Lingbao Buddha, of course, will not be too old to be brave. The actual situation is that Tianxin also did one thing. After the 20 million Lingqi repair was withdrawn from Lingshi City, Tianxin started the nine-day Hualian transmission to chase the Lingbao Buddha. He had to draw a complete stop for Lingshi City’s Lingqi repair.

Lingbao Tianzun never thought that his bad luck was not over yet, and he was ashamed to hurry away, but in the distant high sky, Tianxin had already rushed in front of his land with the help of Jiutianlian, waiting for him.
"It’s you!"
"Yes, it’s me!"
"What do you want to do? This Buddha has already lost."
"But you are defeated, so a family is waiting for you here, and you are the first world war.
|+Shicheng kills his heart. Then I should have the right to fight back. "As never put off till tomorrow what you can, no matter whether Lingbao Buddha made an answer or not, Hua Lian flew up in nine days, circled the big circle in the air, and shrank in nine moments. When Hua Lian returned to Tianxin’s hands in nine days, the 500 million adventure troops had offered their own world and arranged high in the sky. Moreover, with the expansion of the world, the battle array is blue and green. More and more vigorous.
"You …"
"You are an old demon, with magical powers; I am a newcomer, but I am good at gathering people. " Tianxin said quietly. "Pick me up, regardless of the victory or defeat, the issue will be cancelled; If you pull the crowd and fight, you will not die! "
"Boy, with this manpower, you want to compete with the old man." Has Lingbao Tianzun ever heard this evil word in his life, and he only sneered with anger.
"I know that your Yuan Shen Avenue has been transformed, but you can be busy for hundreds of billions. But so what. If you know how to repair the world, you should understand that there are more busy people. You can’t be a mess in the world. If you don’t believe me, you can become a doppelganger and compare with the sky blue world. " In the words of Tianxin, there is still no respect for the elderly and politeness. "Boundless heaven and earth, not only the five realms of the universe, but also the five realms of the universe, which are also hidden in countless strange ways. How can you hide your boundless face in a mere glass celestial world? Heaven and earth don’t come out, and the five realms don’t meet. The eyes of the celestial world are just the eyes of sitting in a well and watching the sky. "
"Boy, what are you trying to say?" Lingbao Buddha smelled something in Tianxin’s words.
"I don’t want to say anything!" As in the virtual smile, "there is a meridian in the air, and the fate of the sky is met." The underworld gathers feathers and Sui, and it is extremely high in the south, which is not a generation of hundreds of millions. I’ve just gathered the spirit device to repair 20 million yuan, and you, the old guy, want to show Yamaraja’s hand. It’s really puzzling! Come on, let’s fight it out with a family, or let a family lead 500 million people and fight it out with you! "
"Boy, you want to die!"
Lingbao Buddha roared, and hundreds of billions of members were instantly used, and they went straight to Tianxin. Ignoring the heavenly heart, the purple iron opens the heavenly sword, and a stunning sword awn lights up, pointing directly at Lingbao Buddha’s ontology.
The sword is cold, and Lingbao Tianzun is invincible, and he is broken in the middle. "Boy, I’ll go back to the mountain to refine my treasure, and I’ll see you someday!" Frightened, Lingbao Tianzun set two places at once to block Tianxin and the 500 million adventure army, and the deity fled.
"This old guy is proud of his death and suffers a lot." Tianxin also stopped chasing. There is nothing we can do to catch up with Lingbao Buddha, and there is no adventure army to follow. In the face of Lingbao Buddha, there is only danger and there will be no chance of winning.
"Hey, hundreds of millions of members are gone at once." Far away, Lingbao Buddha took back his two places at once while escaping, and finally mourned.
Not to mention the turning of Tianxin and the 500 million adventure army, nor to mention that Lingbao Buddha returned home disappointed.
In the past few months, the bosses in the five circles have questioned the incident of forcing Lingbao Tianzun away from Lingshi City by repairing 20 million spiritual objects. Unfortunately, in the face of hard images, I can’t find out the reason why Lingbao Tianzun failed.
Only the original Buddha and the moral Buddha knew the truth, but Lingbao Buddha only told them that the sword was inexplicably destroyed. In the deep space, I will spend a while with Tianxin, and I will lose hundreds of millions of things. Lingbao Tianzun will never talk about it. After all, it was a slap in the face, and it was Lingbao Tianzun himself. Recalling the whole process, I was also suspicious and felt quite strange! However, Lingbao Buddha told the two senior brothers the names that Tianxin roared out.
"Tongtian, you have gained a lot this time!" Beginning Buddha and moral Buddha glance at one another, "incredibly know these guys have a problem. In those days, the western hierarch was not much stronger than us, but today he is respected by the Buddhist community. "
"Western leader? The two senior brothers said that the Tathagata is the Buddha of Penan! "
"It is. Funny fellow, I don’t know his details yet. Your brother and I already know him. " Beginning Buddha laughed.
