Li Tian ang just drank the tea, and it was like burning his mouth. Li Tian ang jumped up.
"Lin Luo? Yu Jia wan ling Shi chased Lin Luo? "
I don’t blame Lin Luo for his fame. A few days ago, Li Tianang and several elders also discussed this Lin Luo. I didn’t expect this person to come to his own territory in an instant.
Li Xuanping nods, "Exactly, and seeing Miss Li and that Lin Luo … seems to be a lot."
Li Tian ‘ang put the teacup heavily like a dog with its tail stepped on. "Where are people? Go "say that finish and Li Xuanping quickly walked to the front hall.
To tell the truth, Lin Luo, this is the first time I have seen my father-in-law’s heart very uneasy. Although his mouth and Li Mengyao are talking, his ears are propped up and he keeps an eye on what is going on outside.
Lin Luo suddenly calmed down when he heard the guard outside the door calling’ the patriarch’, so it’s normal for the handsome son-in-law to see his father-in-law sooner or later!
A man in a black robe came in, followed by Li Xuanping, and everyone got up. Lin Luo also got up and looked at the black man. The black man happened to look at Lin Luo’s eyes. It seemed that he had experienced a battle and turned his face away at the same time, but the black man quickly looked at Li Mengyao and saw Li Mengyao’s face full of happiness and satisfaction. The black man was absent for a moment
The man in black went to the throne, threw his black robe behind him and sat in the main hall. Then he looked at Lin Luo and asked, "Are you Lin Luo?"
Lin Luo leaned down slightly and tried to make his face full of sincerity. "I am Lin Luo who met the heads of families."
"Come here?"
Lin Luo took a deep breath and said, "Dear!"
"who?" Li Tian ang sink a way
Lin Luo was startled.
"Dad," Li Mengyao Jiaochen shouted almost without shouting, "Look here, look here, he is your beautiful daughter!"
Li Tian Ang glanced at Li Mengyao and said, "Yao Er, go back to where you live. There is no place for you to talk."
Li Mengyao stamped his mouth and said, "I’m not going to go to my daughter." Then he went to Lin Luo with a bulging head.
Seeing Li Tian ‘ang’s gloomy Lin Luo aftertaste, it seems that this marriage is not easy to handle. I also came here with my own strength in the later stage of Dan’s knot. It seems that I am too confident.
Lin Luowei held his head thoughtfully and said, "Chief Li, I’m here for Miss Li Mengyao. We met in Yunfu."
"What makes you kiss? What strength do you have to kiss? " Li Tian ‘ang rudely interrupted Lin Luo’s words.
"Just because I was only twenty years old, I became a late Dan," Lin Luo said.
Lin Luo said that a domineering 20-year-old knot Dan period is considered a young talent in Zhongzhou. If there is no Zhao family, Li Tian’ ang really likes this person. Li Tian’ ang’s breath is slightly disordered and then he said, "What else can you bring to the Li family?"
Lin Luo slightly sneered, "Your daughter is not a gift. She is a living person with flesh and blood and feelings. No one can exchange her for anything, not even her parents."
"You" Li Tian ‘ang suddenly got up, but he really couldn’t remember any good reasons to argue, and he was not sure to defeat Lin Luode and sat down in the chair again.
"Young man, you are late. My daughter has been betrothed to the Zhao family."
"Dad, I don’t agree with Zhao Zhao well is what kind of person you are not I don’t know! The only thing I want to get married in my life is Lin Luo "Li Mengyao Qiao face flushed with anger.
"I’m not only your father or the head of the Li clan, you’re not only Li Mengyao or Miss Li Jiada. It’s not up to you." Lee Ang was angry when he saw his daughter contradict him in public.
Lin Luo saw that Li Mengyao and his father were about to turn against each other. "How can the heads of the fathers make you happily marry Yao Er to me?"
Hearing Lin Luolian’s intimate name’ Yao Er’, Li Tian ‘ang didn’t good the spirit. "Unless you beat the Zhao family!"
Li Tian-ang’s words are naturally angry words. Don’t say that Lin Luo is just the Dan-knot period or the Yuan-baby period, but he can also shake Zhao’s family’s economic strength and force are almost the strongest in Zhongzhou. Except for the mysterious Xingyue Palace and the ancient Suzaku country, there are three Yuan-baby monsters in the Zhao family. Once they are transformed into gods, they are the strongest in Zhongzhou. Even though Zhongzhou is the smallest in Tianwuzhou, compared with other big States, there are digital gods in each state, it is indeed the worst state. Even sending troops can’t build an ancient state language
Chapter 121 Impossible conditions
"Ok, I promise," Lin Luo followed by Li Tianang replied.
"What?" Li Tian ‘ang was taken aback this time. He repeated, "I said it was the Zhao family in Tianbao Pavilion."
Lin Luo looked silly and bold. "Yes, it’s the Zhao family. Isn’t it just beating the Zhao family?"
Li Tian-ang was thorough this time. Did he fail to express his meaning or did Lin Luo misunderstand Li Tian-ang’s meaning? Li Tian ang looked at Li Xuanping.
