"Of course it’s true." As primly, "although any practice tactic pays attention to gradual approach, there are always some accidents. You were destined to be an alternative yogi from the moment you got the spiritual sword. You two sisters, who have achieved great success after practicing for more than 100 years, are such an alternative yogi. Their hard work and efforts are also extraordinary. I am optimistic about you, but you have to work hard. "

"Yes, brother."
"You are now a Yuan baby, originally in accordance with the hide the sword tower gauge, and all non-door tactics (hide the sword’s basic heart tactic, that is, the first eight-order heart tactic in the 12-order internal energy method) practitioners must reach the second floor through their own understanding. But considering that you are dragged down by the spiritual sword, you can start from the second floor. In the second floor, there are two kinds of mind tactics. One is the hidden sword fairy tactic left by the real dragon, and the pursuit is then Avenue. This is not suitable for you unless you break the baby. One is the complete hidden sword heart tactic, which you can practice. You should be able to practice Mahayana in a hundred years, taking it as a reference, plus enough purple light lingshi in the second floor. At ordinary times, you should visit hide the sword Wonderland more often, which will be very helpful to your realm. After you have achieved the fairy baby, I will pass on your corresponding fairy tale. "
"Brother Xie," although I was confused, I was still excited and inexplicable. It was a great temptation to practice Mahayana for a hundred years.
"That’s it, but it’s always difficult to choose." Tianxin took a meaningful look at Chichi and said something that made Chichi understand its meaning only when he was there, but now he can only be in a fog. "Well, you’d better go back to the nine-day retreat in Hualien."
Without extra trouble, after nine days in Hualien, Tianxin’s next thing is to see three girls: Due Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang and Qinghong Wanbo. After more than a month of separation, he also wants to see them.
In the office where Haixin Liuxiang is staying, Due Jin Wei, Qinghong Wanbo and their masters are having a good talk with Xinyue, Quiet Moon, Danyue and Mingyue. Seeing the heavenly heart enter, Bing Yangfeng called out his eldest brother in April, then made a ghost sword and wanted to leave.
"Don’t go yet. I told Ziyue everything about my trip this time. Go to her and she will tell you everything. If you are not busy, try your best to make a plan in combination with the current situation. Of course, if it’s not too much trouble, you can also make a plan separately." Tianxin stopped April, and these four lads were weird, so they were punished.
"Ok, big brother." April vomited her tongue, completely unaware that they would have a headache after the purple moon. Because, this star field has not been done yet, and now there is an outer star field, and there is not much information about the outer star field. This kind of interstellar affairs has never been experienced in April. It’s not a headache to come up with a pioneering plan for half a day and one night.
As soon as April left, three excited women immediately gathered together and surrounded Tianxin.

Chapter two hundred and thirteen Don’t boundary event
I am haggard because of missing, my heart is tight because of missing, and my feelings are strong because of small differences.
"Brother, you are here." Qing Hong Wan Bo, who is in a wonderful mood because of the heart-month solution, shouted sweetly first. The fragrance in the heart of the sea keeps your eyes wide open, but Jin Wei smiles faintly, but this smile has an element of ecstasy more than usual.
At this moment, the four people hugged each other tightly, and all the deep affection was in the air. Tianxin immediately operated the divine knowledge, sending the experience of more than a month into the sea of three women’s knowledge in the form of pictures.
"Brother, it’s good that you come back."
Qing Hong Wan Bo is a fairy with the most temperament after all. At this moment, what she cares about is that Tianxin is not damaged, that Tianxin is just around the corner, and that she is at ease and comfortable with the closest person, regardless of what Tianxin left in her knowledge. All she has to do now is hug Tianxin tightly, which is nothing else.