"What do you know, brother?" Lingbao Buddha frowned.
"Everything has yet to be verified. Just be alert to him." There are three stripes on the forehead of the moral deity, and the topic changes. "Your sword is destroyed, so it’s better to make it back early. I’ll help you with the blast furnace."
At the same time, the Jade Emperor of Heaven in Science hated to itch his teeth. "Impulsively, the devil, looking for someone with bad luck, just went to find a spiritual device to fix it. Great, since then, all spiritual practitioners from the small five realms have gone to Lingshi City. I run a little inheritance, how can it be so difficult! Look at the attraction, but in the end it’s an embroidered basket to draw water, with a sieve! "
In the world of Luo Buddha, the Tathagata is not as good as the Jade Emperor of Heaven, and the whole Buddha’s face is expressionless. For Lingshi City, where Lingbao Buddha played a robbery scene, he has no way to stop it. He changed too fast and just had an idea, but suddenly he found that this idea was out of date. In other words, his consciousness of Lingshi City can’t keep up with the actual rhythm of Lingshi City.
"This Lingshi City, don’t you care about the meridian, let it sit big!"
Of course, the Meridian Emperor won’t sit idly by, but in the face of the choppy spiritual repair, the Meridian Emperor is very upset. To tell the truth, the spiritual repair in Lingshi City is really not very powerful. The problem is that Lingshi City has also entered a large number of combat forces in the Buddhist and magical worlds. His expulsion is too small to be useful, and it will only increase the prestige of Lingshi City. It is not in line with his strategy to make a big move and inevitably expose his own strength. I hope other demon saints, but now it’s during the Ten Thousand Years War, and several demon saints with stronger strength have thrown their men into the blue sky.
"What should I do?"
In 660 years, Lingshi City and the sharp increase in spiritual repair finally attracted the attention of the five world leaders.

Chapter five hundred and thirty-six Dancing
Perhaps it felt the great strategic value after Lingshi City, and from this year, it began to send personnel to Lingshi to cultivate power and gradually break the three patterns of Lingshi City. Forced by this, Tianxin also planned to build a Zongmen base for the repair of the five elements. It took ten years to get inspiration from a narrow strip extending 100 million light-years from Lingshi City to the demon world and ranging from 10,000 light-years wide to one million light-years. I decided to turn this strip into a base for repairing the five elements of the spirit as much as possible. All the construction of the base was contracted by Tianxin to the demon hunting trading company.
You have me, and I have you. How other big bosses develop in Lingshi City is indifferent to the nature. He only wants the pattern that the spirit repair and the demon hunting firm complement each other to form. He only wants the five elements of Qianyan Sect, which is based on the spirit repair, to occupy a place in the five realms of the universe in the future, and only wants the demon hunting firm, which is connected with the outside as a window, to become a cross-border enterprise group.
Therefore, in 700 years, Tianxin made a great sensation in Lingshi City, and announced that Ganmingyue, a witch of the five elements who came out of the "closed door", officially assumed the position of the patriarch of Qianyan Sect, which has formed a huge force and a solid foundation for decades and has two billion spiritual devices and three hundred million yuan gods. There are two sensations. First, Qian Yan’s demon king decentralized, and the outside world didn’t know the role of Ganmingyue’s boss in the trading company. I really thought that the five-element witch who hadn’t appeared for so many years was shutting down. The second is that the witch of the Five Elements itself is legendary. The demon king Qian Yan did not live in the underworld in those days, but came to Lingshi City, and the root cause was the witch of the Five Elements. Now, the beautiful and peerless witch of the Five Elements has taken up the important task and reappeared the "human world", which naturally attracted the surprise of all parties in Lingshi City. Of course, they were also surprised by the temperament and cultivation of the witch of the Five Elements. The temperament of the five elements witch is mature, and the cultivation is advanced and four turns.
Just under this shocking curtain, what the forces of all parties don’t know is that it has been 700 years. The five elements of Qian Yan Sect also quietly completed the transformation, realizing the initial blending of the clan system and the three systems. Of course, this kind of blending is a bit weird, basically based on the demon hunting trading company, and fully let all the people experience the management mode of a small five realms outside Zong Zheng.
This is something that can’t be helped. Tri-system is a national system, and its service target is citizens. However, in Lingshi City, there are no citizens, no residents, and everyone in Lingshi City. Stand up, it’s either this power or that power. Only a handful of scattered repairs do not belong to any force, and the concept of national citizens cannot be formed at all. Whether this day will come or not, I don’t know, at least until the problem of offspring reproduction in the five realms of the universe is solved, this day can only be seen in dreams by those who rise in the five realms of the universe alone.