Li Xuanping understood, "Lin Daoyou, although you are Godsworn Dan, I’m afraid you don’t know the strength of the Zhao family in Tianbao Pavilion! I’ll give you a simple statement. "
"Don’t bother to protect Li." Lin Luo laughed. "The Zhao family in Tianbao Pavilion occupies 50% of Tianbao Pavilion, and there are three monks in Yuanying period and no less than ten monks in Dandan period."
Li Xuanping opened his mouth and said, "You all know! Then how do you pay it back? "
Lin Luo didn’t answer Li Xuanping’s words and sincerely looked at Li Tian ‘ang. "Please give me three months, and I will give you a satisfactory answer."
Li Tian ‘ang seems to be moved by Lin Luo’s sincerity. "The Zhao family will come to kiss you again on the 20th of next month, and I will see you then." Then Li Tian ‘ang turned to leave the purlin and walked to the door, pausing for a while. "Where Li Daoyou lives, you will arrange a west mountain peak, but there is a spare courtyard."
Lee occupied the mountain with three peaks, the main peak and the west peak of Dongshan Peak. Li Mengyao lived in the courtyard of his family, and the patriarch of the East Peak arranged Lin Luo for the west peak. Obviously, it was to let the two people have as little contact as possible.
Li Mengyao grabbed Lin Luo sleeve way "are you crazy? Tianbaoge Zhao’s whole Zhongzhou is counting the forces, especially the chief elder of Zhao’s family, who is said to have had a glimpse of the temple of God. "
Lin Luo looked at Li Mengyao seriously and said, "I’m not crazy. Don’t say it’s the Zhao family. I’m willing to fight even if it’s heaven!"
Li Mengyao’s face is red and her heart is throbbing. At this moment, she wants to turn a piece of water around Lin Luo forever.
Li Diguang and Li Xuanping sighed with eyes loose, while Moon and Yuaner were full of envy. What could be happier than a woman getting true love?
"Lin Daoyou, please come with me." Li Xuanping said to Lin Luo, "I will take you to the West Park."
"I’ll go, too," Li Mengyao said, grasping Lin Luo’s hand tightly.
Li Xuanping nai shook his head, but he couldn’t do anything about this big lady. Three people walked out of the courtyard and rose up.
Lin Luo didn’t notice that when Li Mengyao was in the middle of the preconditions, she actually married Dan at this time. Maybe it was Li Mengyao’s talent, but it was absolutely necessary for the family to support this practice. I don’t know how many spiritual powers I smashed, but Lin Luo didn’t know that Li Mengyao broke through the family’s block as soon as possible. This is the hard practice. Every day, she missed Lin Luo in a daze and practiced "Luoshui Tactics", which broke through the female practice of becoming a married Dan.
Flying condescendingly, the whole Lee Mountain Range is shrouded in a hazy haze, as if it were a fairyland. At this time, the Lee’s territory is really big enough. I don’t know that the whole hill stretches for thousands of miles, and it is only such a big place as Liuzhou that it can inherit such a family. What about the four families? Lin Luo is also deeply worried about the next step.
"How many people are there in the Li family now?" Lin Luo has a good impression on Li Xuanping. Li Xuanping doesn’t know whether it is a smiling face or a deliberate practice, but it feels sincere
While flying, Li Xuanping said, "More than 1,000 monks who built the foundation and more than 100 monks who married Dan are less than 10. There are three places in Zhongzhou that bear the semicolon of Tianbao Pavilion." Li Xuanping tried to tell Lin Luo as much as possible. Although these messages are not confidential, only the Li family knows these. Even if Li Xuanping doesn’t tell Lin Luo Li Mengyao, he will tell Lin Luo Lin Luo to ask out openly, which makes Li Xuanping feel that Lin Luo is frank.
Lin Luo nodded slightly, which was a little different from the results of his inquiries in the past few days. He continued to ask, "What is the practice of the old clan leader Li, please?"
Li Xuanping hesitated a little, but Li’s top secret involved the power occupied by the semicolon of Li Tianbao Pavilion, so Li Xuanping was ambiguous and said, "The old clan has been closed for a year and still doesn’t know the exact repair."
Lin Luo said for a moment that the three people had already arrived at the West Park. This courtyard looks deserted and overgrown with weeds, but it is very quiet. It is a good place for practice and of course a good place for tryst. Lin Luo took a look at Li Mengyao and Li Mengyao seemed to have pinched a Lin Luo arm with Bai Linluo’s nails.
Li Xuanping led Lin Luo into the hospital and said, "I will live with you in the next month. I will lie in the west and lie in the east for you."
Lin Luo’s face drooped. It seems that Li Tian ‘ang had been on guard against this skill. Seeing Lin Luo’s face, Li Mengyao smiled wittily. "Then please bother Uncle Li to take care of my friend!"
Li Xuanping laughed. "It’s okay to talk about Yao’s son. How can I not be at ease as an uncle!" Li Xuanping looked at Li Mengyao kindly. He appreciated Li Mengyao, a rich second-generation gifted student, who was kind to people, especially to several elders in the clan.
Three people walked into the West Park purlin and sat down separately.
Lin Luo said, "There is one more thing for the protector Li to ask."
"Go ahead."
Lin Luo thoughtfully said, "Dare to ask the guardian Li, do you know how far the master of Xingyue Palace has been cultivated?"