"No matter what we do, I just need to get this anti-immortal banner." Demon way sneer at 1, where to pay attention to these extremely precious days and heavy waters for all major doors? Without the slightest hesitation, he stepped forward and reached for the anti-immortal banner.

I never thought that before he touched the anti-immortal banner, a black light burst out on this long banner. Black burst, unexpectedly abruptly blew the diabolical way out seven or eight steps away. As for the Taoist Feiyun, it was even more miserable. She was seriously injured by this black light and opened her mouth to spit out one mouthful blood. Then I sat on the ground and couldn’t stand up for a while.
"There is no dead body, and you want to resist being original?" The diabolical way steadied himself, and once again jumped at the anti-immortal banner with a ferocious face. But this time, he used the magical power of the bones and ghosts to claw vigorously, only to see a layer of cold light of the white door G door G emerge on his hands, and these cold light formed clouds of transparent bans and condensed into the palm of his hand, and then grabbed it on the anti-fairy banner.
This time, the anti-immortal banner still burst into black light to resist, and began to diabolize that the supernatural power of the powerful claws of the bones and ghosts is extremely earth. Now he has cultivated to the top order. Although he can’t capture the sun and the moon, it is not a problem to grab a mountain with tens of thousands of feet. Now he has urged the avatar to catch my Lord’s magic weapon. No matter how powerful this magic weapon is, it can’t resist the power of this avatar.
After catching the anti-immortal banner, Yao Dao shook his head and drilled out the Styx Yuan God from above.
This Styx Yuan God has the same heart as the demon road, and he is originally a person, so he knows what the demon road called him out to do. So when this scarlet road flyover Styx appeared, he took over the anti-immortal banner in the hands of the demon road, and then opened his mouth and swallowed it.
As soon as Changban fell into the Styx Yuan God, he appeared in the endless sea of blood. In this endless sea of blood, there are four altars that rise and fall, and a monster jumps down from this altar and pulls the long streamer to soak in the sea of blood.
Unwilling to be so controlled, the anti-immortal fan automatically broke out a magic weapon to resist blood erosion. At that time, I saw blood rolling, constantly hitting the black light of the long banner, and giving out a burst of violent explosions.
"Let’s rest here for a moment and three quarters, and we’ll leave here when I’m being original and control the anti-immortal banner." The demon road waved the Styx Yuan God into the noumenon, and then said to a Taoist priest with a surprised face.
"You condensed the Yuan God?" Taoist Feiyun never thought that the demon road could have such ability. She has been in this celestial world for a long time, and she is very familiar with the means of condensing Yuan God. That’s why it’s so rude.
"It’s a pity that there is no good magic weapon now. If there is a good baby, being original can also help you condense the Yuan God." The diabolical way ha ha a smile, and there is no concern about the disaster of heaven and earth caused by condensing the Yuan God. While speaking, it seems that I can easily solve the robbery between heaven and earth.
"If condensed yuan god I can do it, just don’t have enough means to deal with the disaster of heaven and earth. We must know that when others face the disaster of heaven and earth, if someone joins them, the power of this disaster of heaven and earth will soar tenfold. The more people join them, the more powerful it will be. " Taoist Feiyun remembered some disasters she had seen in heaven and earth, so she was so afraid.
"This heaven and earth disaster is dangerous for others, but it’s just something for being original. If Martial Uncle trusts being original, let the original help him; if not, wait until you have the strength to face it alone. " It’s not easy to force the demon to smell the words, but it just gives the other party a chance to see if she can grasp it.
While the yuan god of Styx was refining the banner of the immortal, Yaodao talked with Taoist Feiyun about magical powers. It used to be told by Taoist Feiyun and listened to by demon, but now it’s just the opposite. It turned into a demon talk, and the Taoist Fei Yun listened.
The diabolical way begins to talk, spits lotus flowers and gushes water, but it is he who forcefully manifests his understanding of Taoism and the rules of heaven and earth, so as to pass it on to Taoist Feiyun. Taoist Fei Yun also knew that it was a chance. Although she had a hard time on her face, she was also willing to lose such a chance, so she quickly condensed her mind and let the spring water fall on her and let Lotus huā crawl into the top of her head.
