"Magic clear pool, what’s your interest? Or what is your hobby? I mean, if you had to choose from all the affairs in the colorful star field, which one would you choose? "

"Brother, now I can’t say. If you want me to choose now, maybe going out for you is the only choice I can make at present. "
"Want to be a female general?" Tianxin was surprised by the choice of Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny.
"No, not a female general, a female soldier! I think this is my direction. Sometimes, I often wonder what is the purpose of my practice? Wei Dao? Now it seems that this road is very complicated, and sometimes it may be completely wrong. Being a soldier, there is no problem in this respect. As long as my brother gives the order, I will rush out and fight as hard as I can. " Xuanyuan Fantasy asked with a smile, "Brother, do you think I’m stupid?"
"Stupid … you’re not stupid, you’re obviously smart and lazy." As laughed. "However, you can’t really lazy! Your identity is complicated. You are my liaison officer, a bridge between me and Xuanzong Road, my Taoist companion and my life secretary. Your task is not easy. "
"Brother, what do you say?" Xuanyuan magic shine see heavenly heart evil eyes look over, face red Chen way.

Chapter two hundred and forty-nine History instructor
Ok, then let’s go! "As see xuan yuan magic shine also like a rush, Chen dun now around my darling, a hug the wind, a heavy kiss, and then qi to white evil spirit eats yuan valley.
Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny felt comfortable for the intimate love of Tianxin, and relaxed all over, letting Tianxin drive her. She didn’t know that when her pretty face showed infinite affection, Tianxin had thought a lot for an instant.
It’s not the first time I’ve seen this kind of situation in Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny. At the beginning, it happened to Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang and Qinghong Wanbo. The reason is that when several women were in front of Tianxin, their original skills of practicing for ten thousand years were not worth mentioning, and their persistent Taoist thoughts were shattered by the small world in hide the sword Wonderland. In the words of Kewu World, their values collapsed. Due Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang and Qinghong Wanbo are not bad. They have participated in the reconstruction of Congtian Shengjie and Wanhuang Kewu World. The three girls have been remolded in time in practice, both in skill and concept, and have their own directions. They have lived with Tianxin for a long time and exchanged more. It should be said that Due Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang and Qinghong Wanbo have all returned to some extent with the passage of time, which makes them have their own unique beauty.
Xuanyuan Magic Sunny is not so lucky. She has little time to get along with Tianxin, especially the most caring fighting time. However, because of this, she is very different from the three girls, such as Due Jin Wei. The emotional model between Sannv and Tianxin is basically gradual, while her emotional model with Tianxin is radical. In the fairyland of hide the sword for 80 years, her Taoist thoughts, like the three daughters, were shattered by the fairyland of hide the sword, and she only met Tianxin once. The shaping of Tianxin as a whole is based on this side and everything in hide the sword fairyland, plus her feelings, through a long time, bit by bit. It can be said that Tianxin is extremely beautified in her heart. In this way, after her heart was broken through by Tianxin, her emotional expression was completely different from that of Due Jin Wei and other three daughters, showing a completely submissive posture.
Distance produces beauty. After coming out of hide the sword Wonderland. Whether in the world of martial arts or in the colorful star field, she spent a short time with Tianxin, which ushered in the separation of heaven and earth for ten thousand years. Missing, mystery and hearing in the unique environment of Leishan Heaven all make Tianxin more dreamy in her heart and make her more obsessed with Tianxin.
Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny’s idea of being a little female soldier is not an expression, but the environment. The world of Kewu gave her a great shock. I thought that the prosperous planet of Emperor Wan was the acme, but I didn’t know that there were seven major leagues, a multi-star domain and a true spiritual civilization that was absolutely beyond cognition. All these make her feel powerless, especially because she has little contact with Kewu products, let alone know Kewu. The unknown is either frightening or a headache. The fairy of Xuanyuan Tieling was a little discouraged when she saw the ease with which Due Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang and Qinghong Wanbo lived. After thinking about it. The absolutely clever princess chose the army. This is a blank, which is more suitable for her present situation, and it can also make her rise quickly, competing with three girls: Due Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang and Qinghong Wanbo.
Xuanyuan magic sunny career deep in my heart, as not an accident, just worried about whether she is suitable. It was only after several failures that Haixin Liuxiang found the media, which is more suitable for magic. After all, Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny is a Taoist practice. Even if it has been honed for ten thousand years in the second day of Leishan Mountain, it is not so easy to develop a military temperament in the later years. Among the closest people around Tianxin now. There is only one person who is suitable to be a general except Ziyue, that is, the seven-hearted witch can’t stay in the heart of the sea. The war is not simply bloody, and the witch has more strange hearts than righteous ones. Although Ziyue is immature, her adventure is young and her plasticity is strong. Over time, she will be a good female handsome.
"That’s all, let you start with the heavenly doer first." As hug soft charming body thought.
