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Chapter two hundred and three The legendary demon emperor
"Master, how can this be?" Hao Qiang didn’t quite understand it at first. When he heard Chu Yanqi say this, he understood it in an instant and said, "This can’t be done. I’ll find the old master and settle him down, and I’ll come to you."
"Don’t come to me until dzogchen’s death." ChuYan habitat shook his head.
Hao Qiang stayed for a long time, then nodded: "Master, I know!" Said, and he no longer say more, immediately knelt down and respectfully kowtowed to ChuYanQi, when I was a child, two people are like brothers, although is a servant, but ChuYanQi didn’t use him as a slave.
Now, he can have such a practice, but it is all due to Chu Yanqi’s credit. Recently, for such a period of time, he has never worried about Lingshi Dan medicine.
"Go ahead and don’t tell them." ChuYanQi waved and gently sighed.
"good!" Hao Qiang promised, got up, turned and thought about walking outside, walked to the door, could not help but stop again, looking back at ChuYanQi.
Chu Yanqi just waved at him and let him go. If Hao Qiang is lucky, he can find Chu Hua and settle down. With his talent, he can find a school of cultivating immortals, worship his master, and then practice slowly. It is not difficult to enter the Danling period.
However, he guessed privately that Hao Qiang should not take refuge in the Sect of cultivating immortals. The biggest Sect of cultivating immortals in the Eastern Wilderness is the Tiantai Mountain. Such a Sect of cultivating immortals has been badly abused by his rookie disciples. He witnessed it with his own eyes, but he is somewhat despised in his heart. How can he go to defect?
In the evening, Chu Yanqi slept for a while as usual, and Wuji came to call him.
Then a group of people went straight to Yunmeng Lake, originally thinking, let Sang Haoran and others stay, but finally they discussed it all at once and went together.
In a very remote mountain, there is a huge stone tablet. The handwriting on the stone tablet has been blurred, and ChuYan perched in the moonlight and looked up at the handwriting.
"Is this a word?" These words look a bit like demon writing. I told Lu Xue once last time, of course. He is a complete stranger.
Nine Hou looked up at the handwriting. He said, "It sounds like a demon."
"Demon?" Sang Feilong asked inexplicably, "Those low-level savage beasts and demons also have their own characters?"
"I’m watching." Thirteen knocked at the stone tablet, smelled it, looked up and said disgruntled.
"You don’t think, this stone tablet has authority? Error-free novel network many words "SangLinHui sarcastically laughed.
Thirteen glanced at him and said, "Why don’t you come and have a look?" Anyway, he couldn’t see the place. He and Jiu Hou found it a few days earlier. However, they studied this stone tablet for a few days, but they were at a loss.
Finally, the news leaked out and they were hunted down. They had no foundation in the East Wilderness. Although they were not weak in their own cultivation, they were helpless, but many men could not stand it. More even, some people with ulterior motives, knowing that they had befriended Chu Yanqi, began to pay attention to Chu Yanqi.
Thirteen decided to cooperate with Wuji. After all, Wuji represents the Cangyu dynasty, which will make some small forces in the East more or less afraid of three points.
Chu Yan’s habitat is even more unique. He even thought of it and sold the treasure map to attract more people. As a result, there are always some smart people who will think of how to open the entrance.
Sang Linhui just said so. When he saw it, he immediately went over and studied the stone tablet.
Sang Feilong, Sang Haoran and Wuji also went over and knocked at the stone tablet, but they had no choice but to study it. The stone tablet was still a stone tablet, and there was no organ, no tattoo, etc., so there was no way to start.
"Alas ….." Nine Hou sighed, "If only I knew what was written on this stone tablet."
"You won’t have found the bow, but can’t find the entrance? Error-free novel network many words "ChuYanQi suddenly asked.
Jiuhou smiled awkwardly and said, "If I can find the entrance smoothly, I will be so lame and chased?"
Chu Yanqi suddenly smiled. In other words, if they can’t find the entrance, then others can’t find the entrance either. The treasure map is a joke. Even if the treasure map is not fake, you can’t get into Baoshan. What can you do?
"Why don’t you go away and I’ll throw a LeiFu and blow it up at once?" Chu Yanqi is very boring to think of. In past lives, those grave robbers, who could not open the ancient tomb when they touched the property, liked to throw an explosive and blow it up at once if they were in a remote place.
Therefore, he couldn’t resist his bad taste and wanted to blow it up at once.
"No, I’ve already fried it." Thirteen said with a wry smile, "I’ve thought about all the ways I can think of. If it doesn’t work, I want to dig up this stone tablet and study it."
"What if we can’t find the entrance tonight?" ChuYanQi suddenly have a feeling of distress situation, thirteen and nine waiting is too unreliable, gathered all to treasure, but I don’t know how to open the entrance.
Oh yeah, demon Wen?
Suddenly, Chu Yanqi thought of Heluxue, the abnormal kitten, who seemed to know Yaowen.
As he thought about it, he stepped back and took advantage of the fact that everyone was studying the stone tablet. No one noticed. He grabbed the snow from his shoulder. Today, the cat refused to enter the jade tripod, saying that the feather cherry fairy and the little green ant United to bully her, so she wanted to sleep on Chuyanqi’s shoulder.
Chu Yanqi is helpless, and he can only go out with such an ornamental animal. He is already eye-catching, and going out with such a cat is even more eye-catching.
"Hey, and Lu Xue, have dinner." ChuYanQi very unkind cried, and snow is very sleepy, in addition to like to eat, is to sleep.
Fairy Feather Sakura said that she is practicing when she sleeps. Just let Chu Yanqi leave her alone.
However, now, Chu Yanqi has to quarrel with her, because only she knows the demon.
And Lu Xue is still asleep, so Richard ignores him. Chu Yanqi is very unscrupulous and grabs his cat’s paw, constantly shaking it-1234, and doing exercises every day is in good health. He was still chanting as he shook it.
"Master, you should be the one who wants to do exercises." Heluxue was finally awakened by him, holding the kitten’s paw, rubbing his sleepy eyes and looking at him innocently. "It’s dark, unscrupulous master, what are you going to do?"
"Good, help me look at the words on that stone tablet!" ChuYanQi busy whispered.
"Ah?" And snow some dissatisfaction, said, and looked up at the stone tablet.
At this glance, the kitten, who was originally lying in Chuyanqi’s arms, was lazy and sleepy, and immediately came to the spirit, and the whole cat stood upright.
"What’s the matter?" ChuYanQi asked in a low voice.
"This is where the demon emperor seals the fiend." And Lu Xue whispered.