In less than a moment, the demon road suddenly felt that the Styx Yuan God in the dream world of then in the body was disturbed. Before he could use his means to suppress it, the Styx Yuan God in the elixir directly exploded, and the anti-immortal banners contained in it turned into a black light.
This black light went up into the sky, directly tearing his then, but also opening a big hole in his belly. Then the immortal banner disappeared into the sky.
"Little doll, this thing is not what you should have. Don’t get involved." The image of a cold female practitioner emerges from the blood burst from the demon road. "Stay here for me safely, and never think about which long stroke to play in the future."
"A jian goods, sneak attack also to teach being original? It’ s really arrogant. " Demon way roar loud, stretched out his hand to catch this blood rou condensed figure.
"I am outside the endless starry sky, where can you hurt me?" This woman, with a snort of cold, suddenly dispersed when she was in the presence of her diabolical hands, leaving only diabolical blood lying on the ground.
"Dry" diabolical rage, he never thought that now there are people who can quietly take things out from his dream world, but also take the opportunity to hurt themselves, which makes him very unacceptable.
"Don’t be angry, don’t treat your injury quickly?" Aside feiyun Taoist face Se is also extremely ugly. She didn’t expect anyone to hurt the diabolical way quietly. In her mind, the demon way is of the earth, and it condenses the Yuan God. No one should have been able to sneak up on him, but the fact shocked her.
"Bah, it’s just an old thing. I’ve lived longer than me, so virtue. If I let the poor road meet the jian goods one day, I will certainly torture her. " The diabolical road roared loudly. Seeing that he was going to refine the anti-immortal banner successfully, so as to save the prisoners who were trapped in it, he never thought that he would suddenly come here at last, which really made him angry.
Mind rotation, the mind of the earth will soon reunite the broken Styx Yuan God, but he has broken a big hole on it, which is extremely difficult to repair.
"Uncle Shi, wait a moment. After being poor and recovering from injury, go out and kill all the rubbish outside, so as to vent some anger." The diabolical way, without considering anything else, stretched out his hand directly over his head and tore out a crack three feet in size.
Cracks emerged, and the essence of infinite stars poured out of it like spring water. One of them fell on the top of the demon road, immersed in the elixir to repair it, and the other fell in front of Taoist Feiyun, allowing Taoist Feiyun to absorb and enhance her mana.
Fortunately, the practice practiced by Taoist Feiyun is very different from that of demon Taoism, and the mana has nothing to do with the amount of JingXie. Therefore, as long as Taoist Feiyun operates the practice, she can constantly absorb these star essences to enhance her mana.
Just as Yaodao was mending the cracks in the elixir, a violent movement dàng suddenly came from the depths of the earth. With this violent movement, dàng, waves of dragon’s roar spread out from the depths of the earth.
"The garbage of the Star Sect, your grandfather and I are alive." An angry roar rang out from the earth, and then the movement dàng became more intense. The cave where diabolical Taoist Fei Yun and Taoist Fei Yun were located began to collapse, so that the two of them did not consider staying here, and hurriedly broke the rocks and flew out.
After they broke through the rocks and flew into the air, they saw that there were at least tens of thousands of practitioners in the sky who surrounded Fiona Fang for thousands of miles. The most attractive thing is not the tens of thousands of practitioners, but the earth that keeps cracking below.
The earth cracked, and blue cold light emerged from it. During the breathing, a blue Se dragon flew out of it.
The dragon head and tail don’t know how many Wan Li, it flew out, stretched out his hand into the void, and then pulled out from the inside a don’t know how many times smaller than it a dragon into his mouth. After eating the dragon dragged out of the void, the shape of the blue Se dragon soared again. The breath of the earth emanates from it, and only B and forced diabolism and others repeatedly retreat.
"The ancient demon family is cold, let’s go, we can’t resist." The owner of a shuttle shouted, leaned forward and flew outside the starry sky. I saw boundless starlight on this shuttle, and these starlight conjured up nine dragons to pull the shuttle and fly to the depths of the starry sky.