"Brother, what are you thinking?" Xuanyuan magic shine induced to heavenly heart thinking free, leaned forward and asked.
"Er … thinking … Don’t you want to be a soldier? This time, I will let you devote yourself to the special training of the Ministry of Heaven. As long as you are qualified for this job, you will be my little soldier. " As xi xi laughs.
"Knew that brother will have arrangements. But I want my brother to train me personally. " Xuan Yuan Huan Qing Xi Dao.
"Of course I want to specially train you personally, but you are the first woman to hold the day for the first time! After training you, I hope to be included in the history of instructors. "
"Card …, brother is really funny. The great achievements have been built, and I am still greedy for this vanity. " Xuanyuan Magic Sunny listened with joy, and her pretty face bloomed with a flowery smile.
"Wrong, brother, I am afraid of your failure. If you can’t be a goddess, I’m afraid only I can handle it. " As evil laughed.
"Can’t do …" Xuan yuan magic sunny zheng, "impossible. I have completed such a hard road. I will definitely let my senior brother enter the history of instructors. "
"Well, then don’t feel wronged and puzzled by the majesty of your brother!"
"No, if you release water, I won’t." XuanYuan magic shine eyes flashing with a kind of light.
The two men smiled and talked, but Xuanyuan Magic Sunny didn’t think that her career as a day bearer would be in the tens of thousands of emperors.
World, to attend the meeting from that moment on, and as a relaxed instructor.
After a hundred years’ absence, great changes have taken place in the world of wanhuang Kewu, which has been in the spring of 240 years. Because a large number of people were drawn to the colorful star field, and the core figures such as Tianxin, Ziyue, Due Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang and Qinghong Wanbo left, the expansion of the three-system area of the Oriental Emperor Word Group basically stopped, and it remained in the situation of more than half a hundred years ago.
Although a hundred years ago, the heart single-handedly destroyed the "proud plan" of the 3,000-strong alliance to help the 2,000-strong empire, and made many hints, no one can be indifferent to the star-sinking disaster. Save for a rainy day, everyone is holding the idea of getting the moon first by the advantage. Governments all over the world are ambiguous, and well-informed people from all over the world have entered the world in large numbers in the form of tourism and business, thus bringing heavy pressure to the three-system region and the non-three-system region, and the situation is very tense.
"Eldest brother, that’s the basic situation," said Wan Huang Ji Yue building conference room, and the president of Oriental Italian Emperor Group continued with a rational thinking. "Population expansion makes all contradictions particularly exciting. Non-three-system areas that were previously influenced by the three-system system and basically calmed down now return to the previous dark situation; The form of public security in the three-system area is also becoming increasingly severe and not optimistic. "
"This is not surprising. What are the actions of the nations now? " Tianxin wanted to think.
"Very urgent. The phenomenon of star sinking is becoming more and more fierce year by year, and in recent years, many living stars in the world have begun to show signs of desolation; The governments of all countries, especially the Parliament of the League of Nations, have repeatedly asked the Oriental Huangzi Series Group about relevant matters, and their tone is increasingly questioning. We are just accused of ignoring the lives of the people of all countries. "
"They are nasty. In the past 100 years, a huge number of senior talents have’ disappeared’ every year in the world of martial arts. The spies of all countries have already sent back this situation and the data. How can all countries not guess some? " Aside to many dissenting Confucian Group President Ling Jingyue hummed and added, "The information obtained by many dissenting Confucian Secret Service shows that governments all over the world are more and more dissatisfied with us. Countless meetings on the Alliance Star have had members propose to violently capture the planet of kings, or send an inquiry group to inquire about the whereabouts of the world’s senior talents, saying that the planet of kings has not yet left the custody of the alliance. There are so many people missing on Wanhuang planet that the alliance should intervene. By the way, big brother, didn’t you break up this ghost alliance? Why are you jumping out now? "
"They are forced. Think about it. Repeated military provocations have not only failed to achieve their goals, but have been dealt a heavy blow, which means that this road is blocked. Of course they will change their ways and find another way. The alliance has not been broken up by me, but it has been left out in the cold, and now it has become a tool for them to open a conversation window. " As a smile.
"Eldest brother is to say …"
"I didn’t say anything. Quiet moon, the sinking of the stars can’t be delayed, and you know the situation of all countries best. Just tell the nations that the Oriental Huangzi Series Group has agreed to contact them on the sinking of Daewoo, and the time is set at one year later. Location: Soyuz Star. Attendee: Heaven-bearer. "
"Big brother is going to start a large-scale immigration?" Lingxin month is a little excited tunnel.
"Which have so fast. The opening time of the void channel between Daewoo Star Domain and Colorful Star Domain can only last for two hundred years. Therefore, before the passage is opened, everything must be ready, and the number of immigrants per unit time must be saturated without wasting any time. "
"Then what should we do? When is the exact immigration time? "