A lingering fragrance in the heart of the sea is different from that of Due Jin Wei, which is more important than emotion, but it seems to be more important than reason, and emotion rises because of reason. The principle of the former is power. Tianxin was sent to the part of Leishan’s heaven that they knew about the sea. Haixin kept her eyes wide open. It seemed strange that there was such a place in the world. Her first reaction was, "Well, I can quickly increase my training"; What Due Jinwei saw was that the problem between Tian Xin and her was solved. With the help of Leishan’s second heaven, the promotion of true spiritual practice was no longer a problem because of time. After a hundred years at most, he and she would walk "the ends of the earth" from now on. This person, it seems, is always bridging the bridge, always showing people a surprise at the right time, no, a surprise of love. Due Jin Wei is very sweet in her heart.
There are thousands of things in the world, and this is the most.
Tianxin sensed the representative spiritual joy of the three girls and their extraordinary enthusiasm. This afternoon, the roses in Haixin Liuxiang’s office have been blooming with pink warmth, and a lazy atmosphere is blooming in the whispers and fingers, threatening the employees passing by the office.
Outside, the quiet office continued to be quiet under the protection of a square sign marked "Do Not Disturb".
Don’t leave the world. An earth-shattering event is happening.
The Red Star Gorge, which has always been cold and cheerless, suddenly cleared the sky, and patches of red leaves piled up like clouds, dancing like a whirlwind, bright as molten iron, reaching out to the sky, and looking like red light from afar, pointing to the depths of Chineydy. A kind of "alas, la" sounds, which seem to be due to the depth of nine days, rang around the Red Star Gorge. The mountains are full of spirits, the roar of animals thunders from time to time, and the sound of apes is clear, sweeping away the past deep mountains and mourning; A strong beast is powerful. Show the power of kings; There are fairy birds singing cymbals, which contain the spirit of hidden farewell; There are golden scales in the pool, and Long Zhixin is a roaring fish.
It’s light, and it’s full of treasure, and I don’t know where it comes from.
It’s a sound, and it’s wonderful to hear, and I don’t know where it came from.
It’s true, where thousands of snow and sand are washed, a bell is ringing in the sky.
It’s an illusion, and lightning strikes from the bottom of my heart. The sound of thunder in my heart now makes the red clouds disappear, and buddha magic, the immortal road, comes together.
Such a phenomenon in January, the world is in chaos. The war between Tao and demon came to an abrupt end, and the immortal magic door, the hermit in the mountains and the evil sea fiend flocked to Hongxing Gorge together. If it weren’t for Zi Innocent’s attribution of Hongxing Gorge to hide the sword Wonderland 60 years ago, it would have been chaotic. If it weren’t for the illustrious fame of the Hidden Sword Fairy Gate for more than a hundred years, maybe there are immortals and demons who have started to attack the Red Star Gorge to protect the mountain array. Find the treasure in his eyes.
"Gather the heart of survival, show all kinds of skills, go to all kinds of desires, and sculpt the fate of the body, in order to mix the fairy! What is the virtue of Zidong? I can enjoy such karma. "
In the fairy mountain of Due, the bodhi old zu Due turned over a very old, winding manuscript and murmured. He is no stranger to the vision of Hongxing Gorge. These are the celestial statues that appeared when the Taoist then Avenue was about to soar. He experienced it personally thousands of years ago, but his astronomical phenomena were not so "illusory" and powerful, and there was no scene so big as to alarm others. Then he also failed to rob inexplicably when he soared. Spell all the abilities and magic weapons to get the body of the fairy, and then be robbed by the lightning of heaven and earth every thousand years, and live happily with his wife. Now, with the help of Er Jinwei, I have learned the magic formula of chaos and embarked on another road of "Tao" completely, and I have not revived the extravagant hope of the fairy’s career.
The vision of the Red Star Gorge evokes the long-lost past of the old fairy. Think that year, after the failure of robbery, although he understood that there was no truth in all robberies, he was still frantically looking for reasons. I think that he has done good deeds all his life, and he is in awe of heaven. His merits are boundless, and his magic is Taoist. In the end, he only got a body of a fairy with a lot of luck. It is really unacceptable!