"Don’t go, Lao Yan, I haven’t eaten rou for a long time, so stay as my snack." I don’t know how many miles of cold glass mouth spit people’s words, and opened my mouth to inhale fiercely in the direction of shuttle’s escape. I saw a gust of wind born out of thin air, instantly swallowing the shuttle flying out of the planet and thousands of practitioners around it.

Chapter two hundred and seventy-six History of cold glass
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six History of cold glass
When all the practitioners present saw that the cold glass dragon was so fierce, they opened their mouths and killed thousands of practitioners. They were only scared, without any manners, and flew in all directions at their fastest speed.
The speed of diabolism is the fastest. When he saw that there were hundreds of thousands of miles of cold glass coming out of the planet, he directly used the wind escape technique, rolled up Feiyun Taoist and flew wildly in a direction he chose.
This wind escape technique has now been practiced by him to the extreme, with tens of thousands of miles between breaths, which is several times faster than some escape techniques of ancient power. Flying so fast, I finally escaped to another planet before the cold glass opened its mouth and swallowed people again.
After the demon road just landed on this planet, look at the original ice and snow planet. I saw that the planet crashed and burst, and the whole cold glass was completely liberated from the inside.
This cold glass hovered in the air, and then flew towards the planet where Yaodao was located. I saw the blue light flashing, but in just a few dozen breathing hours, I saw the ferocious face of the cold glass dragon again.
The appearance of such a monster beast of the earth has made all the practitioners on the whole planet crazy. Even the sons of the so-called good fortune started to run after discovering the cold glass. On the contrary, it is the monster beast on this planet.
They growled wildly, regardless of the course of their respective masters, staying in the same place without moving, and even if their masters cast a ban to torture them, they would not help their masters escape.
"haha, a lot of rü u, all of them are mine." This cold glass roared loudly, and he opened his mouth to spit out blue Se smoke, instantly wrapped the whole planet in hundreds of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang, and then opened his mouth, like an adult eating candied haws, and swallowed the planet in one bite.
Fortunately, the demon road genial smile that as early as the moment I saw the cold glass, I took the flying cloud Taoist to fly to the distance again.
So repeatedly, the demon road flies in front, and the cold glass follows closely behind. No matter how the demon road changed direction, the cold glass actually followed. Fortunately, every time the demon road escapes, other practitioners choose a direction with him, so they have never been noticed as abnormal.
"Holy shit, does this thing have a grudge against being original?" Demon road crazy run, while complaining in a low voice.
"There is absolutely enmity. Otherwise, why did he follow you there?" Feiyun Taoist said with a face of helplessness and spirit. "Isn’t that anti-fairy banner you’re tossing about the treasure of this cold glass?"
"Impossible, that anti-immortal banner is an ancient magic weapon, and it is not this cold glass thing at all." The diabolical way frowned and retorted. In fact, he is not sure whether what he said is right or not. After all, the cold glass is also an ancient demon family, so it really has something to do with the anti-immortal banner.
In fact, Yaodao doesn’t know the origin of this cold glass at all. Speaking of it, this cold glass also has a lot to do with him. In those days, he got a picture of red sand bursts. In this picture, a standard was broken, and the souls of several monster beasts flew out from it. And one of the souls belongs to this cold glass.
This ancient cold glass was just an ordinary demon race in ancient times. He was arrested as a weapon by Isag, the Lord of ghosts and gods, and was beaten to death during the ancient war between ghosts and gods. Later, the master of the red sand burst figure helped each other, and kept his soul in the red sand burst figure, while his ontology was thrown into the battlefield by Isag.
Later, the heavens and the earth overlapped, and all creatures re-evolved. His body should have turned into mountains or continents with the evolution of the heavens and the earth. However, I thought that there was a head of earthy ghosts falling, and blood was scattered around to form a breath of the earth. It is this breath that helps his body to blend into a piece of debris and form a planet in this new world, while the body of Lu is sealed in the planet forever and cannot get out of trouble.