However, there is no problem of reproduction in the country where the three-star system in the polar Buddha world immigrates to the sky. When the minors grow up, they can complete the task of inheriting their children and grandchildren during the practice period and the combination period of Lingqi Avenue. As a result, Tianxin often looks at the Yuanshen and Lingqi practitioners in Lingshi City gloomily, lamenting that the second reproductive period of these practitioners from the small five realms is not easy to come.
This also makes Tianxin somewhat understand why the Meridian Emperor ran to the sky and fell to the sky, and moved all the people and things away. At the same time, it also made Tianxin catch something.
The five realms of the universe are absolutely different from Xingyuan world. Planetary people and interstellar people in Xingyuan world are separated by order, but they all have the ability to reproduce. The difference is that it takes more than 20 planet years for planetary people to grow up from birth, while it takes more than 20 interstellar years for interstellar people, but in any case, the ability to inherit future generations is available. Unlike the five realms of the universe, all ascending people. If there are no descendants left in the small five realms, then the single practitioner will be single from now on, and the double practitioner will die on the last day of the world, if he does not die. There are only two people. Perhaps this is the reason why the patriarchal clan of the Five Realms does not value the descendants and the orthodoxy, and it is also the reason why there will be no citizens who do not belong to any forces in Lingshi City.
One more thing, Xingyuan World. The end of the overhaul walker when the deadline comes is to turn into all kinds of stars and stones. The end result of an infinite universe is to become the world, and the guy who may cultivate the world group will eventually become a small world. However, Tianxin hasn’t seen the record of why the practitioners in the five realms of the universe will die when they are old, or whether they will die. All the dead robbers are unnatural deaths due to accidents, such as being killed in battle.
Perhaps from this point of view, Yuanshen Avenue is indeed a little more advanced than then Avenue. If then practitioners can’t lead a mixed fate after the end of the fossil period, the result will be fossilized into a space star stone. Yuan Shen Avenue, constantly accumulating avatars, or is it that Yuan Shen practitioners only have one kind of cell-like avatars to die, without the death of their own deities! In short, this is sad. Although Yuan Shenxiu is miraculous, it has not yet formed a sub-true spiritual country and a true spiritual country like Xingyuan World!
Aside from the historical topic that it is impossible to get a fundamental answer in a short time, Tianxin finally positioned his mind to the growth of the five elements of Lingshi City. After all, with the increasing size of Lingshi City and the deep involvement of leaders from all walks of life, it can be expected that there will be no less wars in Lingshi City, and there will be no less battles faced by the five elements of Qianyan Sect. If Qianyan Yuanshen and Lingqi Xiudi supplement only rely on the small five realms, there will definitely be negative growth, not to mention many disputes that lead to a large number of deaths in Zong Zheng.
"In any case, it is necessary to build a spiritual repair base … it is best to build it suitable for the healthy growth of newborn life."
The three-system immigrant country in the uninhabited depths of the polar Buddha world, the environment suitable for the growth of primary life is not only deep under the stratum, but also basically built with precious mysterious blood world, and the process is extremely complicated, involving the proportion of gravity field, spiritual world force field and chaotic five-element metal gas field. It took almost a year for the 500 million Adventure Army and the 1 billion Adventure Second Army to build an underground life base.
It’s not a problem to use the world in the depths of the polar Buddha realm, but it’s a problem to use the world to build a life base in Lingshi City. There are bosses from all five realms stationed in Lingshi City, and their sense of smell is very sensitive. It’s impossible not to be discovered by them when the world appears. Tianxin doesn’t want to get into such trouble now. The life base of Lingshi urban construction and casting should be similar to the small five realms, and it is much easier to sample the small five realms than to collect the natural mysterious blood world when the stars are far away. There are also many research madmen in this field, but the only thing missing is time.
The reason why the five realms of the universe and the wilderness are not suitable for the existence of living beings below the road is that the living beings who have not cultivated enough can’t convert a certain attribute of chaos in the five realms to their own use. This shows how difficult it is to build a small five-realm environment. Tianxin can’t afford this cost, especially the time cost, but there are researchers in this field in the scattered repairs recruited by the demon hunting company. Naturally, the subject of imitating the small five realms is determined. Whether it’s successful or not, not yet
Fighting with the sky is fun.
With the increasing scale of the demon hunting trading company, more franchisees are becoming more and more crazy to challenge the natural conditions of the five realms, thus casting a curse.

"Magic is magic! A little boundless coin makes it fascinated! "
With the vigorous development of the demon hunting trading company and the five elements of Qianyan Sect, the discordant voices of the five realms are getting louder and louder. If we say that the growth of the demon hunting trading company in the past was just to make people jealous. Too many geeks, even geeks who can’t be tolerated by the five realms, put the demon hunting company in a wave of opposition. Naturally, the thousands of disciples of Qian Yan’s heavenly heart and the five elements of Qian Yan Sect, who were hired as security guards by the demon hunting company, were inevitably blamed and denounced.