It wasn’t until thousands of years later that he found this ancient book in his hand that he found out the general reason why he couldn’t get the fairy job, and suddenly he knew the sea from the heart. In this ancient book, there are only two points to describe the immortals in the Jin Dynasty. One is that they don’t owe. Second, there is no tie, and it can be done. When the then avenue is completed, it can easily become a mixed fairy. I think he has a mountain gate, a good friend, and many disciples. Even if these can be given up, he can only do nothing. The kindness of parents’ upbringing, the affection of Taoist couples and the continuation of the door, just like thousands of merits, do not mean that you have paid off everything, but may also owe a deep debt to some so-called merits. Think about it and have an epiphany in one day. Even if all those things are done, "nothing is owed!"
"It is not a matter of the son of man to mix the immortals."
When the bodhi old zu Due made this judgment, he despaired of his career. Since the emergence of hide the sword Wonderland, he has argued in the hide the sword Tower that the farewell system is prevalent in the world, and he believes that it is not to negotiate with the world, but also to repay the kindness of his parents and hide in the mountains. When then, he still can’t be a mixed fairy. Because, it is your hard work to cultivate one person with soil and water, but you still have to pay back the soil and water and the aura of heaven and earth that helped Jin Dan to achieve success. As the saying goes, if parents are kind enough to repay them, a filial piety can be a great thing; It is difficult to repay the kindness of heaven and earth, and no one knows how to repay it. Therefore, the ancestors said that they should cultivate merit, but they didn’t know that merit is the world of mortals, and the world of mortals is full of silk. If you follow this silk, you will confuse it, and you can’t sort it out at all. Therefore, since ancient times and today, those who boast of countless merits have robbed the fly ash, and even kept a trace of Yuan Ling as a scattered fairy.
"Old man, what are you thinking?" At the top of Due Xianding, a beautiful woman approached, which is the double cultivation companion of Zu Due.
"Old woman, red star gorge vision day show. Bright in all directions, this is a sign that the fairy will become a mixed fairy! I wonder how Zidonglai paid off the kindness of heaven and earth. "
"Come on, that mix yuan fairy have what good, go back. How pleasant it is now! " Belle consoled, "Besides, chaos is a true spirit, so I don’t think it will be worse than that fairy."
"The lady is right. However, it is always a bit unwilling. "
"You meet! Ten thousand fortunes, karma is different, we have such a good ACTS son, EU should be satisfied … "
"and so on. Madam, what did you say? You said that you were a disciple. "The bodhi old zu Due seemed to get a little inspiration, interrupted Belle’s words, pinched her fingers and counted, and it took a long time to get out." Infinite longevity Buddha, it really is. The kindness of heaven and earth owed by Zidonglai has been repaid by his disciple Zi Innocent. "
"Old man, you will have no problem with this ghost gossip," the belle suspected. "Xiaozi is still penalizing on the 12th floor of hide the sword Tower, and hasn’t come out for a long time. How can she have time to repay something for Zidong?"
"Old woman, this is not my nonsense. This is how the image is displayed. "
Xuanyuan Tieling.
When the couple laughed about the Red Star Gorge, Xuanyuan Tieling, who sensed the vision, was also stunned. Different from the ancestor Du ‘e, although Xuanyuan Tieling was the master of the fairy, he was not as desperate as the ancestor about the career of the fairy. This can be seen from the chaotic magic formula given to him by his female disciple Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny. Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny visited hide the sword Wonderland a hundred years ago, which lasted for half a year. After passing the test, it entered the second floor of hide the sword Tower. Like Due Jin Wei, Hai Xin Liu Xiang and Qing Hong Wan Bo, it is an immortal with a deep foundation. Therefore, it took only 20 years to repair to the twelfth floor of hide the sword Tower and break into the thirteenth floor.
