and daughter’s success. After the Spring Festival, Lin Fanggang, who was beaming and went to Guangzhou to attend the commodity fair, never thought that someone would move his brain to him, to the Lam Group, and did both. Chen Yifeng made it clear that he wanted to tie him up and killed the ticket after Lin Yilan appeared. Many evil businessmen are linked together, and under the guidance of Feng and many experts, after the situation is chaotic, the Lin Group with a market value of over 100 billion will be swallowed up with huge funds in the financial market.
In other words, all this is to alarm Lin Yilan, president of Tianjing Energy Co., Ltd. There is personal hatred and more public anger!
It is obviously not enough to crack down on an enterprise group like Tianxin Group. The precedent of super warrior is ahead, so naturally no one will be stupid enough to use this method again. Therefore, after repeated research, a group of people finally decided to use the most primitive method to exploit the loopholes in national laws and plant drugs. Even if all China knows that you are wronged, so what!
A group of scum tried to imagine how the media would react when the police collected tons of heroin at Tianxin Group headquarters. How will law enforcement react? What will be the reaction of the seventh president of Tianxin Group? Maybe it can lead to the mysterious chairman who exists for the time being?
The source of drugs is, of course, foreign countries. It is impossible to enter through the Yunnan border post. The only chance is at sea or in the inaccessible border areas. After several months of hard work, after a large number of people boarded, we finally got all the drugs we needed. This year, the number of drug traffickers in China reached a new high, and even many hidden drug dens were destroyed.
"Everything is ready, only owe the east wind, such as yoshiko a line of people put drugs in the building, we began to act. If the police want to move, we have to move. I don’t believe that Tianxin Group can stop the army and the police from drug detection. "
This guy is Shi’s son, a division commander, and he wants to use troops to ensure foolproof action.
Shimou, who is here, even threatened, "You don’t have to be nervous. There have always been two factions in politics. In today’s political arena in China, although reformists occupy the mainstream and enjoy high prestige, we cannot underestimate the strength of our conservatives. Over the years, many Central Committee members who have suffered heavy losses have long regarded Tianxin Group as a thorn in their side, and the supervision department as a thorn in their side. The former devours the market, while the latter simply makes the young and old men who can’t reach out but have an eye addiction unable to move. Hey hey, every man for himself, the devil takes the hindmost. Ladies and gentlemen, cheer for our’ money’ road and counterattack. "
"Shi Lao, I can’t see that you are old and strong!" Wu Dan, a thin businessman, shouted loudly, but in his heart he cursed, this old thing is going into the coffin, and he still wants to be a president and earn a gold coffin. He felt that he was getting deeper and deeper. At first, he thought that if he failed, it would be nothing to spend a few years in prison. Now, if he fails, I am afraid that eight more heads on his neck will not be enough. Alas! Only hope that this old thing and that guy named Feng really only engage in Tianxin Group, and don’t think about anything else!
He doesn’t know, after the big brain in black returned to Japan, the celestial heaven in the East will come again with the wind and thousands of miles. In a secret room, he talked with Shi Mou and Feng Chengmian for a long time! After leaving in two days, Shi and Feng are no longer the original Shi and Feng. With strong help, ambition is already unattainable. Otherwise, how is it suitable to be the agent of the Oriental Fairy in the source area?