There is nothing on the 13th floor of hide the sword Tower. It is the resting place of Tianxin in Wandian Biejian. After leaving the world, Tianxin left nothing but a ban. After Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny broke into the 13th floor, he was disappointed when he saw that the house was empty. Originally, everything in the hide the sword Tower was extraordinary. From the second floor to the twelfth floor, each floor gave her endless surprises. On the thirteenth floor, her expectations were even greater, and she didn’t want to see a room full of aura. Of course, the fairy of Xuanyuan Tieling was not reconciled. What she got was different from what Xuanyuan Tieling said. The main thing was that she didn’t see the man. So I took a retreat on the thirteenth floor and searched. After 9981 days, she finally touched the ban and called Tianxin. And Tianxin also wants to meet the first "disciple" who entered the 13th floor of the hide the sword Tower, so he teleported from the world of martial arts, and after some conversation, he passed on the true color tactic of chaos to her. At the same time, the tested fairies have taken care of the maintenance of hide the sword Wonderland and Sanzhi.
In this way, Xuanyuan Tieling took charge, just like the ancestor Due, and through his disciples, he got the magic formula of chaos. However, this old man expected to be an immortal career all his life, so he didn’t immediately cultivate the true spiritual color tactic like the bodhi old zu Due. After decades, I really showed him the deficiency of chaos, that is, the progress of spiritual practice is extremely slow. Although due to the change of practice direction, he has never been robbed by immortals, but it is impossible to practice from the beginning to the early stage of true spirit, even if he has a deep fairy foundation, it will not be 30 thousand to 50 thousand years. I don’t know how long it will take until the middle and late stages.
He wavered between not repairing and repairing. If you don’t fix it, it doesn’t taste in his heart to watch the Taoist priest Due and the mysterious real person of Qinghong Xianfu who meet once every ten years become more and more powerful. And cultivation means that he has never had a chance with the immortal career, which has been a dream since the day of monasticism!
The astronomical phenomena in Hongxing Gorge have changed dramatically, and the master of Xuanyuan Tieling was as shocked as the ancestor Due. However, this vision did not inject a tonic into his fairy direction, but made him vaguely feel that it was time for him to give up.
"Maybe after this time, I should practice the magic formula." A sigh came out from the fairy top of Xuanyuan Tieling.
If the ancestor Due were here, he would certainly agree with the sigh of Xuanyuan Tieling as the master. Immortals have always been arrogant, and it happens that they have all experienced this soaring golden elixir robbery, but the instructions given by their celestial phenomena are so casual. Even if such an immortal career can be achieved, its achievements are limited. In this world, they are venerable, and it is not acceptable for them who are still in the upper position and can control their own destiny to change to the next one. If since
Dan’s soaring robbery can’t compare with Zidong’s soaring robbery, so why did they crash there to find the punishment?
At the same time when Xuanyuan Tieling was in charge of the family, the top of Haixinshan also sounded a sigh of the bodhi old zu in Haixin.
"The afterlife is awesome, Zidonglai, I will go to see you off!"
The bodhi old zu Haixin can’t see the bodhi old zu Due, and there will be a mixed fairy in the other world, which is a long-term knowledge for him, but it is a magic door. It is definitely not a happy thing. Tao and magic are different ways, and Zidong belongs to the Tao. Now it has achieved the immortal career. It is conceivable that when it rises, it will have a great blow to the magic road of Wandian.
But this is unstoppable. This time, the change of the sky is so severe that if the magic door wants to get in the way, maybe God won’t allow it. The bodhi old zu of Haixin collected his mind for half a day. I can’t find out what enemies Zidonglai has, but his apprentice Zi Innocent, under the three-system fairy rules in hide the sword Fairy Mirror, can’t make enemies at all, giving Roshi trouble. Most importantly. Such a powerful astronomical phenomenon appeared in the Red Star Gorge, which also made him vaguely understand that only what kind of people can make a mixed fairy. In other words, even if there are thousands of people like Zidonglai, it won’t have anything to do with his magic door. This is a natural person, such as the tree in the mountains, who enjoys the scenery of Ji Moon in isolation and doesn’t care about foreign affairs. Such a fairy, from another angle. It is also not a demon. Therefore, if we must say that soaring has an impact on the magic door, it is also a thief’s work. If you like him, just pick him up. Why are you so brilliant! It’s not ZiDong’s fault. He can’t control it.
Imperial immortal gate.